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Which Came First, Character or Doll?

Jul 14, 2016

    1. For my first 4 dolls I made the character after getting the doll. However for my next two dolls, their characters are planned out pretty solidly! I’m excited to get started on them :D
    2. I have dolls that I have planned for ocs and sometimes they work when they get to me and sometimes they change when they get here.
      I have bought dolls on urge and fancy that have developed into characters and ocs later.

      But then again I have rotated a lot on dolls sometimes lol I get picky on my style and sculpts.
    3. I make characters for dolls :)
      But I say that loosely. I've never been one to write or roleplay, so "making characters" is just sort of coming up with an aesthetic and a few personality/story points. I was originally doing this to fight art blocks when I used to draw. There was never any long term attachments to the characters so I never got any interest to spend hundreds of dollars on them.
      But if I already am spending hundreds on a pretty piece of plastic, I need to know where I'm going with it! So I make half-baked characters to figure out their clothes, faceup, and potential props to buy, and photoshoots to do ^_^
    4. All your stories and opinions are so interesting to read !! I can see why both (or all three, since many of you have gone for the middle route inbetween) are really nice to work with !! Either way, it's really nice and creative which is all that the hobby is about after all~! I'm new to it, as in, I don't actually have any dolls yet, but I already have quite a few plans and it's nice to kind of hear about others and their experiences~
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    5. The former. I need a reason to buy a doll, and one reason only: to bring someone from my writing to life. I'd be afraid of how big the collection would be otherwise, honestly.
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    6. Its happened to me both ways as well. Sometimes I will drive myself nuts trying to have everything figured out before a doll arrives, and other times I already know, and yet still I've had it all figured out and the doll shows up and says that isn't going to work! I think this process is actually a huge part about what I love so much in this hobby. While I adore having things picked out and ready for the doll when it arrives, its still fun to build the doll once its in hand and can really give you an idea to their personality.
    7. Characters are first. With just two exceptions. One head I have no plans for nor any character, yet...And one doll which inspired me as soon as I have seen him. It was impulsive buy, but not exactly without plan.