Where to get good MSD clothes?

Mar 17, 2007

    1. I'm on the look out for really cool clothes for my MSD. I'm not really partial to bright coloured clothing, neither is he. He quiet likes tailored things or punk style. I've got an ever growing wishlist on Dollmore but would be interested in where other people get their goodies from for their boys?

      Also, does anyone know where I could get an MSD size version of this lace top? I've seen it on Tensiya for their Hound boys ;_; [Those boys are so hot!]..but MSD size? Can't find anywhere. Here's a pic so you can see what I mean ;D
    2. http://www.friends2bemade.com I found that they have really nice clothes for a really good price. The only thing I didn't like about them are the slippers, the ones i ordered didn't fit and had to go back. But besides that, they are really good. :)
    3. Ooo thank you so much!
    4. I can make punk and kodancha-style kimono if your boy is into that sort of thing ^^
    5. You're welcome!

    6. Oooo now that would be of interest! Have you got a site or pics of your work?
    7. Could I have a link to your photobucket chicken? I can't seem to view the marketplace yet!
    8. There's a whole big thread about Friends2BMade clothes.


      The shoes and headgear will not fit MSD's because the clothes are made for cloth dolls with big heads and big feet. Slacks are unlikely to be usable unless you are looking for mid-calf baggy slacks that may or may not close around your doll's behind. The pieces most likely to fit nicely are stretch tops, stretch skirts, stretch knee-length leggings, A-line dresses (short), and the robes.

      I usually avoid tops that have tiny defined breast areas - they are usually too high and too flat. I also avoid pieces with bulky edge binding.

      This is the store - the clothes to look at are the Friends clothes, not the Sweethearts clothes.


      And BTW - depending on what doll you have, clothes made for some minis may or may not fit. A lot of the boys from other dollmakers are very tall and need extra long shirts and slacks.
    9. Thank you! I'm getting a Dollzone, so I know his legs are quiet long. I've pretty much found the pants I want for him, I'm just stuck for really cool tops and jacket.
    10. :D i love your kimonos, i am getting a Dollzone Mo as well who is going to be shipped in a day or two. i really like your "princess bustier" and the bleach cosplay one. could you tell me how much your bleach cosplay one cost if it's for sale? ^^ or just a price of how much your kimonos cost?
    11. I can make the bleach cosplay set for about 45 dollars for msd, 60 for SD sized, regular kimonos range from 20-45 dollars depending on size, if they are lined and what fabric you want.
    12. :D i abosulety love the bleach cosplay one so i'm interested in it but i'd like to wait till my Mo comes before i Decide on buying it now or later depending on what next i have to buy for him if you don't mind :)
    13. Oooo lilmissmaya! You make beautiful kimonos! I love the one below..but ideally would like sleeves since he's a boy..probably long sleeves ^^; What fabrics can you get ahold of so I can take a peek ^^: Since I don't think my boy would be keen on wearing pink! Also how much would that style cost? And is it short like a tshirt..'cause that would be ideal.

    14. Ah Chopsart I can't view the marketplaces yet! Do they have a website ^^;
    15. ah, you mean the chinese dress sort? I can get basic cotton colors, and I have some asian print cottons in a few colors.