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Which 80cm doll would you like to own?

Aug 24, 2009

    1. In brief...when I started out with BJD's my one wish/dream was to one day own a BIG resin BJD!.......That dream has come true with Dollmores Lusion Dolls................... I really would love other BJD doll makers/companies to start making 80cm dolls too!
      *80cm with BIG proportions....14-15inch head diameter....26mm Eyes ect............*

      I would like you to name ONE *80cm doll that you would most definitely purchase if you had the chance..........;)

      Here is my Dream 80cm BJD............Dollstown Ganga.........Just as she is now, only as HUGE as a D'more Lusion........:aheartbea

      xen :)
    2. Actually, I think Black Dahlia is just perfect! If I can ever scrape together the money, she will be coming home!
      I would love to have a proportionally even larger Dollstown Elysia to be her mum, though. She'd be, like, 2/3 human size. :o
    3. Does it count that I already have my dream 80cm doll in the form of my Mecha Angel Elf Sabik, Nickolaus Volker? :sweat
    4. Saiph mecha angel
    5. Dollmore Lusion as well. I'm hopefully going to get her for my 21st! I can't wait! :D
    6. I'd really love to get a Soom Saiph someday. I'm a little afraid that I'd be intimidated by the size, but I am so curious! Saiph is such a beautiful mold. :)
    7. Hm, I'd want all my dolls to be in scale with each other, so if I had an 80cm doll I'd want it to be extremely muscular and non-human looking. Some kind of magical humanoid creature.
    8. If they made Soom Spinel in 80cm, i'd be all over him
    9. Soom's Saiph, that giantess haunts me. Someday....
    10. A Soom Sabik female with smaller breasts and overall leaner build.
    11. Other companies are making larger dolls. As you said, Dollmore is, and Soom's Mecha Angels have been mentioned, and Angel of Dream has 90 cm dolls.
    12. Ah, yes, Oakie....indeed I know about the wonderful *Soom 80cm and the *AoDream 90cm....but....*these BJD's are not the same sort (big) scale that I mean.....it's the 14-15 inch head size 26mm eyes and the proportions of Dollmore's Lusion dolls....that's what I'm wishing for from other BJD makers/companies...;)

      xen :)
    13. I'd love to see Volks go up to 80cm. I would love to a Nono that was 80cm tall with a more mature body than even the SD13 but not as akward looking as the SD16 girl bodies. Heck I'd like to my Shoyo as an 80cm.
    14. Oh dear, I can't imagine wanting a doll that large, no matter what sort of sculpt! ^^;;

      I hope the companies surprise me with something I can't resist (why not) but I don't crave a huge dolly!

    15. I didn't think I wanted an 80...then along came Dahlia. I hate these companies for making me want bigger dolls. :|
    16. i'm the same way, when i was a kid i couldn't even play with, say a barbie and a jem doll at the same time, but i'm weird that way i guess, the loophole i use now is my dolls are difrent types of fey
    17. I can completely agree with the Ultimo Doll thing. It would be wonderful..:D

      As far as dolls that exist go I would say any of the Dream of Doll boys. Though I'm rather short so they would probably be half my height.
    18. Unfortunately me dream doll being an 80cm doll would automatically disqualify it as my dream doll.
      I find regular SD size to be incredibly cumbersome. I prefer MSD size.
    19. My real dream 80cm doll is my Mecha Angel Corvi. I just wish his body wasn't so scrawny for his height.

      I'm curious to see the boy doll that is planed for the Lusion line. I'm sure it'll break my heart when I see him as I already know I won't be buying him. I have very set parameters for the scope of my BJD collection and to me the Lusion scale takes me towards a whole different kind of hobby. I don't have the money or the focus to take myself down that road. I'd have to decide to abandon my character dolls and head towards art dolls. :(