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Where's the Rest of the Dollshe Bermanns?

Feb 4, 2006

    1. Are there more Bermanns to be released?

      According to Tensiya website and DoA archives, the plan was for about 100 Bermanns to be made in 2005 in ten versions and two styles. Pre-order started in February of last year, listing 33 Bermanns.

      >[Tensi-Doll Project 2005]

      >Bermanns are hand-crafted dolls by the original doll producer Dollshe.
      >Two types and ten styles of Bermann dolls will be launched during the
      >year of 2005.

      ># Bermann SA
      >no.01~11 the Shinsengumi - Kurogatu
      >no.12~22 the Valentino - Le Lys rouge
      >no. 23~33 (secret) Hu Die Meng?

      ># Bermann original(not fixed)
      >no.01~11 the Dobermans complite

      The fourth LE was a Hound, not a Bermann.

      >no.12~22 not fixed
      >no.23~33 "
      >no.34~44 "
      >no.45~55 "
      >no.56~66 "
      >no.66~77 (secret)

      Ten versions? Hound, Hound SA, White Hound, Tan Hound, Hound IM, Afghan, Afgha, Husky, and ????? Tensiya website now says something about two more different boys coming in February 2006.

      So, where's the rest of the Bermanns? Is Hound considered one of the two types? How about the styles? Can someone please educate this newbie? Thank you. I'm confused.
    2. I asked Anu a while back and she said that they were delayed but definitely coming. I think maybe she mentioned April of this year? but I'm not sure.

      Oh, also - the two types are DO & SA - open & half open eyes. None of the Hounds or other molds count in the 10 versions - the versions are the outfits they wear, I think. I believe there have been two sets of SA Bermanns, and one set of DO, plus some original Bermanns, but I'm not sure how they fall in.
    3. This is the Bermann project...so nothing to do with Hound, Husky, Afghan, Afgah, etc...

      Anu together with Dollshe [the maker/designer] are releasing 33 SA Bermanns and 77 DO Bermanns for people living outside Korea.

      the first 2 batches of SA Bermann were already sold/shipped [last year Jan/Apr]
      And the first batch of DO Bermanns[the second DO Bermann => Hu Die Meng] also already sold and shipped [also last year]

      The upcoming DO Bermann batch being sold is the first DO Bermann on the list => Luis Doberman.

      We'll just have to wait till Anu will post the release date here [the NEWS section] or on Tensiya...so emailing her is no use, and it will not make it go faster, because Anu is the only one making them [face-up, clothing, dolls, etc...].

      The secret SA Bermann [last 11] and the secret DO Bermann will be sold last I think.

      After all 33/77 Bermanns are sold he will not be made again ever, or so Anu tells us.

      DO Bermanns are the original mold, and there were already 77 sold of him some years ago [See Christy's Bermann Vincente].

      I hope this answers your question. ^_^

      Sabriell [proud owner of Kaoru => SA Bermann]
    4. Thanks for all the helpful information on the Bermanns. I appreciate your taking the time to reply. I would never have enough nerve to email Anu and ask. Ooooh! Luis Doberman! Sounds very exotic, I can hardly wait to see him.

      New strategy for buying dolls: We need to have lots of money all saved and ready to pounce when the sales date is announced. Probably a ten minute window of opportunity before Sold Out.
    5. Hu Die Meng was sold out within 15 min...I think Luis Doberman will be even less minutes.

      [Luis Doberman get it? Do berman +n =DO Bermann ^_~*]

      If you haven't read the Bermann info page and wondering why Dollshe names all his dolls after dog species, then read the first 2 parts:

      When reading it myself I got teary eyed and made me love Kaoru even more :D This is also the reason why Bermann owners get a (dog)bone shaped nametag with him, because he is a guardian dog in the form of a Bermann doll.

      Sabriell & Kaoru
    6. Sabriell,
      You make the process of trying to get a Bermann sound so terrifying. :P I hope I can be lucky enough to get one someday... haha, with 70ish left to go, I might have a sliver of a chance... I don't think I've ever seen a prettier doll. Your Kaoru, by the way, is one of the most gorgeous dolls I've seen. :)
    7. Awww thanks dear that made me a Kaoru very happy!!
      And I know what you mean, because I'm also after a DO Bermann T-T...

    8. I wonder what type of theme Luis will have?
    9. Another poor thing waiting for Bermanns desperately...|||...> <
    10. Can we have a show of hands how many of us are waiting for Luis??

      Me included.
    11. Me! But I probably won't get him, since there'll be like...7? 11? It'll be a little hard. :(
    12. We can have a group therapy session or something. *raises hand* Hello everybody, my name is Val, and I would sell several organs for a Bermann. TT__TT

      Well, I'm hoping to save up enough funds to get me another doll to tide me over until/if I ever get a Bermann.... waiting for this one true doll is driving me nuts. I kept being in denial about it but, eh. Might as well 'fess up. :D

      edit: Oh, and in response to Aimee's question -- supposedly Luis Dobermann a watchman/dog-catcher who "invented" the Dobermann breed... or whatever word you're supposed to use in this context. XD I'm guessing the costume will be a uniform of some sort? :D
    13. I just hope the day he goes for sale is announced in advance. I'll take the day off. Log in remotely to all accounts I have access to (in case of weird routing problems). And just get my trigger-happy fingers on the "check out" button...
      Buuuuuut seeing that there are way more than 11 ppl who would be doing the same - on this board alone - my chances aren't that good >.<
    14. Me! But as Plum said, I doubt I'll get him. Still, Bermanns are so gorgeous.
    15. I would fight(?) for a Sa Bermann for sure...but quite impossible to get him... only 11 is left!! > < Organ sales~anyone...T_T
    16. Yep, I've counted...32 people that I know are definitely confirmed interested in Bermann so far.

      I'm taking a day off work too to sit in front of my PC, just in case I don't get him I don't think I'll handle the heart break enough to be able to go to work on that day. Maybe I'll spend a day crying.

      But to all of you waiting and deserving, I wish you all the best of luck on getting this very beautiful and elusive bastard.

    17. Hey, you know, 32 is really not that bad. Granted, we don't know about people who aren't on DoA, but considering there's 77ish left to go, it's not like a one in a million chance we're talking about for each of us, here. :P I think part of the anxiety we're feeling is because there hasn't been another release for so long. :D

      Well, anyway. *cheers everyone on!* We can do it!
    18. *sighs* Bermaaaaaann...
      After I first saw Sabriell's Kaoru, I've wanted a SA Bermann (the open eyed Bermann's aren't nearly as appealing as the sleepy ones to me)
      I waaaaaant, but the chance of me having the money ready, AND being able to sit hours before the sale starts in front of my computer without it being on a weekend or Friday evening... *sobs*

      Oh well. I'm still gonna try for one. :D
    19. What a great comment! I, also, am hoping desperately to bring home the open-eyed Do Bermann this year - here's to everyone who wants this extraordinary boy being able to do so!!!
    20. erm what does Do stands for again? lol

      <=== will be catching bermanns.... lol my hounds are abit wild.... hahaha