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Which do you like more?

Mar 14, 2017

  1. Head caps. I don't do a lot of face changing!

  2. Head caps. I like to have as few seams as possible on the face!

  3. Face plates. It makes eye changing easier!

  4. Face plates. I have a sleeping face, a winking face, a surprised face....

  5. Other. Secret option 5!

    1. I'm curious about what others think. Personally I like face plates more because I can have the same doll, but many expressions.
      What do you prefer?
    2. Faceplates for me, for a mixture of reasons. I think it makes changing eyes easier, also dressing dolls with clothes that need to go over the head is easier, and it allows for more expressions in the case of dolls with multiple faceplates. So basically I don't know which option to vote for, haha.
    3. Three dolls with headcaps, two with faceplates. I prefer the former tbh; faceplates have a tendency to slip off with basic head posing in my experience. Also don't do a lot of swapping since most of the dolls I buy have little in the way of differing expressions or a need for multiple faceups.
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    4. I don't really mind, tbh. I have two with faceplates and two with head caps and neither seems better or worse. Eyes are easier to put in with faceplates.
    5. Head caps. I like to have as few seams as possible on the face and I don't change the face anyway. If I had two faces I would end up getting another body for it and having two dolls instead.
    6. I have both in my collection and each has their pros and cons. The one problem that comes to mind right away with multiple faceplates is keeping track of them AND keeping the ones not in use in good condition. I have Pukis so I have a lot of faceplates!
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    7. I chose headcaps for several reasons. While I would like having multiple expressions for my dolls, it's not really that important to me. I've had a couple of dolls with faceplates, and they tended to fall off much too easily. I handle my dolls often and take them to meetups, and I just don't like the face coming loose in public places where it could fall and get damaged or lost. I also really like jaw lines, and faceplates have that seam that distracts from them. Furthermore, when I do faceups, I tend to hold the back of the head where the cap sits to paint the linework on the face, and that's not possible with faceplates. I have a much harder time working on them.
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    8. Head caps all the way. Having to hold a faceplate makes changing eyes much more difficult for me, so I avoid faceplates like the plague.
    9. I prefer a headcap. I feel like I am more likely to accidentally touch the face up when changing eyes, adjusting the wig, tilting the head, etc. if the doll has a face plate.
    10. My doll has a faceplate, but she is so small (PukiPuki). I've never had a problem with the faceplate slipping as many of you have noted. What sizes are you all dealing with?
    11. For me, because I'm super comfortable modding, faceplates are my favorite.

      With decent neodymium magnets, the face falling off issue should never happen.

      You can buy neodymium magnets online for like 15 cents (plus shipping) that are strong enough that it requires two hands to remove the faceplate, so I think the "head falling off" complaint is a non-issue. Easy enough to carve/pop out the magnet and put a decent one in.

      It's not an eye thing, but more an "I hate removing the head" thing. I also like modding teeth, so a faceplate would mean easier access.

      I have one floating head that has the ultimate form of faceplate: removeable teeth attached to faceplate (OR-doll). I have one off-topic BJD modded to have a faceplate.

      Im considering doing this with my other heads because I hate headcaps.
    12. 1/3rd scale. My Limhwa Half Elf and Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe both have this issue for me, usually after I've forgotten all about it and try to dip their heads. Probably works better on smaller scales?

      I'm also not fond of trying to change out magnets on a doll that's already painted; just too much risk unless the glue fails and they fall out.
      #12 ChristinasDream, Mar 15, 2017
      Last edited: Mar 15, 2017
    13. Faceplates. I like the ideal of being able to have multiple facial expressions for my doll.
    14. 1/3 for me. My Angell Studio girls have their faceplates held on by magnets and while I've accidentally removed them once or twice I hardly think of that system as dangerous. My Feeple65 girl uses a different system and I hate it, it's insanely tight and a pain to switch them out, to the point where I want to sand off the mechanism and install magnets because her headback arrived to me broken so it's fragile and I broke it once already when trying to remove her faceplate to switch eyes out. I can't imagine the problem that other person described with their feeple girl happening to mine, she's the exact opposite. @^@;
    15. I'm good with both, because "heads/headcaps" and "multiple head options" are not mutually exclusive concepts. I have both sleeping plates and sleeping heads, I like both, and I have no issues with faceplates falling off.
    16. I like both. I did have a doll once (can't remember the brand) that was so poorly designed, when you turned the head, the neck joint would pop the faceplate off.
    17. I like both and it's not something I normally take under consideration. But, if the doll is ultra tiny, face-plates are easier for eye placement. The only downside to face plates really is when the fit is too loose.
    18. Definitely head caps for me. I dont want seams on the face!
    19. I prefer head caps except on really tiny dolls. Faceplates make changing the eyes so much easier on them.
    20. I just got a doll with a face plate for the first time and I like how much easier to put in the eyes.