Which Dolls Can Wear SD16 Shoes?

May 22, 2020

    1. I have tons of SD16 shoes and with all the dolls I've owned over the years none have been able to wear them. :( So what dolls have you found fit those gorgeous SD16 shoes?
    2. First thing, the SD size girls need to have the high heel foot. The ones I have with the high heel foot/leg that can wear the SD16 high heel shoes are Spiritdoll Proud, Supia, Soom Supergem, Luts Senior Delf, Little Monica SD-size Harmony, and Impldoll Model. Hope this helps! :)
    3. A Spirit doll sounds intriguing. I like how they have a small bust option.
      I have some doubts about the super gem though since I do have one and her high heeled foot is too small to fit in any of the SD16 shoes I have. Shoes that are closed-toe look okay since you can't see that her foot is too short. I find she fits in SD13 shoes though.
    4. Oops, I forgot that there’s more than one version of the Soom Supergem girl body; I was referring to the original one. Sorry! :blush