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Which doll do you think is the most innocent looking?

Aug 8, 2006

    1. I'm trying to figure out which BOY doll is the most innocent looking.

      And also, which is the toughest looking. Your opinions?

      Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, but it IS about the larger dolls, so I figured this would be the place to go.
    2. most of the time it really depends on the faceup and wig, but Chiwoo, with gentle sloping eyebrows and the works, has always seemed to be very innocent to me. ^^

    3. Yeah, the faceup will be a big part of it. But I also need the general face shape to be super innocent. I think you're right, Chiwoos are super innocent looking. For some reason, though, I've never been too drawn to them.
    4. This should be in 'Incoming Dolls' but I'll answer anyway since I can't resist :) A lot of the innocence depends on the face up but I must vote for Syo/F-15!!!


    5. Seconding this, Syos are :aheartbea
      Check out the one in my avatar (alright, so he's got a bit of an attitude problem;))

    6. I was going to say Syo!!
    7. Iple House Louis is totally innocent ^_~*: HERE
      Normal version HERE

    8. Syo and Chiwoo are at the of my list for most innocent looking boy doll.

      I bought a Peak's Woods Segi (Etienne) and a Re-Che (Max) heads to be my innocent faced boys, but I gave them more mature face-ups than you'd expect to see. My School Head C (Grey) looks pretty innocent.

      I think Unidolls UH-08 looks most menacing. I thought of a few other possibilities here, but none of them compare to that guy.
    9. Heath has always seemed pretty menacing to me. Not so much in a "I'll-punch-your-face-in-if-you-mess-with-me" kind of way, but more like, "If I don't like your attitude, you'll never work again."
    10. I thought of Syo as soon as I saw the title, so I suppose that's my pick!

      As for 'toughest', I'd probably got for Kill_U 2nd, I think. I love him as a sculpt, but he has a terrbily scary expression!
    11. I love my Sha...he looks so very sweet and innocent for a male doll...here's mine with a fwe different wigs, outfits and eyes :)

    12. what about a dim boy for innocent. like angelo or persia. i think it's the huge eyes.

      for toughest i'd second xi-feng with kill_u 2nd.
    13. I always thought Soom's Dimo has an innocent look to his face. Yes! That's right, Sha! I knew I'd forgotten one. He looks very sweet and innocent, I agree.
    14. I second Sabriell for Louis being innocent looking, and flanna for Heath being intimidating :sweat

      Edit: Completely off topic, but does anyone else wonder if the newest Iplehouse boys are named after Lestat and Louis from Interview with the Vampire? Lestat de Lioncourt... *shuts up because she's probably just being idiotic*
    15. ya id say syo is pretty innocent looking! especially with an natural looking faceup! more syo's here and here

      as for toughest i would say Kill_U also
    16. I double DIM Angelo :)
      He really is innocent
    17. my vote's on chiwoo...he always looked so innocent to me...>_> reason why I was never eally drawn to him XD
    18. I agree with Syo, Louis and Chiwoo..hmm..that's not a big help, is it ^^; I have a Chiwoo myself, and he does have that innocent look ^_^ Though, depending on the face-up and stuff, he doesn't have to look innocent..he looked way more childish and innocent when he had his first face-up than with the one he has now ^_^ But I suppose that goes for any doll, really..based on mold alone, I'd say Chiwoo with his big eyes and pouty mouth is very innocent ^_^
    19. I think AR's Nell is pretty innocent looking but I think the innocence of a doll doesn't only depend on the scuplt but the face-up and clothes have a lot to do with too.
    20. IH Louis.

      I love that mold so much.