Which Dolls Can Wear SD16 Shoes?

May 22, 2020

    1. I have tons of SD16 shoes and with all the dolls I've owned over the years none have been able to wear them. :( So what dolls have you found fit those gorgeous SD16 shoes?
    2. First thing, the SD size girls need to have the high heel foot. The ones I have with the high heel foot/leg that can wear the SD16 high heel shoes are Spiritdoll Proud, Supia, Soom Supergem, Luts Senior Delf, Little Monica SD-size Harmony, and Impldoll Model. Hope this helps! :)
    3. A Spirit doll sounds intriguing. I like how they have a small bust option.
      I have some doubts about the super gem though since I do have one and her high heeled foot is too small to fit in any of the SD16 shoes I have. Shoes that are closed-toe look okay since you can't see that her foot is too short. I find she fits in SD13 shoes though.
    4. Oops, I forgot that there’s more than one version of the Soom Supergem girl body; I was referring to the original one. Sorry! :blush
    5. Bump! Any others that fit SD16 shoes? Especially companies who sell heeled feet separately?

      I have a Souldoll Zenith and her feet are enormous! I want to buy her heeled feet from another company... because dangit I want her to have shoe options!
    6. Sadol, Oasisdoll, and Switch all have heeled legs that fit into SD16 shoes. Of those, only Switch also carries just the heeled feet, but they don't sell them separately. :/
    7. Souldoll Zeniths's feet are huge! LOL! Unfortunately, I don't know of any other companies feet that will fit soul doll's calves, but I have found shoes labeled for Iplehouse EID, SID, or nYIDs to fit.