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Where to get shoes for Dollshe boys?

Jun 10, 2005

    1. I think his feet are longer than SB13 boys?
    2. SD 13 fit :grin:
      I have some Poshdoll Boots , for SD they fit OK , if buying a boot I was recomended to have one with zip- and lace up front
      H and B boys have large calves
      I biught some "My Twin " baseball boots ...a bit wide , but they arnt too bad , they will be fine with socks
      Luts shoes dont fit
      and I have just bought some shoes off Ebay from DollHeart , will let you know how they are
    3. SD13 shoes fit just fine! He needs different clothes, but our Rowan has been wearing Lucien's boots since he got here.
    4. Hello!

      What size foot does Hound have? Do you have a special store you like best for shoes/boots? Anything special about his feet? Do you find SD13 boy shoes work ok? :?

      Ok that is all. I can't believe I got on the pre-order list with Anu....I decided not to get the sandels as I want full shoes. :roll:

    5. has anyone tried Souldoll boots on their Hound?
    6. the Dollheart Union Jack shoes are great !
      Im off line at the momment (have borrowed my daughters PC whilst she is at school ) but as soon as I can get pictures of H in his new shoes I will

      Soul Doll should be OK for the length of foot , I dont know about the calf size :D
    7. I want to buy some boots for hound, but I want to make sure that they will fit. I'm looking at the Goth boots with buckles. Thanks!
    8. All the boy boots and shoes fit Hound
    9. :aangel: Hi everybody and Merry Christmas!!!:aangel:

      I need to ask you one small question!!! I'm tring to buy some things for my bjd babies (I had the naked so far:sweat ) and right now I need shoes for my Hound!!!

      Do you know any sites that sell such shoes? So far I've only found dollmore and very few pieces in Tensiya!!! Do you know any other places?

      Thank you very much!!!:)

    10. SD13 boy sized shoes fit, if you want boots it would be better to get them with shoelaces or they might not fit.

    11. Hound-sized shoes and boots come up regularly on ebay. I've gotten several that way.
    12. Hi

      If you look on e bay for - magictailor - they have shoes for Hound. They are in London UK so they won't have far to ship to you. And they are good value for the money.

      I bought some lovely jumpers for my dolls and they were just gorgeous.

      (I probably shouldn't really post this here but I am half Greek living in the UK!)

      Regards jazz
    13. Thank you a lot guys:) !!! I keep looking on ebay but didn't find anything that I like so far :roll: but I'll keep an eye on!!! ^_^

      jazz make sure to let me know if you ever visit Greece :D , I'm trying hard to find as many people as possible like us here to share my really uncommon interest...too few until now, you can count them with your fingers....:roll:

      Anyway, thanks a lot!!!;)
    14. I got Orly's on ebay from eylcwsd. I know it's not an online store persay but they appear to always have some up and for an affordable price and shipping... and they help steady Orly's ankles so that he can stand! :D I can't express my joy in that enough.
    15. hi, i bought two pair of shoes for my El when i first got him from eylcwsd, and when they came they were way too big. they are for the hound, saint, etc. that seller on ebay sells several pairs of shoes and boots that are just right for the hound. i hope you find some, the prices are reasonable too. elisabeth
    16. I have some shoes from happydoll (dollheart ones I think) (pic) that I thought would be SD sized but are really hound sized. they're huge.
    17. Thank you for all this help guys!!! I'll try to find as much stuff as I can! I sure choosed to buy the bigfoot:lol: !!!