Which doll gets attention?

Jan 7, 2021

    1. I love organisation - tables, folders, neat lists.... and I have really enjoyed reading how people keep their dolls and doll items organised; including recommendation of Airtable by a member here. Despite my best attempts at trying to make my dolls 'behave' in an orderly way, I seem to be very haphazard with respect to giving dolls attention, or developing their characters. It almost seems they tell me when they want attention!

      Even the arrival of my dolls has been a shambles; the first doll I ordered in October 2019 has still not arrived, meanwhile I have 7 other dolls at home (including 2 'half' dolls). I couldn't imagine buying dolls and keeping them in boxes (apart from wanting to enjoy them, I would probably forget about them) so I just sometimes feel the urge to pick up a particular doll when walking past it.

      I am really enjoying this 'spontaneous' and unplanned aspect of the doll hobby, which has led to delightfully unexpected purchases, outfits and other discoveries about my dolls. I feel that no doll of mine will ever be 'complete' - they will always be developing at their own pace.

      How do you choose which doll gets attention?
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    2. I'm also very haphazard when it comes to giving my dolls attention and sometimes they just fall off my radar completely.

      I mostly just stare at them these days instead of actually doing anything with them LOL. Planning to get some doll stands in the near future so I can keep them standing while on display and not have to dismantle my whole shelf every time I want to take one out :sweat I do tend to prefer handling Hazuki (my first doll) and Jewel (my smallest doll) because they are the easiest to handle and the most "complete".

      Regarding character development, most of my dolls had basic character prior to being shelled as a doll. The only doll without a defined character is pretty neglected at the moment!

      Honestly it all probably boils down to how lazy I'm feeling :lol:
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    3. I just work on whoever I am feeling inspired by. One day I will want to work on making a pair of fox ears for one, the next I am trying to make a scythe for a different one. Just whatever mood takes me. Today I wiped the faceup off my practice head so I can practice dyeing him. There is no logic to it. New dolls usually get a lot of attention for the first few weeks. And I try to make sure everyone has a wig, eyes and something to wear, even if its just a cut up sock, before I do anything for anyone else. Some still end up wrapped up in blankets I crocheted for them. What I have supplies for dictate what I do too.

      Very few of my dolls have no plan before I get them, so figuring out who they will be is usually done before they even arrive. There are a few exceptions though>.<
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    4. I tend to spend more time with my first doll as well (the one that arrived first anyway) @AmariGem - I have been thinking about stands as well; it is a little precarious trying to remove one doll without the others falling around!

      I totally get you about supplies @lividdarkangel; I started a whole new prop the other day as I had mixed up too much black paint/mod podge and needed to use it before it dried :XD:. I am finding wigs really difficult to manage as other dolls keep stealing wigs not meant for them... I am starting to understand how people end up with such big collections!
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    5. If I get very inspired to work on a doll, typically they'll get my attention. Or if I feel I HAVE to take pictures of them (in a specific time slot), I'll usually do my best to make them presentable for that.

      Aside from that, Amyas (CP Delf Soony) always comes first. Always. As my first ever grail (and first grail to come home), well...... who am I to resist such a cute face begging to be dressed up in something new, or made new earrings, or admired?! :sweat

      New dolls tend to get my attention briefly so that they can look mildly presentable, but then sit on the shelf until I actually feel like doing anything with them. Hence why Alois didn't get a faceup until... last week. Haha.
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    6. The one who gets the least attention is Pearl. She was the first msd to join, and the first I had a character to shell instead of allow one to develop. She has two very fitted dresses that are hers, (everyone else has entire shoeboxes of wardrobe) but she usually just sits and supervises her kids as I interact with them and my other dolls. I didn't even change her feet when she got a set of heeled shoes. But at least she has a wig that fits now.

      My SDs and Gil have gotten a lot of attention lately- but they are my newest and I'm working on sorting out whose personality is whose.
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    7. I just tend to play around with whichever one of the gang catches my eye... Currently it's Inari, my Island Doll Seven, since he's both fairly new and in desperate need of new clothes (Short, odd-sized, skinny-bummed fox-boy doesn't properly fit into ANYTHING I have here. So.. yeah. I'm going to have to make every single thing he wears. <_<). Before that I was focused on my "tall guys"... especially my SpiritDoll Herculean... and my Lati Yellow and PukiFee girls.

      It's just a matter of what kind of mood I'm in.
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    8. I don't really - In terms of play, I pick up whichever is/are closest to hand.

      I make clothes for the dolls based on what fabric catches my attention/which doll's preferred colours it is, or what style I'm in the mood to make/which doll that works for, or, I have a bunch of fabrics and a day to get some cutting out done and which dolls would these various dresses work best for... Boys are most neglected in this respect as I prefer making girl clothes to making boy clothes. The more challenging to dress girls are slightly ahead of the rest (I don't think it's that I like the challenge so much as that I have to give their clothes more consideration so they're more in the forethought when sewing time is available - Hannah's a tomboy so less "fussy" dresses for her, Phige is the closest thing I've got to goth so how can I make this Victorian child's outfit more goth yet still keep it Victorian, Meri is so skinny she needs MSD width but SD length in her clothes.... etc.).

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    9. I'm actually sort of backwards in the sense that I tend to spend time with/"play" with the dolls I'm least attached to. :sweat

      I have a lot of dolls, so they don't get anywhere near equal attention. I usually work feverishly on a single doll from the moment they arrive until they reach a point where I'm really happy with them. Then I'm terrified to touch them, so I leave them alone until I have no choice but to move them. :...( I don't want to mess them up, they're perfect!!!!
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    10. I have certain characters for my dolls. And they all have a different mood. When I am sad I find comfort in the doll that looks like me (yes I made a mini me :P). Because I feel like I am also just this vessel for a conciousness and most of my Troubles are really unimportant. I also have dolls that resemble different aesthetics because sometimes I feel like a pastel queen, other days I feel like a dark badass rocker. I really just pick them based on my mood and I feel like it's a good way to sort my thoughts and express emotions through dolls.
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    11. My attentions with my dolls are happily and intentionally haphazard, which really works for me. With a fairly large collection displayed in artistic vignettes throughout my home, it’s much like living in an enchanted world where they all have their own spaces and interactions that I can drop in on throughout the day. In this way, no one is ever forgotten because they’re continuously on view as I walk by. As for getting necessary things done with my dolls, I always take part in the yearly goals thread each year...I keep track of my plans there, update items on the list once completed, and add new ones as they come to mind. That way I never forget my intentions, insuring that everything gets done by years end.
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    12. That’s a good idea! I recently invested in a calendar for the new year to track these goals, but I still have no clue how I want to go about it. Maybe I’ll sneak a peek at your resolution chart to get some ideas. ;)
    13. Right now, my dolls are a bit on a backburner. This Christmas, I got myself several action figures (OMG) on which I am working on right now (of course I can't leave them as they are).

      For this year, I am really trying to actually finish projects. Lucifer's head got his hair, and now it would be time to cut it. But I am really afraid, because if I mess up, being a BJD, he can't grow it back. So I considered his hairing complete and turned to the first action figure to tune it up (or maybe also to push Luci's haircut back a bit).

      I did not fell out of love with BJDs, but for many projects, I need to use a Dremel. That means working outside, which is simply not possible right now (snow and ice here). Also, I do not want to do Luci's faceup, because trying to spray anything would not go well. So we are all taking a little break right now.
    14. This winter has been much colder than the last, so I feel you there! Temporary faceups with just some liquid varnish are what I aimed for, since I had a need to do something even though I couldn’t do something super professional looking.
    15. I have my usual go-to who probably gets most of the attention around here. Then most of my dolls tend to be interacted with in pairs or small groups depending on their relationships with each other. I particularly have enjoyed doing pictures of my tiny dolls (mostly children characters) interacting with each other. Otherwise it just kind of varies which doll is in need of a wardrobe update or new faceup.
    16. It kind of rotates for me. Amir was my first doll and Harriet and Lily are my current favorites, but I really enjoy the others too. Sometimes I decide based of which character's personality and emotions would be most in tune with my own at the moment. Sometimes I realize one of them is lacking something like extra clothes or accessories so I hang out with them while we shop or sew.

      But if we go by social media, people like Harriet (OfButterfliesNThings Paulette) and Sixx (Dollshe Amanda/ALM Doll hybrid) best of my crew. They always get the most likes and comments and requests!
    17. It varies widely- dolls whose look is "complete" are less likely to come down off the shelf for sewing time, but are more likely to go out for picture time. And anyone is fair game for hanging out around the house time! Recently I've been chilling with Asa (Delf Breakaway) but I also gravitate towards Jericho (Souldoll Elan), Shiloh (Souldoll Elan), and Alexander (Iplehouse Vito) a lot, mostly because their characters are so, so important to me. That makes it sound like my girls don't get as much attention, but they get more sewing time usually. Dresses are just more fun to make.
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    18. Almost since I started in the hobby, it's been Quinn (DZ Shengxi/AoD), who was my second-ever doll. He's been with me through SO many hardships - from my divorce, to being with me through an almost fatal illness, and even stayed with me for most of the 11 months I was in the hospital (freaked the nurses out at first, then they grew to thinking he was cool and even talking to him!). He's got the most clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. He's my baby.

      The others get attention haphazardly and as I'm feeling it. Like others have said, if my current mood feels closer to the vibe of a certain doll, they'll get the attention.

      Lately, I've been working on a second crew, for an entirely different "world", and that's been getting all my attention. But I'm not sure anyone will ever usurp Quinn.
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    19. I don't really choose which dolls get attention... the dolls choose :XD: Right now, my favorite is Holiday, my Dust of Dolls Appi. I've discovered that she fits Blythe tops and dresses, and that just opened a whole world of clothing opportunities! So she's been getting very spoiled. I think it helps that she's the only one of my dolls right now thats "picture-ready"; her head isn't blank and she has her wig/eyes. The only other doll currently getting attention is Mina, my Black Cherry Brownie, because I'm making some shoes for her. However, when I get frustrated working on her things, I go right back to spoiling Holiday...
    20. I just got my first ever Volks and female doll...let's just say I bought some really expensive clothes for her.