Which DOD Doll is this?

Jul 11, 2008

    1. [​IMG]
      Does anyone know which exact doll this is from DOD. They don't tell the the model and this picture came from their clothing spot. I found a couple Dolls that kind of match him but the makeup and hair style is throwing me off enough that I can not tell which exact Doll this is. If someone could tell me and help me out it would be very helpful.
    2. Hm, it looks to me that it is a DoC Zen. :)
    3. Yep, that's Zen. I list all the dolls modelling DOD's clothes and wigs here, I always try to update it as soon as new items are added. (:
    4. Definatly Zen, he looks such a cutie in that pic though I'm not suprised you were thrown off.
    5. Thank you very much ^o^