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Which do you prefer plastic,acyrlic, silicone or glass eyes?

Sep 1, 2005

    1. I am shopping for eyes and am a bit confused about the differences..any pointers will be appreaciated thank you!
    2. Most definitely glass. Clearer, more shine, more depth, and they make the doll look infinitely more alive. Glass also lasts indefinitely without changing colour (unlike acrylic/plastic, and silicone eyes can go yellow), and tends to be hardier (the solid glass eyes, at least).

      My list, from my favourites to the eyes I'd never touch. Just my opinion, of course.

      Best to Good quality glass
      Enchanted Doll urethane
      Some acrylics e.g. newer Glip (without the striations), Volks Metallic
      Eye Candies/Mystic Eyes urethane
      Other acrylics e.g. some Artistique
      Poor quality glass
      Really icky acrylics (the really flat and fake-looking type)

      I've tried them all, and I've lived with acrylic for a while when I had to, but glass is definitely tops for me.

      Many people like urethane eyes, but I dunno, I've had three pairs of Eye Candies and I didn't really like the look of them all that much. They've all been sold now.
    3. What shan said - the glass eyes in my opinion look best, especially if you get some with nice detail to them. I've tried acrylic eyes, and they just don't have the same alive look as glass, because light is reflected differenly. However, there *are* really lovely acrylic eyes around, and they are a lot cheaper then most glass eyes >.o;
      I guess trying it for yourself will give you the best idea :3
    4. I like both. Pretty often when I have some cheapo pair of artistique eyes in my doll, somebody will post oo those eyes are gorgeous! I do agree about glass, though, and I like masterpiece because they are the best IMHO to get a good fit on an unusual glance, like a side glance.

      of acrylics, I like: Glastic realistic eyes, artistique, and schwartzaugen.

      I do have some glass eyes, luts and volks only I think as they were gifts; I would rather not spend $80 on a pair of glass eyes, that's just me. The expensive glass eyes really are beautiful.

      and I have masterpiece.
    5. I like glass at most, but I also like acrylic!

    6. I like the look of glass eyes...

      but at the same time...i'm a Schwarzaugen eye fan...and they make acrylic eyes ;)
    7. High-quality glass and urethane. I've had Artistique, Luts glass, Masterpiece silicon, AngelRegion Classic glass and EA Eye Candies. The Eye Candies are by far my favourite. There's just so much DEPTH to them... Ephram's gaze seems to follow me as I walk around the room. Very beautiful, and gorgeous colour. The Angel Region glass ones are my second favourite. Not quite as much depth as the Eye Candies, but the lines on the iris are beautifully done and very life-like.

      But yeah. I <3 Eye Candies. Nai and Lutz both have them on order. ^^ Apple Green for Nai, S23 for Lutz. ^^ <3 <3 <3
    8. Thanks for the information and the link !
    9. I have only recently heard about the eye candies and it did make me curious but I have not seen them myself ( or if I did I did not know heh!)
    10. I dont think I am familar with Schwarzaugen maybe I will run across them in my searches : )

    11. www.schwarzaugen.com

      ..T.T i love them.
    12. It depends.

      It's hard to tell the difference between acrylic and glass in photos. They both come off as rather 2D-ish in a 2D medium. But there's definatly a difference in real life, the glass has much more depth. You can stare into them.

      I rather like the style of many acrylic eyes and I wish more glass eyes came with the kind of gradient you find often in acrylic, especially places like Artistique.
    13. Gimme glass! =*_*=

      Antique Rose or Volks, preferably.
    14. I don't particularly have a preference, other than detail. The only glass eyes I've tried were horribly non-detailed so (with the exception of Yasuo, who has black eyes so they didn't need detail XD) I found I didn't prefer them for that reason.

      However, I've seen gorgeous glass eyes in photos *_*

      Edit: However, I think that masterpiece eyes are some of my very favorites of the brands I've tried.

      And Satoru's soul doll eyes are pretty.
    15. Myself I like Masterpiece eyes, I love their range of colors and styles and I find them really easy to set. Soul Doll has some very vibrant acrylics, and even though they're not nearly as nice as a silicone or glass pair, they have some very unique colors. I think every style of eye has a brand or two that really stand out, so to me it depends on how much you're looking to spend and just what you're looking for in an eye.

      If you're going for realism, I'd say glass is tops.
      If crazy color combinations is your thing, silicone or acrylic.
    16. I *swear* by Ethereal Angels Eye Candies.... *_* Gorgeous! >_>;;; I think theyre glass XD
    17. I believe it was recently confirmed by Kallisti that they are some kind of urethane, not resin. ^_^ I wish I could see a pair in real life, I keep hearing about how gorgeous they are!
    18. Oh those are nice! thanks for the link
    19. I haven't found myself hooking to a specific brand or anything, so long as the effect I'm looking for at the time is there. At the moment, Sai has a pair of dark green plastic eyes, but to me, they're more realistic than the glass ones he came with because the iris texture is there.

      That doesn't mean he won't wear his blue ones, but I think they are more for when I'm looking for a more 'otherwordly' look.

      Eventually, I would love to get him a pair of the evil-red pupil-less ones...just to see how wicked I can make him look.
    20. I like Masterpiece because of the interesting colors and shading, also because they are easy to set.

      I have two pairs of the Etheral Angels Eye Candies and they are two of my favorites. I hope to get more some day!

      Glass is lovely but often doesn't come in the pale colors I prefer.