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Which companies produce 70cm or taller BJD's?

Feb 4, 2007

    1. I'm almost finishes saving for Delf Dark Elf Soo and already shopping for the next doll ;)

      So, I really like Hound type boys, but I would like to see the different body and face molds that have been created so far by different companies ( I don't mind checking out their sites myself, just point me in the right direction please).
      Sorry if there's more info on the boards somewhere, I just can't seem to find anything other than Hound dolls and the Model dolls from Dollmore (which are beautiful, but I would like to make a very thought-thru decision).
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    2. Dollshe that you already know of--Bermann (more in theory than in practice), Hound, Husky, Bernard and Saint, and Van that I remember.

      Dollmore Model boys that you mentioned.

      Dollzone also has 70cm dolls.

      Bishonenhouse has larger dolls, and pretty much all the other 'usual suspects' are shorter.

      Ann in CT
    3. Thanks for your quick replies!
      Geez, they're all so pretty, how am I ever going to decide (after saving up again for the coming months...)
    4. Unidoll's new Jace is close to 70cm - 67, I think?
    5. I think the Happy Doll boys are 65--not quite as tall, but definitely taller than the average 60cm.
    6. Iplehouse Lion, Soo-ri too, I believe, "top out" at 63cm.
    7. DoT boys also out there at 64 cms

      Lati Red boys at about 63

      Volks SD 16 Yukinojo is taller than 60 cms as well but I don't remember how much taller
    8. Thanks everyone!
      I have one more question:
      Dollzone Wing has Elf ears, but I can't tell whether Ying and Cloud have them too. Does anyone know?

      I like Ying's face best of all the 70 cm's I've seen so far, but I would like him even better with Elf ears.
    9. ying has just regular ears, I think its just the one with elf ears so far

      you could always mod them into elf ears if thats what you really wanted though

      you might want to keep a eye out for elysiums dolls, I think they will be releasing a 72cm body this month
    10. I know for a fact that Cloud doesn't have elf ears. I'm pretty sure Wing is the only one.
    11. I believe that only Wing has elf ears in the DZ 70cm line. They are terribly cute, and so is he.
      Poor guy is so nervous when I give him hugs. His lady is okay with it, though, as she's been here longer.

      Ann in CT
    12. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for sites that sells boys that are 70-80cm?
      I looked through a lot of sites, but most are ~60cm. Especially the 80cm dolls are hard to find.
      I found several 70cm dolls, but none that made me go "PERFECT!:fangirl: "

      (If this is not allowed, or posted incorrectly, please tell me.)
    13. Oh, I got this! Here are the taler boys that I can think of.

      Elfdoll boys (65)
      Unidoll Uni-Real(67)
      Feeple boys (67?)

      Dollshe boys (70)
      Dollzone boys (70)
      Dollmore model boys (71)
      Iplehouse (I think)

      To my knowledge, only Soom makes an 80cm boy, Sabik. I am not sure how tall the new Soom Super Gem boy is.

      Hope this helps! :)
    14. A few more:

      Buddydoll's new 70cm boy(check the news)
      DOD's Dream of Idol

    15. There is only one type of 80cm male doll made and that's Soom's Mecha Angel line. There are only two Mecha Angels so far, Sabik and Corvi. They are only released during a limited period of time every month or so. I'm sure Soom will make more of these big guys but it will take a while before there are very many to choose from.

      Here's another list of 70cm:

      Dollzone 70
      Dollmore Model
      Bishonen House
      Dream of Doll Idols
      Dolkot Model
      Fairyland Feeple
      and Iplehouse is planning a 70cm line, but that's all we know about that
    16. Thank you!

      ... BD's Mercury is the one for me <3
    17. Hi everyone! :kitty2

      I'm pretty new to the BJD hobby - I just got my Unidoll Ark head.

      I want a body for him now - and I would be intrested what companies are out there selling 70cm bodys or boys.

      I would get the original UD Real body - but I don't like the thick thighs :-/ (I love the breast though ;)) .

      Thanks in advance for every advice! :cake:
    18. DZ has 70 cm boys and so does Dollshe--I have no idea what the resin match would be like, though or how the head would fit.
    19. Dream of Doll's DoI...I think.
    20. Buddydoll and Dollmore too :) the Model Doll bodies are 70 cm.