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Which 70cm boy body do you like best?

Oct 6, 2016

    1. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts - aesthetics (sculpt, skintones) and joints/posing.

      I like the super senior delf torso, but the dollshe's artist style hands. I'm not so keen on the iplehouse body as I find it has not much character.

      I like the dollshe resin. My doll has been with me 10 years and has only yellowed very slightly into a even creamy colour. The texture is also nice, not too smooth or shiny.

      As for joints I can't really speak about them as I don't have much experience posing 70cm dolls.
    2. I had a Ringdoll RGM01 body (my second doll) a few years ago - while his overall posing was nice, his shoulders were giving me nightmares because the spheres on the upper arms weren't round... that resulted in the arms not being able to hold any pose between parallel to the body and outstretched :/ The resin felt nice, but back then Ringdoll used french resin, and their NS color was really yellow. ... and their hands were awfully sausage-like. :| I also remember that I had to sand him completely because he was really shiny.

      I currently have a white skin Ringdoll RGM04 body, he's 69cm tall with a head. The joints work FAR better and the resin isn't french anymore, but a solid color :) He's a good poser and stands like a rock. ... and his hands look better to ;)
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    3. I am oddly fond of the Dollshe "Hound" body (i.e. his classic 70cm body), despite all its issues.
      With some re-stringing and sueding it's one of my big favourites due to its look and overall aesthetic, and the posing isn't too bad.
      I am still madly in love with their hands too.
      I sometimes wish there were more slim, non muscled 70cm bodies out there that are not Doll Chateau.

      The real perfect 70cm body for me is the Spiritdoll Proud V2 though.
      I waited years to get one, now I have one and no head to go with anymore...but I still won't sell it because I love this body so much.
      The aesthetic, posing, color (Volks NS matching!) and quality is great and he has my favourite 70cm size (this middle one, that's not SD17 slim but also not EID beef).

      For the really big 70cm guys I'd say the Dollshe body David, Grant and co. come with.
      I don't like the boobie chest look, but the posing for such a size and the details are gorgeous.
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    4. 5th Motif Timeless body is my ultimate favorite. It is very difficult to find a sculpt that not only has amazing sculpting and great engineering, but that combine the two in a beautiful way. Not only does it pose well, but very naturally - I feel like a lot of times we consider good posing to be how far a doll body's limbs can bend, but my standard is how far a doll body's limbs can bend while looking aesthetically pleasing, and this is what really impressed me with this particular body. It may be strange to say but my favorite part of my 5th Motif Venitu is the elbow joint, god I love how it's designed. And the beautiful bony hands.

      In fact, I love it so much that it's almost a problem because I want to get a companion for my guy and I'm finding that none of other 70cm+ bodies satisfy my expectations now. :sweat I usually wouldn't want to get two of the same body, but this time I may cave and get a second Timeless body (uuuuuurk I'm super scared of the amount of modding I would have to do to the head I want to put on it though...) or a second Feeple 65 boy body.

      However, I will note that the Timeless body has arms that are just a tad too long. Not too long to be outside the realm of realistic possibility, but definitely enough that it is noticeable.
    5. DFH is ok with joint mobility, its just that they're making squeaky sounds hahaha but they're great next to my souldoll
    6. Impldoll Idol 70 cm first version. More joints than usual, but very stable. And not quite EID beef. And nice sculpting, too (very beautiful hands and feet).
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