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which AOD seller do you prefer?

Oct 12, 2007

  1. "aoddolls" aka "sky18482310521", the "official" seller

  2. "renaissancefashion" the reseller who wasn't allowed to resell the dolls for a while (Jack?)

  3. I'd recommend them both

  4. other, not on ebay (f.ex. Junkyspot or other US reseller, please comment)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
    1. Hi guys, I'm totally confused since there are two sellers on ebay again.
      So far. I've heard good things about both, so I thought it'd be nice to have all the experiences made packed in one poll... :sweat

      I appreciate you sharing your experiences with me, thanks :aheartbea

      Also, feel free to comment on your poll response!

      /edit: the poll is anonymous, you don't have to comment if you don't feel like it.
      Also, you can mark multiple options.
    2. I count Alan of sky18482310521 as a personal friend and he's never done me wrong. I don't know if he answers ALL the eBay mail or handles ALL the orders, but I've been treated very well by him. I have not personally dealt with Jack, but I have heard glowing reports about his service, too. So I would recommend either of them.

      Addendum: You also simply canNOT go wrong with Junky Spot (Emory) or Denver Doll Emporium. I adore them both!! (But Junky Spot has lower prices for those needing to watch their pennies. His site does not show all the AoD dolls, but he can order anything AoD carries.)
    3. I'd reccomend Jack because he was who I bought my first boy from and I couldn't be happier with him! I've heard mixed reports about Sky but have yet to buy from him so can't really reccomend him due to lack of experience with him. Jack it is then:) .
    4. Junky Spot all the way. I never order a doll from anywhere else.
    5. I'm not sure this is a topic for the debate section?
      maybe the Buying Advice or General Discussion.
    6. Junky Spot is my favorite, though every now and then Denver Doll will have a nice OOAK custom head, so it's good to check there occasionally. I was very happy with my service from Jack (Renaissance Fashion) as well!
    7. I'm another Junkyspot fan. I never buy from anyone else, unless it something they don't carry. Great customer service, really fun Forum, etc.
    8. I have ordered from both the ebay and official AOD site and had great service. But now that US dealers will be carrying them, I go that way - easier on payment and shipping. I will order future dolls from Denver Doll Emporium. Their service and reliability is the best.
    9. Hey guys! Thanks for all your comments!

      You might be right about that :sweat
      I'd go with "Buying Advice", but I didn't see it when I posted the thread, sorry...:doh :doh :doh
    10. I had a great ebay transaction with sky18482310521 and I bought an AOD body from grace at Jpopdolls.
    11. I have purchased dolls from both and am happy to buy from both sellers - but to me Jack had the edge as he sent me a selection of face ups to choose from, kept me informed at every step and shipped the doll two weeks quicker.

      Plus for the time being he is still offering free face ups, but Alan is offering a wider range of dolls
    12. Hi!
      Thanks again for sharing your experiences (I feel like I keep repeating myself :sweat :sweat )
      Please keep voting if yoiu haven't done so yet and help future AOD customers like me :sweat
    13. Just noticed Jack has added a whole new range of very interesting looking dolls to his site...how many more is he going to tempt me with? I only have so much money to spend and Christmas is fast approaching
    14. Yeah, the BG Dolls are pretty cute, actually, but I think I still like AOD's dolls more... especially the body, which I find more detailed etc....
      but I do like the faces, though...
    15. It's nice to finally see a place to order the B&G dolls, though... especially an English speaking one. The site in itself was terribly confusing. And they're a good price! I'm glad Jack is back!
    16. Yepp, the BG MSD sized dolls are like some 170$ or so... that's pretty unbeatable!
      I also like the MSD's bodies more than the SD sized bodies....though I must say I also like the MSD girls more... :fangirl:
    17. I'm really confused about the purpose of this thread.
      According the the official AOD thread, "renaissancefashion" is NOT an authorized agent (and was not when this thread was created). So why is he even listed in this poll as a source to buy from? Shouldn't folks only support the official sellers?
    18. Ummm, as far as I know, Jack (aka rainessancefashion) has straightened things out with AoD and is now allowed to resell their dolls... there was a thread somewhere where he explained it all :sweat :sweat

      Here's a thread concerning Jack:

      Here's also something a member said in the AoD Waitingroom:

    19. well... that thread quoted above was closed on 8/14. The much more recent info in the official AoD thread outright says that Jack is no longer an authorized seller (though I do see he is on ebay.uk).

      here's that official AoD thread. It was not started until 9/12, so clearly it overrides whatever was said prior to 8/14????

      nowhere in the current official active thread do I see where Jack is listed as a current authorized agent.
    20. I can't find where it says that renaissance-Fashion is NOT an authorised seller...I just bought a doll from that seller on eBay UK and haven't heard anything, though I have paid - I'm a little bit worried.