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Which companies sell Vampire heads?

Jul 20, 2007

    1. i've been looking for vampire dolls for a while now and i just can't seem to find what i'm looking for. i absolutely LOVE the Nanuri molds they're just so beautiful! does anyone know where someone may be selling them? and if so, could you please let me know?
      thanks a lot.
    2. Uh, what kind of vampire doll? Many manufacturers make vampire doll heads.
      If you're specificially looking for the Nanuri 2006 or Nanuri 2007 heads, they're not available any longer but they're made by Luts: www.eluts.com You can buy directly from Luts or do a search for dealers if you'd prefer.
      www.theorientdoll.us has tiny vampires. Those two companies come immediately to mind.
    3. thank you both!
    4. The Nanuri 2007 from Luts cannot be bought straight fromt he company, they're a gift head they were giving out for purchases over $333 made within a certain time period. However, if you look in the marketplace section of DoA I'm sure someone will be selling them. Looking at your post count though, looks like you can't go in there yet. You'll have to have been on DoA for 25 days and have at least 40 posts. once you do that though, I'm sure you'll be able to find one.
    5. There are two vampire heads offered by Luts that can be bought straight from them.
      Dreaming Vampire Shiwoo Head (my personal favorite vampire)
      Dreaming Vampire Soo Head

      You can also have any other non-vampire doll head modded to have vampire fangs or you could possibly even do it yourself with apoxie sculpt.
    6. ohh! thank you I really like all these and it is nice to have a list
    7. Some of Luts's limiteds have vampire teeth, mostly the sleeping/dreaming heads but they can be modified to be awake. I'm actually working on one right now, a dreaming elf vampire Chiwoo!

    8. If your desperate for the Nanuri '07 head you can try your luck on ebay I've noticed a few go up on there.
    9. Well, I'm planning very far ahead for the future, but I want to model my 2nd BJD after Edward Cullen from the Twilight series, so I want a really delicate but masculine, pretty vampire head (with fangs).
      Just wondering what the best place to look would be...
      I know Luts has one and they also have the NaNuRi event thing (and my friend even has one, but they're very expensive and she wants to sell it :...( ), but I was just wondering if the citizens of DOA had anything to say on the topic.
    10. You can mod any head to look like a vampire, if you want visible fangs.

      Some people sculpt them in using Aves Apoxie Sculpt, and other people use existing objects, toothpicks are popular, cut them to size, and attach them.

      However, you can simply paint the fangs on and add shadowing to make them look two dimensional if you're not comfortable modding the head.

      But... just to ask, why do a vampires fangs have to be visible? Personally, while I love some of the fanged doll heads, I don't like the idea of fangs sticking out over the lips... I just don't imagine vampires having overbites.
    11. Hmm...
      Thank you so much for that idea!
      I hadn't even thought of adding them yourself.

      I don't know why people like the fangs showing, I guess it's just preference.
      I like to see the fangs. I think it's smexy. :D
      Thanks a bunch!!
    12. I'd say a Delf Lu-Wen dreaming vampire, with or without the eyes modded open. :)
    13. Oh wow, my thread was moved here,
      but I got some great ideas.
      That works out even better.
    14. The widest selection of vampire dolls I can recall seeing were from Dollmore. They actually have a specific section on their site called 'dollpire'. These are all vampire dolls. I don't know if the heads come separately though.