Which came first...the head or the body?

Jan 11, 2009

  1. Head

  2. Body

  3. I always buy head and body together

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    1. Ok...dun think its been done...but then again like...everything ive postedhere has been done ><


      I know that a lot of people jsut try to buy the whole doll full out...but not everyone has that advantage...

      so heres the question ^^ What came first for you, buying the head or the body?

      Personally, in the case of Judas, the head came first lol, it was being sold in the marketplace for majorly cheap for a minifee head in the marketplace...so yeah lol
    2. I have had a few floating heads, but for the current doll I'm waiting for: his body came first. I saw a deal I couldn't pass up, so... Headless Lawliet has been living here since late November. Meanwhile the Minimee head to go on said body has just had first preview pics this week.
    3. I have quite a number of heads planned to come in soon. That's due to some companies only offering heads, and also due to the muscular body sculpts which I don't really prefer, so I'll have to slowly look for a new body x.x

      Also, sometimes it's because of cashflow problems, and when the head that's being sold is limited or something, I'll rush in and get the head first, cause usually it's mainly the head that pulls the whole doll's look together imo, so I don't want to miss it out, and then, I could always search for a new body.
    4. I always try to get the head and body together, but if I can't, the head comes first. *has poor floating head*
    5. I usually try to get the head and body together, though I do have one floating head, with another on the way. ^^; Though I've found it much easier for me to find a head, and then work around it, getting the kind of body that would best suit who that head is going to be, rather than the other way around, as it just seems to open up too many possibilities.

      =3 And again, it's simply awesome when the two can coincide as one doll that you can buy all together. Too bad it doesn't always happen that way. v.v
    6. I usually buy had and body together but in the case of my one hybrid (IH Lion head + DM Adam body) I brought the head home first. This because I wanted to try it out on My DM Dean's body to see if it would fit; I'm very fond of the Adam bodies.
    7. I had to buy Jyusal's head first, because if I didn't, I wouldn't have ever been able to see a Juri 06 again. Dx I was very lucky to have found one... was normal skin but, oh well. He's beautiful anyway. xD (Not all demons have pale skin anyhow.)

      It's just when I see a head that I like, and it's limited or has seasonal sales (like Migidoll) I feel like I 'must' get that head first.
    8. I usually buy whole dolls, but I do have 2 floating heads. Those were second heads that came with the original doll, like my Lu-wen vampire head came with Lu-wen, and the Ashley vampire head came with Ashley. So heads come first.
    9. Well, actually I ordered my first BJD, a Puki, head and body together, but I got an used Pukisha faceplate so I guess I could say that I bought first the head.
    10. If i can get the whole thing together I get the whoel thing together. BUT if I can't I just get the head. *looks at her boys headless body*
    11. I buy for the head - I need to buy some bodies but I keep finding nice heads that are tempting.
    12. ok so I voted for head and body together because that's what I prefer, but I do have an exception to my answer. Its kinda tricky though....

      I joined a group order to get a sleeping MNF head to sort of play around with and try out customizing. He was meant to just be a head and maybe eventually get a body or just go to one of my sisters if they wanted it when I was done. Instead I ended up finding a great deal on a DZ normal skin body and since I don't like the design of MNF bodies, I bought it....and the body came loooong before the head was even ordered >_< so I dunno how that counts, but that's the only one I've ever done separately. And I love my little Billie Awesome.
    13. I was really hoping to get a complete doll.... but ended up getting a different head then the one I wanted and... well... I will certainly buy him a body in the near/but not so near future XP

      But I think a whole one is way better :)
    14. For me I always buy a complete dolll. However in the case of what I hope is my incoming Juri 08 MNF head...It's gonna be the head. If I had seen a headmold I really wanted without a body though, I'd probably buy it. Just because I know I could get it a body and take it to meets to find a good resin match if the company didn't make bodies.:)
    15. i'm lucky so far, i haven't had any floating heads yet. it seems to be a common theme amongst the hobby to have at least one hanging around the house somewhere :lol:

      i've made an effort to get body and head at the same time, although it has been tempting to buy random heads.
    16. I've bought some entire dolls. I've also purchased some as floating heads--it is really nice to get a complete doll all at once, but getting the heads and bodies separately gives me more options on how I want the character to look (sometimes I need a specific body type), and sometimes it can save me a little money. Some of my heads came from an artist that only makes heads, so there was never a body option to begin with.
    17. Most of the time I buy dolls whole (head+Body) but if not I have to buy the body first, because I know It won't ever get a body if I do it the other way around ^^;
    18. I told myself before I got myself any dolls, that I wouldn't get stuck with floating heads. To have them staring at me, incomplete. Since then, I have one full doll, and four heads on their way. They are just too tempting, I mean.. I'll get a body for them eventually, I hope? :sweat
      So, I'd like to say I only buy full dolls, but I don't, so I'll go with the head. ^^
    19. Including heads I'm still waiting on, I have five heads... and two bodies. Maybe six heads if I can ever find a Migi Ryu. :P
    20. As June already knows, I got my body first. ^__^ I had the money and it was a good deal so I figured I should get it while I had the chance.