Which do you prefer: the Unoa Sist or Lusis?

Apr 23, 2010

    1. I can't decide which I want to buy. I love the eyes on the Sist, but I love the lips on the Lusis. If only I could switch them. Lol Anyway, I want to know your favorite and why. Please? Lol <3
    2. Sist. I don't like the open mouth.
    3. Really? At first I felt the same way, but it grew on me, especially with the optional teeth. But I hate her eyes, they make her look odd.
    4. I love both. But for now I'm partial to my Sist Lilah. When I first fell
      for Unoas it was Lusis I loved, I thought Sist looked a bit harsh (?)
      Hmm I never noticed anything different about their eyes, but perhaps
      you could have someone mod the eyes on Lusis to look like Sist?

      edit: I think I know what you mean about the eyes, a lot of people
      sand them.
    5. I would never be able to sand the eyes. Lol But people can do that to make the Lusis eyes look like Sist eyes?
    6. Unoss! :)

      (I know that's not one of the choices, but I love SD bodies.)
    7. I prefer Sist, but I'm biased because I used to own one. I love how many different ways they can be painted and they, very usually, look really calm and cool~
    8. Lol, that's alright, although I'm not quite sure which that is. (I'm a newb lol)
    9. I do love the Sist, she is gorgeous. And, actually I do like her lips, it's just that I'm partial to the Lusis lips (I suppose it's cause most of the time my lips part like that lol). I'm relating myself to closely to which doll I want. How weird am I? lol
    10. I was about to say Lusis, but then I looked them both up again and ffff, I dunno, they're both great. You could always just let fate decide, and get whichever one you can find the best deal on. (If you're looking in the Marketplace.)
    11. Get both and make them sisters :aninja:
    12. Once I get Marketplace access. T__T
    13. Lmao, or I could do that! Hahaa
    14. I varies, sometimes I like Sist better and sometimes I like Lusis better. So in the end I decided that I'd get both eventually, so last year I bought a Lusis and I'm hoping to get a Sist later this year.

      So in other words, I couldn't decide between them :lol:
    15. SSSSiiiisssssst for sure. I like the Lusis mouth but not the eyes :X
    16. I'd say get one and if you don't like it, sell it and get the faceplate of the other! :)
    17. Don't worry, I thought it would take ages but the time went quicker than I anticipated. :3
    18. Lusis. Cuz I like open mouth.
    19. Have you checked out the other Unoa faceplates? AFAIK they're all interchangeable, so you can modify a sleeping head to have the eyeshape you like or use one of the boys' headplates on the girl body, L-Bi is basically the male version of Lusis and has a slightly different look to him.
    20. Lol, ughhhh, I feel the same way! The problem is they're so expensive! So I have to choose one! :(