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Which company poses best?

Mar 8, 2019

    1. I’m just thinking about this for future body purchases...

      Which of your dolls is the best at posing?

      For me, my Granado tiny and my Ringdoll SDs are by far the best, while mirodoll & dollshe are nightmares. but there’s lots of companies I have no experience with, so I’d like to know what you all think is the best!
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    2. Out of all my dolls I can say my Iplehouse Akando posed the worst, mostly in his legs due to the weird way his joint was set up. My sueded 5th Motif I would say poses the best, he can even keep his legs curled under him if I'm holding him by the chest with no support. Straight out of the box though, I would say my best poser is my Dollshe Ausley Love, she has bits of rubber in her knee and hip joints that really help her hold a pose perfectly.
    3. My best is my Luts SD65. When his stringing is right, he doesn't even need a sueding or anything and poses like a dream. Worst I ever owned was an old iplehouse yid body I no longer have. The joints were weird and the legs were very womanly for a male. Worst I currently own is my Luts Kid Delf male since he's on the classic body and fully single-jointed. Even my singe-jointed yosd poses better than him!
    4. My best posers are my two Ringdolls, both on the RGM-02. My Qinzhe poses a bit better than my Meng He because he's strung tighter, but I find they're both easy and intuitive to pose and to get into natural-looking poses. While my 68cm Angell-Studio boy can make more intricate poses and hold them more stably, it takes more effort to get him into them, so I rate him below the Ringdolls.

      My worst poser by a wide margin is my 71cm Mystic Kids. Full stop. Can barely stand and joints are slippery like mad, especially the chest joint. Unlike all my other dolls he lacks any kind of ledge so it never stays in place. He's always leaning to one side or the other. =/
    5. By far my best posing doll is my Menagerie Doll (Marmite Sue) posing body. She has some of the best range of motion I've ever seen, and she arrived pre-sueded so she posed like a dream out of the box.
      I've never had a Granado or ringdoll though, so those are good to know!! I have to restring my Dollshe dolls, but I haven't found them too terrible.
    6. Loongsoul has a bit of a reputation for making dolls with a wide range of poseability and I can see why! The 68cm boy body I got a few days ago holds all sorts of positions like a dream with the help of a bunch of joints that lock into place. I’m putting a lot more of their dolls and bodies on my wishlist now >_>;

      I don’t own this body but it looks like the Impldoll Star MGB body has some great poseability too, especially since it’s got joints for the neck and for shoulders.
    7. Definitely my Aterlier Momoni Momonita dolly! Her joints are perfect and she holds poses beautifully.
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    8. My Supiadoll hold poses my other dolls can only dream of... :love
    9. Worst poser, never to be equaled: Domuya Flexi Perennial. :sweat

      The best posers I have are the Granado guys, and the I-doll Studio girl. She has single joints but is so stable and natural.
    10. My MYOU girls pose pretty dang well, although I’m not a fan of the single joints one has. It’s sculpted beautifully but... meh. The double jointed body isn’t as attractive as some but her arms have an excellent range of motion and hold poses without needing to be sueded.
    11. My best poser is I got to say is my AoD boy. He doesn't have fancy joints but he poses very cutely, he's the cuddly type that can sit really well and realistically, but he also stands really nicely, even with his old stings he held a standing pose on uneven ground :)
      Up in that alley is my Dollzone 65cm (the old one). He can crouch if I put enough effort in posing him. All of them might need a little fidgeting and help like hotglue sueding or wires.

      If you want a body that poses like a dream out of the box Loongsoul. I handled their 68cm body and he's a rock. He was on one knee for hours at a convention without any support. Then again he is very stiff and some might not like that fact. :)
    12. My Xagadoll comes in second to my Granado in terms of posability.
    13. My personal faves are my Peakswoods Lolita girl and Dandy boy, and my LUTS SDF65s. They’re all flexible and hold poses nicely right out of the box.
    14. My best I've had were Loongsoul, Impldoll and Doll Leaves for SD, Asleep Eidolon and IslandDoll for YoSD.
    15. The best poser on my crew is without a doubt my Magic Mirror Moira but she is also the only one who is actually sueded with real suede. If you haven’t seen the incredible articulation the newest Magic Mirror doll Orla has, you should check her out. I want one so bad!

      My Minifees have the nicest looking joints while they pose but I wouldn’t say they are better posers than my other dolls. They (well, all but one) can stand on one foot though and that is amazing to me!

      I personally really like the Peak’s Woods Lolita body despite it having single jointed legs. I love the way they can cross their legs when sitting if they have the thigh joint. Having my dolls sit with their legs crossed pleases me greatly.

      Honorable mentions go to the Lillycat Chibbi Moon body for having such great posing while literally being entirely single jointed, and to my Fdoll 60cm boy body for posing pretty darn great while still being quite affordable.

      Not that price necessarily has anything to do with how well a doll can pose, because Iplehouse dolls are super expensive, and while I love looking at them, I hate posing them with a firey passion.
    16. Best poser in the house is my Dreaming Doll (body 16Elva). She looks natural in almost every pose I put her into, and very elegant too. My Withdoll girl (SWD body, 58cm) is also a nice poser, but she's a bit more... moody.
      Sadly, my Iplehouse EID man is the worst. On his feet, he is firm and sturdy - I already put another SD girl on his shoulders and once balanced, he stood like a rock, not even minding the extra weight. But he is a mess to sit!
    17. My BeYours 60cm boy is hands down the best poser I have. He came strung perfectly, and I use his tension as a benchmark for my other dolls.
    18. I think my FL ChicLine guy is the best poser I have. He is like a rock and I can get him to do anything.
    19. Dream Valley and Fairyland, in my limited experience. It's a good thing my Doll Chateau crew are all so beautiful/unique, because they're all ridiculous when it comes to holding a pose, although Astrid, my Bella, does reasonably okay after some serious sueding. Des, my Charles, is just a floppy mess of arms and legs. But he's really pretty. :)
    20. Like kurogane, my Fairyland Chicline male is my best poser by far, I own five different company's bodies and he beats all of them hands down. However, he is the most modern doll I own, all the others are single jointed; very basic, old school looking and semi-sphere-engineered. So I'm probably biased when I say he's my best poser. On the other hand, I have read many other comments on Fairyland dolls being great posers (and a few disagreeing ones as well). I haven't purchased any new dolls in the last nine years, so I my opinion is very limited to the very few doll bodies I own (and most of them are very old).