Which body does my Soulkid Yewon have? (Nudity!)

Mar 14, 2008

    1. I'm a little confused, I suppose.

      I thought my Soulkid Yewon was coming with the non-double-jointed body, but if I'm not mistaken, isn't her body double-jointed?


      Either that, or I just don't know what a double-jointed body looks like. XD; Could someone post pictures of other mature-soulkid bodies, whether they be double-jointed or non-double-jointed?

      (I am NOT complaining, though - I actually wanted the double-jointed body. :X)
    2. Ah! So I thought! This was a nice surprise then - I just wanted to make sure. ^^ Thank you.
    3. Your Yewon does not appear to be double-jointed -- looks to me like the single-jointed mature Soulkid body. She's very pretty!
    4. Ditto - I do not see any double joints on your girl but it's hard to tell with the limbs straight.

      The double-jointed body is shown on the bottom here - you can see it has extra pieces in the knees and elbows. Not all double joints are that visible - some double joints on other bodies can only be seen when the joint is bent and they mostly slide inside when straight.

      I would say you have the normal Yewon body which is a mature but not double-jointed body.

      And BTW - she is LOVELY! What eyes is she wearing? They look great with her lip color.

    5. Ah - somehow, I missed that the double-jointed body has NOTHING to do with the torso. Thank you for clearing this up for me, finally!

      I'm not sure about the exact colour of her eyes - they're like a light lilac, and what she came with. :)
    6. Hi,
      This is looks like the body my girls have. This is not the new body. Only the newest dolls have the double jointed body, and I think you may be able to order some of the older ones with the new body but not all of them.
    7. Pantalaimon, congratulations on getting your Yewon in. She is really adorable! I love the lilac eyes. Are they from Souldoll?

      Your Yewon body looks exactly like my new Apple except on her elbows she has a small extra joint so the top of the arm and the bottom of the arm do not touch each other. The knee is the same. Otherwise, the bodies are the same.

      How is your Yewon's posing? I was just curious how the double joint affects posing.