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Which dolls have smaller sized heads?

Jan 14, 2008

    1. I have the same problem as a lot of people in this thread... one of my dolls has a somewhat small head, and I'm reluctant to get dolls with larger sized heads in case they look strangely out of proportion next to each other.

      I know that this SD size chart exists, however I don't think it's completely up-to-date and I'm sure there's now new dolls on the market since that was created. :3

      I'm hoping that people can highlight other SDs that have somewhat smaller heads, and also favourite techniques used to reduce the difference between head sizes. ^^

      To start things off... I was thinking- what if you personally reduced the headsize yourself by sanding around the headcap of your doll? Would this make a visible difference? Is the difference in head size more noticable in the face or just the general size of the head- if so, is disgusing smaller heads with big wigs effective?

      ((My first time trying to generate discussion~ :XD: I hope it's okay!))
    2. I have heard that recent Luts heads - Lu Wen and Nanuri 07 for example - are getting smaller and smaller. Also DOT heads have smaller heads. Musedoll Ciel too (not sure about Re Che).

      The doll I'm saving for is a Glorydoll Louis, whose head should be on the small side (22cm)...but the other doll that I plan to buy is SD F-16, which has one of the biggest bjd noggins around. :sweat Uh...I hope this is reconciled by Louis being shorter and more child-like, while I'm going to put the F-16 on a taller and broader-shouldered Dollstown 15-Boy body...

      I feel your pain! I was briefly so in love with Peak's Woods Sky, but then I saw a picture of her wigless next to other dolls and good god, her head is gargantuan and the cranium is so large and round in proportion to the sweet little face. o_O So that was the end of that.
    3. I know! D: I'm so torn about Dolkot's Ryu. I've been in love with him since I got into BJDs but my friend has a Dolkot Hara and he seems sooo huge next to my Souldoll Paris. I'm just not sure what to do. :(
    4. Iplehouse dolls all have small heads, almost closer to 8 than 9 I think.
    5. Rainy Girls (Elfdoll) have lil heads. Also Supia girls, Roda and Rosy.
    6. Dollshe boys have small head, my Saint takes 8-9 wigs.
    7. Cheers for pinheads! Migidolls are 8-9 but then again I know some people have them in bigger wigs okay. Souldolls are definitely on the smaller side. Saw a JinWoo at a meet the other day and he was close to my Lati boy.
    8. I have a Souldoll Lupinus and my friend has a Dolkot Kiss and Kiss's head is bigger than Lupinus's for sure^^; The wigs aren't interchangable (unless you wanna put a bigger wig on the Souldoll). Lupinus has around the same head size as my Elf Ducan. All DOD heads ae pretty tiny, so you can't go wrong there^^; As someone said, Iplhouse and Hound both wear 8-9 wigs, so their heads should be around the same size XD My CP Yder's head is pretty small, but not as small as Souldoll or any of the other I listed.

    9. Searched, but couldn't find.

      Are there any companies who carry smalled SD heads (on a regular sized body, or a smaller one like 50-55 cm)? I have only found Zaoll and they're not /that/ small. I would love to hear more about SD dolls with this kind of proportions.
    10. By small, what do you mean? Elfdoll heads are one wig size smaller than Volks SD size, Supia dolls have smaller heads also.
    11. The smallest SD heads i've come across are Lati doll red boys, and Soul Doll Lee jun Ki (not all of the souldolls have such a small head it seems, only some of them) these heads are msd size, even smaller then Elfdoll/Iple YID/smaller volks DD size and the like.