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Which dolls have the largest breasts?

Apr 3, 2006

    1. I have an Re-Che head on the way home, and I have plans to turn it into a doll based off my favorite model. The thing is, the model is very large-chested, and so I need a body that can do her justice. A DD body is out of the question, I think - the waist is just too narrow. Other than DD, what body has the largest breasts?
    2. I think might be Lishe's body (Luts mature body) ? I want to know too XD
    3. which model?
    4. Actually,
      It seems like the Elfdoll Large-busted body (Ryung/Sooah) has the largest bust. Clothes that fit my CP Lishe fine, are really tight on her.
    5. No contest, for an off the shelf standard body, the large busted option Rainy girls win. Anything made for the others without some looseness in them doesn't fit these. I even have some underwear that fit the small busted Rainy body without a problem but refuses to stay closed on my large bust doll.
    6. In terms of proportion, the CP Mature Girl body has the largest breasts that come to mind. While the Rainydolls do have a large bust, much of the size is due to their large ribcage area. This causes the Rainydolls to barely fit into most clothing made for other dolls.

    7. But the Rainy's are also the most natural looking too!!!
    8. comparison pics for you (contain dolly nudity)
      CP Mature Body:
      Rainydoll large bust:
      oh this one shows it well too -- both girls are in here

      You know I have a weird observation to make - I think dolls that are blushed look bigger than dolls that aren't. Carrie commented upon seeing Memphis in all her nakies glory, "gosh she looks so much bigger than Alex!"(her DES) and of course, they have the same body.

      Having both - I swear I don't know who seems bigger. They are BOTH big, no doubt, but CP has high boobs (I think she had one heck of a boob job) and Rainydoll mature is much lower, but man, I gotta say - those are some big hooters on rainydoll mature. Her body reminds me of Elle MacPherson quite a lot (ever seen the movie she was in about the artist down in Australia? Mermaids was it called? whoot. Golly. Just... golly.:blush )

      I guess now that you have the head you want, and EITHER body is gonna look quite booby, and maybe going for the best resin match would be good at this point. I dunno. they really are BOTH booby.
    9. I did have the link to a great Luts Mature Body and Rainy Doll Large Bust plate comparison, I'll see if I can find it now ^^ From what I remember though, I personally dislike the Rainydll body because next to the Lishe, her rib cage is huge.

      I'll look for it now.
    10. I think I remember someone posting the Re-Che head on the Lishe body and the head and boobs were the same size. ^^;
    11. I don't think I ever thought about it, since it was the Rainy face that intrigued me and based on their official pics, I didn't like the small bust at all, because they looked sort of saggy (no offense to the small-bust Rainy owners out there).

      With their fuller hips and thighs, it just seemed more realistic that the big hooters would be logical. But yep, definitely when you blush them, they look bigger.
    12. definately true about rainy dolls ribcages being bigger!!! my friend has a sooah with mature body and i have a lishe.... sooah's chest area is bigger, but only because she is wider around... lishe's boobs are definately bigger in proportion to the body... so, i would go with a cp mature body!!!!
    13. Ok well having had Re-che I know that the head is very small about the size of Anais. The neck stem on CP is smaller so you might be better off with a CP also the body is easier to get me thinks!
    14. The new Dollfie Dream bodies have a big booby option.. I saw them the last time I was in the Akihabara showroom.. and they were HUGE.. Like almost comically large knockers. O_O

      Check these guys out.

    15. The CP bust is high up at her armpits and extends outside her ribcage, plus she's got that Wonderbra cleavage going on. So I'd say the bustiest EFFECT is with a CP body.
    16. yeahhh i'd agree with this. Only when I undress Iliana, or she's wearing something tight, do you really go "holy bazookas, batman!" :ablink: at those big hooters.
    17. wasn't there pictures of modified SD bodies with extremely big breast???
    18. Thanks, everyone! I think I'm going to go with the CP mature body... A few tattoos, a new faceup, and Masumi's ready to go!!
    19. False. When on profile, the rainy dolls have quite a 'forced', unnatural pose, as if pushing their breasts to the front and their hips back, that the SD13 and Cp dolls have not.