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Which 1/6 body do you like best?

Jun 13, 2012

    1. Hi there,

      So here it is, my first thread on DoA! So don't kill me if this is asked before or in the wrong section ;-). I love the tinies! I own three Littlefees and some more tinies on their way. Another thing I really love to do is doing my own face-ups, only did two so definitely not a pro at it.

      Now my question, I ordered two Dollzone heads, Natasha and Emily to do face-ups on but I immediately regretted not buying the whole doll. My intension was or maybe still is to use my LTF bodies to share. I love their bodies since they're so flexibel and cute! I compared them with the DZ bodies from a picture and didn't really like the DZ's.
      So now I'm wondering what other bodies will fit with a DZ head, does anyone has experience in this?

      Or what I also like to know, which 1/6 size body from what company do you guys like the most? Looking at how for example the hands are made, the feet, or how they pose?
      Really like to know your opinions!
    2. Well, if I'm talking about posing, my favorite 1/6 body I've ever handled is definitely the Littlefee body! But if we're talking aesthetics, my favorites are the original RS girl body, the BBB 1/6 body with RS hands (the BBB jazz hands are...cute...but so terribly static!) and the new DJ 1/6 RS boy body. But for those, you definitely give up something in posing for that slim look. Even with all the work you CAN do to make the bodies pose better, you won't get Littlefee posing out of them. But I'm OK with that, to get the look I want.
    3. I love, love the IHS and LTF bodies.

      well, if you want to we can organise a two person meet and i can show you my Iplehouse BID, LTF and CH bodies. No longer own a 1/6 th DZ body, but i do have a DZ NY and NS body in another size.
    4. I'm not a big fan of the Littlefee bodies. Of course their posability is awesome, but aesthetically I prefer Volks YoSD or Soom Teenie Gem bodies. Soom has a special body sale event at the moment, so you can order bodies in almost any resin color for a reasonable price.
    5. Well, technically I only handle Soom Teenie Gem and Pipos Pi11 type body.

      Out of those two, my favorite is still Pipos' body. Their poseability is quite good actually. But compared to my Soom Teenie, which can't lift his head without kips, I prefer Pipos.

      Aesthetically, Pipos' girl body is sexy. YOSD girl with big boobs? Choose Pipos! Keke. But only for those who love it. The only drawback is its shoulder, too small and short >.< It makes it difficult to find a clothing that suits perfectly while I actually like the distorted proportion...
    6. Hi Ayas-Shadow, I just checked out the BBB bodies of RS and I agree, they are really cute bodies, nice and slim! Oh and affordable ;)! But I'm wondering of the DZ heads will fit. They might be too big.
      The size of de DZ head is 17cm and the head of RS is 15cm (on the 28cm body), do you think that is a problem? And do you know if in general the way to attache a head on another body is the same? In other words is there a change you cannot attache a head on a different body?
    7. Hi cyberspacegirl, that might be an idea althought I think Iplehouse is too expensive, because I actually looking for a really affordable body and I don't even think all companies do sell whole bodies as a separate part? Does CH do? Cannot find anything on there website. I might just stick to my LTF bodies and share them. I too affraid I buy a body and than find out it doesn't fit or the color is way off.
    8. Hi babyelf,
      I'm sure going to look into the Soom special event sale, that might be an option, thanks!
    9. Hi Sorenka, also checked out Pipos..........really nice nice!! But to expensive for only the body. I really like their doll thought!!
    10. On the original single jointed slim bodies, it would probably be bobble-headed, since that's the size of the RS and BBB 1/4 dolls. It MIGHT be workable on the new double jointed ones, as they're a little more substantial, but I still think it'd be a little too bobble headed. As for how the heads attach, the S-hook goes up through the neck, with the elastics on it, and turns sideways to sit in little grooves in the bottom of the head to hold the head on, like a lot of other doll brands.

      Hmmm...5star doll might work. The bodies are pretty cute, and are meant for slightly larger heads. The Impldoll bodies might work, too. And I hear the Impldolls pose pretty well, too. The head sculpts can be hit or miss, but the bodies look pretty cute, especially in the 1/6 size, and again, have a slightly bigger head than other slim 1/6.
    11. Hi all! I have 11 tinies on 9 different bodies and my favorite is Imple-baby (!!) It has great posability and sweet belly!
      I agree with Ayas-Shadow - 5SD might work very good for DZ head
    12. Wow thanks Ayas-Shadow and Zaba, so many option to look into!! I'm going to do that today since it's very quiet at work, LOL
    13. I quickly looked into the two option 5Star and Impledolls and they look like very good options and especially Impledoll is the most affordable one!! They don't show the body naked though so I can't see what the Implegirl looks like maybe I have to google some more.
      Thanks for your great tips, that helped a lot!
    14. I've decided to buy a Imple-baby body but wonder now about the skincolor. Am I right that 'Real skin' will be closest to the normal resin?
    15. I think LittleFee body is the best. Iplehouse is good enough too.
    16. LittleFee body is THE best.

      But I have a fondenss for the simple chubbyness of the CH Petite Ai body too - it's bigger nad doesn't pose as well, but there's just something about tha Petites that is really appealing.

    17. I'm not sure about Impl normal skin, I have one body in white skin and currently waiting for Impl-boy in tan skin... But maybe you can find some comparison threads here...
    18. Well, I already ordered the body in Real skin, I hope that means normal, but we will see! Their website is really really slow and I can't find the time of production they take, do you know?
    19. Yes I do agree, I really love the Fairyland bodies but I need one for a Dollzone head I bought and I needed a affordable body. ImpleDoll is a really good price and had almost the same sizes as DZ.
    20. I love the LittleFee bodies, but adore the pudgy and short legged cuteness of the IpleHouse BIDs ! :sweat