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Which doll suprises you again and again/do you find the most versatile?

Jan 16, 2007

    1. I was curious about everyone's personal opinion/experience on this :) ...

      We all know that our dolls are very customizable, and just depending on how the make up is done, or which wig or eyes are used (among other things~)... we can create completely different looks over and over again. So, it's very easy to create a doll that looks completely different from any other of its same mold.

      So, I'm curious. Through your time browsing various doll sites, galleries, and meeting dolls and doll get-togethers, have you ever found a doll that keeps suprising you again and again? One that seems to be very versatile, so much so that sometimes you don't even recognize it? It doesn't have to be your favorite, one you own, or one you ever plan on owning... just one that blows you away with all the different looks it has taken on? You go, "No way :o I can't believe that's a(n) xxxxx!" more than any other doll?

      One mold that I find tends to suprise me over and over again is cp shiwoo. I think he has a very distinct face, but I'm also very awe'd by the owner pics I see of him. Many of them look alike, but there are also others that I'd never recognize as a shiwoo unless someone had told me! Sometimes I would see pictures of him and be like, "I wouldn't ever want a shiwoo.." but then other times, "Wow... he looks so different here! If I could achieve something like that he'd be perfect for me!" As often as I find myself thinking that all shiwoo look almost exactly the same, I find one that is completely different. I'm always suprised by new and amazing face-ups and mods, but overall shiwoo is the one that's suprised me the most (but not necessarily my all-time favorite) in all the time I've been interested in bjd.

      Sorry if there's already another thread like this :sweat ~ if there is feel free to lock me and redirect me there ^^! But I'm interested in hearing what other people think!
    2. I was totally going to say Shiwoo. Neither is Shiwoo a mold i like, or i would like to perchise, but some of them are just flat out adorable! I find myself saying things like: "that could definately not be a shiwoo!" xD or...somthing. I think that people who mod. dolls often can really see what a mold will look like when it's done....it's crazy. hah. Yeah, so my choice is Shiwoo...oh, and Lishe. I saw one that made me want a Lishe really bad, but then i looked on the site and my eagerness sank. hehe.
    3. I would say Lishe....Ive never seen one that wasnt a total chameleon,mine included!
    4. Syo. I have three who I think perfectly exemplify it ;) and I plan on getting more eventually. But with that said I think most Volks sculpts are very versatile, because their sculptors really try to imagine the things owners will want to do with them. I really love what they wrote in "Another Yourself" so I'll quote it for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of reading it yet;

      "Through the care of the owner, SD develops on its own after it is welcomed and shows a completely different expression from its default face up, like the owner's own child or as a piece of themselves. It is the moment of pleasure for a creator to see SD like that at the events." - Mr. Kitamura

      "What I pay attention to the most is to make an SD that the owners can change the look of into exactly what they want when they want to change face-up, glass eyes, wigs, and the overall image of SD. I especially give some freedom in the shape of the face so that it will be suitable for many types of face-ups." -Mr. Ohashi

      "From a technical point of view, I take care in making a neutral, basic face so that the SD can show various characteristics and expressions when they are completed with various doll eyes, face-ups, wig, and clothing. I feel fully content as a creator knowing that SD becomes loved by a lot of owners." -Mr. Enku
    5. I think the most versatile are the Narae and Narins. And it not just because they have extra faceplates, it's the fact that every doll I see is dramatically different just from a faceup, hair and eyes.
    6. i have a shiwoo vampire, and a shiwoo, as well as a Nanuri. My boys aren't nearly as versatile as she is LOL
    7. You know, I have yet to see any Volks head that strikes me as so unique that it is nigh unrecognizable (though one came close last night on y!j), but this quote makes a lot of sense to me :). I always thought that the features on many volks heads were, for the most part, very minimal and basic with hardly any defining characteristics. But, if this was the primary intention of the sculptors, then I would say that they have done a really good job of creating the sculpts as they intended them to be. Though I'm not sure if this actually makes them any more capable of showing various characteristics or expressions than any other bjd with interchangable eyes, hair, make-up, etc... or how making many similar and basic sculpts yields a greater potential for the development of the doll... I'm glad I now understand Volks' reason behind why they make sculpts the way they do ^^. Thanks for posting that!
    8. To me 60cm Narae has got to be the most versatile. Everyone I've seen looks so different, everything from soft & innocent to glam to Goth. And it's not just the different faceplates. That girl is a real chameleon.
    9. It would have to be El for me (As well as, to a lesser extent, Breakaway-)... While I can almost always ID them *as* Els, their range in terms of style, look, and personality is pretty astounding when their owners are willing to push them beyond the bounds of the "smirky sex-pot" stereotype.
    10. Personally, SoulDoll Paris perpetually surprises me. From being angry at life to being a rather capricious fellow to being the sweetest man alive to being quiet and withdrawn, he just does it all! @__@
    11. Honestly... it would have to be a Yder. My own surprises even me with his ranges of emotion and looks he can pull off. He can be sweet, mischevious, dark, angry, etc. It's really interesting. ^^

      I also think a very versatile sculpt is a Yo-SD Piccolo.
    12. I'd have to say CP El and Lishe, and DOC U. All fairly popular, but they (or rather, their owners and their creativity) never cease to surprise me.
    13. ElfDoll Soah. This girl I have seen take on many faces. Her sculpt seems to carry any look with ease and can even be hauntingly real with the right face-up. @_@
    14. I second this. There must have been twenty Soahs at the BJD convention, and not one of them looked alike...I really regret not getting them all together for a group photo.
    15. If I think about the number of "What doll is this?" type posts I've read... most of them end up being Volks molds. Usually they're the Leeke wig models.

      I think one of the most versatile sculpts is the original Four Sisters (Megu, Nana, Sara and Kira). I'm rarely ever stumped by unidentified dolls but this mold has surprised me more times than any other. I still think about owning one some day. :)

      El is obviously capable of many different looks, along with Shiwoo but not so much that I haven't recognized them. Hound can be a chameleon as well.
    16. I'd have to say :

      Narae 43 from Narindoll - Just look at the Narae/Narin thread in the Mini section. There are so many different Narae's. She is insanely versatile.

      Elfdoll Soah - I've seen so many different types of Soah's here at DOA. It's really impressive what people can do with her.
    17. I agree with you. I find Paris to be very versatile, I only wish I could afford more to see just how far
      he can go. I believe most dolls are versatile however. Only some are not as popular, so you don't
      get to see them in all the different moods, styles, and mannerisms that you get to see with the popular ones.
      This is an interesting topic. :)

    18. I would have to say Lishe, she always looks different and can pull off soo many different looks.
    19. Lahoo, of course;)

      Put the site photos next to owner photos, and you end up with an amazing range of dolls, but all of them having the same exact sculpt.

      And I have to agree with the vote for Paris.
    20. One doll which fits the bill to me would be CP Lishe. She's a very distinctive sculpt (as in, you can usually tell it's a Lishe right away), but she can also look anything from innocent and sweet, to sultry and seductive.

      Volks Madoka is another. She makes a stately, elegant lady (e.g. Michelle's Ariadne: http://www.divinechill.blogspot.com/), but most of us would know from Avvelenato's customs (http://dolls.oheya.to/) that this originally female sculpt also makes stunningly handsome boys.

      AR Ren is another super-distinctive sculpt (the nose and face-shape are unmistakeable!), but Rens run the gamut from fresh and girly (like the first Ren girl release) to dark and knowing.

      I left this to last as I'm as biased as all get out XD;;, but I also think Volks MSD Hewitt is very versatile. His original image is quite boyish and handsome (e.g. Rokkyun Destiny's Yoru and Yuli: http://69destiny.xxxxxxxx.jp/), but he can also be just plain beautiful (e.g. Belle Rose's Francoise: http://www.rose.lad.jp/) or adorable (e.g. CKC's Hirotaka: http://sweety.jp/akaneko/ckc/).

      Part of what makes this hobby so fun is seeing owners take a doll with a "stereotyped" image and really making it their own with a new look and unexpected personality. :) I think most sculpts can be versatile, just that no one has done something "different" with them yet.