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Where to find size 5 wigs?

Jul 20, 2008

    1. I have a peanut head who is too small for a 5-6 and too big for a 4.
      I need stretchy 4-5 or straight 5.

      suggestions other than Monique's?
    2. thx cat, but unfortunately she only carries 4 which is too small or 5-6 which is too big.
    3. actually if go through the 4 section there are some 4/5s there, granted not a lot of them but there are some..

      also you might want to try Kemper and Juju's-- www.jujusdollymall.com
    4. I'm also looking for some nice 4"-5" stretchy wigs too. It'll be for my bisou ai who's head is about 4.75". Been looking around and most companies either don't have this size or they've sold out. So have just asked rubyredgalleria if they'll be making some for bisou ai just like they're doing for lati yellow. And the good news is "yes" but there's no definitive date as to when these will be released. So if you're along the same lines as me maybe you'd like to keep on eye on their website. I know this may not solve your problem immediately but this is at least something to look into.
    5. www.kemperdolls.com are good... they have 5" and so do dollmore, I bought heaps of 5" wigs from them.... some are really cute but some are really crap too!!
    6. I found size 4-5 wigs at Audrey's Doll Gallery:

      But they don't have very many. Look under the Monique wigs heading. There are only a few styles that come in this size, but they are currently "Donna", "Marie", "Mei", "Pinky" and "Trix". There might be one or two other styles, but I didn't find them. I know PamSD wasn't looking for Monique wigs, but I thought this might be useful for other people trying to find this wig size.

      "Mei" is just adorable, by the way. It is a wig with ponytails/pigtails on either side of the head, and bangs. "Pinky" and "Trix" are neat because they come in unusual colors like purple, pink and blue. Audrey's has a minimum $25 USD charge for orders.
    7. I need size 3-4 wigs to fit Orient Doll So, since her head is 3.90. Where can I find them that small?
    8. i wish these sites were easier to search. especially moniques. you have to go through every wig to figure out which ones are offered in size 5.

      so is 4-5 considered a good fit for j'aime doll? or is it too small?
    9. I thought it was just me and I didn't know how to search the site right. I hate that its not organized a little better as to size of the wig. Especially since the size I look for is either popular and sold out or unique and not a lot of them made. Either way there is always very few of them on sites.
    10. plus the pictures aren't the greatest.
    11. but they don't show any size 5. they show 4-5 and 5-6 which is confusing for someone with a jaime doll whose head is a 5.