Which bjd can wear Blythe clothes?

Jul 3, 2008

    1. I know about PpoPpo and Larger Moona being able to wear Blythe clothes, but which other bjd can wear Blythe clothes? It is going to influence some of the dolls I buy because I already have a wad of Blythe clothes and am making more all the time. Thanks in advance for any and all info. I am learning so much so quickly on this forum.
    2. I'm pretty sure PukiPuki dolls can wear blythe clothes, I have seen some pictures on Flickr of them.
    3. if it's the size of a barbie or momo or obitsu bobobie has two dolls that can wear them with little to no alteration. march and isabella
    4. No Puki are way smaller, you must have seen them in mini-Blythe clothes
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    5. i know from my own research that Cherishdoll tinies can fit into blythe dresses but not pants, and im not shure about shirts
    6. Pukis fit kelly clothes right? Yeah, I think Blythe is kind of big, though I don't know.
    7. yes, they do, they are only around 11cm tall whereas Blythe is much taller and skinner
    8. Got to go with Kaye on that Puki is way too small

      from experience
      PpoPpo . my large Moona ...Cherishdoll
      SecretDoll Binu ..I think

      ehm .....Pippitan ..but she is way rare so your not likely to rush out and get one of those
      ...damn I have memory block ..there is a doll from China ...I was talking to one of her owners the other day ..slaps head ...think
      Fantasy Doll ..Something like that
      rushes off to find out
      yes fantasy doll ...http://www.fdoll.com/
      I think that doll may be slender enough

      and Lati Yellow special fit into some of the Sugar Mag stuff from what I can see
    9. the Baha kitties can wear Blythe dresses
    10. I read somewhere blythe patterns work for puki if you shrink them to 60%. I'm going to try this out today, and I can let you all know how it goes. :)
    11. Bisou ai i think
    12. Bisou Ai is far too chubby for Blythe skirts or trousers, she can wear some of the tops. I wouldn't really call her Blythe-sized though, she's a lot shorter. Also her hands don't always fit well into narrow sleeves.

      I believe Dollshe Ru is Blythe-sized, and I think Batchix's Nansook can wear Blythe clothes. Soom mini-gems might be a bit too tall and/or busty, but I would think they could wear some Blythe stuff, or at least Momoko's.
    13. Bisou Ai fit Riley Kish clothes and I have a few Rileys who are far too chubby to fit into Blythe clothes. Little Ann Estelle by Tonner is a similar size to Blythe as mine is wearing a Blythe dress at the moment :)
    14. Bambicronies can fit into some Blythe clothing, but it's a bit of a tight fit... other pieces will not fit at all. I only have 2 Blythes, and one is a Primadolly (they only come with a swimsuit) but both tops from Samedi Marche fit my Bambicrony, from what I recall the pants didn't fit on, and a few things made by individuals for Blythe dolls fit her as well (she also fits some Barbie clothes but not all). I wouldn't say they're Blythe-sized but they would probably fit a fair amount of things that are looser or don't have slim sleeves/pant legs.
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    15. Binu has very long legs and a bigger butt. T shirts may fit tightly but skirts and dresses are way too short and pants wont fit.

      Moona and ppoppo are perfect sizes
    16. I'm confused because I have an Obitsu girl that is the 21/23 cm doll, who wears Bratz very well, little tight sometimes, but very well. Then I got Sugar mag, and it was WAY to big. Now I'm confused because large Moona is supposed to be able to wear both. I know TB tried Bratz on her Moona, but does Sugar Mag really fit? or is it some of each fit (bigger bratz, smaller Sugar Mag?) Thanks for info. It's confusing, double so because I keep mixing Bratz with Blythe, LOL
    17. Blythe is the doll with the small body and gigantic head (her eyes change color, I love her) and Bratz is the doll with the gigantic lips. LOL

      Is Dollshe Ru Still available? I couldn't find her for sale anywhere I looked (Tenshiya, Luts, Iplehouse). The fantasy doll looked very promising, I need to compare measurements. Also the Bobobie dolls Isabella and March might work. Does anyone have these 2 Bobobie dolls and has tried the clothes?

      There are so many different kinds of dolls? How do you ever learn it all?:?
    18. The places you mentioned used to have Ru, I think a lot of Dollshe dolls are out of stock everywhere right now.

      Also it's OT for DoA but if you like the big-headed look then you might like Hujoo, I think some of them wear Blythe clothes? (Tinybear?)

      I have to say I'm not usually a fan of Fantasy Doll but one of those nekomimis in Blythe clothes would be awfully cute. And they aren't expensive, and if one already has a Blythe wardrobe.... hmmmmmm.....

    19. Bratz are quite a bit smaller than the average "fashion doll" size, they're both slimmer and shorter. They are, I believe, smaller than the 23cm Obitsu dolls but they're relatively close and can share. Blythe is about the same height in the body but they are not as slim, they especially seem to have a broader chest/shoulders. I don't think I can get Bratz clothing onto a Blythe, but some dolls in between could probably take some items from each doll. Before I got into BJDs I collected Pullips and Blythes, so I know a bit about those types (as an example, type 3 Pullip bodies can wear some Bratz tops and some Blythe clothing, they can also wear Pullip fashions as well as some Barbie, Skipper, and Jenny clothes- even though clothes from those dolls might not all fit one another). Sorry if I'm getting a bit off topic, it's the only example I can think of since I don't have any 1/6 scale tinies. :sweat

      That said, Sugar Mag also makes Yo-SD clothing, don't they? Those would be a bit larger than their Blythe items, and would of course drown any doll wearing them. I know some people replace the Blythe stock bodies with the 23cm Obitsu so they should be a similar size, I wouldn't think a Blythe outfit would be THAT loose on a 23cm Obitsu... odd.
    20. I have to say I'm not usually a fan of Fantasy Doll but one of those nekomimis in Blythe clothes would be awfully cute. And they aren't expensive, and if one already has a Blythe wardrobe.... hmmmmmm.....[/quote]

      I know Hujoos are off topic and I guess its because they are not made of resin, but I have already been looking at them (and every other doll I see mentioned on these boards LOL).