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Which dolls have the most beautiful nude bodies?

Nov 29, 2010

    1. In your opinion, which specific dolls/companies have the best nude bodies? I'm thinking for nude photography. Some of them have really lovely parts mixed with really awkward parts. For instance, a beautiful torso but really ugly legs, nice hands but anorexic ribcage, nice legs but not enough torso detail, or really awful, cupcake breasts. Some of them have really nice sculpting, but awkward, ugly joints, especially at the hips.

      In your opinion which dolls overall have the most pleasing nude bodies? And I'm talking about female dolls- although feel free to mention great male sculpts as well. I would be willing to sacrifice extreme flexibility for more realistic, graceful body sculpt.

    2. I don't own any of these, but I think the Limwha girls are very nice:


      And Oasisdoll has a nice body, but I don't know if it comes with anything but the fisted hands. I'd link but you need to have signed up over on the Elfdoll site. Also, Sarina is getting ready to put a new double jointed body out and what little I've seen of it looks very nice, so you might want to check that out later.

      Lots of folks think Supia dolls are gorgeous, but I think they have ordering periods or something. I couldn't find anything but one small torso shot over on their website.


      I love my Loongsoul girl's body for flexibility and it has really pretty hands, but it's got a lot of joints and I don't think it's what you're looking for in terms of beautiful photography, but just so you can look:


      My Supergem girl is pretty, but she doesn't pose well and I don't think her proportions are realistic at all.
    3. I'll second the Limhwa girls. They are really gorgeous, if I had one, I'd have a hard time keeping her clothed ;)

      Tastes for my own collection are a bit more modest though: I really love the one-piece torso of the Volks SDG, its just the prettiest body around, though the limbs are perhaps a bit too simple.
    4. If I was planning on doing lots of artistic-nudes of a doll, whether it was male or female, I'd probably opt for a Dollstown body. Most of their sculpts are single-jointed, but still have a very good range of motion despite that, and both their single- and double-jointed bodies are made in such a way that the joints themselves do not tend to look awkward when seen unobscured in most positions. In addition, their sculpts are very elegant, with a nice combination of detail and realism without going overboard on the definition. I'm quite looking forward to their new line, as well.
    5. I'm seconding all the girls mentioned above, just wanna add i-Doll girls, the most amazing back I've seen: link
    6. I love the looks of all the Iplehouse bodies.
    7. This is good to know. I really like the idea of poseability, but if I have to choose I seem to put aesthetics first. (No jointed hands for me!) So the fact that there are some dolls that are both poseable and have pleasing-to-the-eye joints is a win-win.
    8. Limhwa girls and Iplehouse dolls have very beautiful and armounious bodies, I think! *________*
    9. seconded. I'm not crazy about the joints for posing, but they all look absolutely gorgeous. Add some subtle blushing and they can be amazingly realistic looking.
    10. The new Spiritdoll bodies are absolutely gorgeous to me. The Volks bodies are very beautifully done as well, but Spiritdoll is definitely my new favorite.
    11. Spiritdoll
    12. Even though I don't own either of these anymore and the u-noss especially is hard to come by the u-noa and u-noss bodies are my absolute favorite. Very curvy, they just ooze femininity. Especially the u-noss, I love the non-jointed torso and very ample hips, plus the detailed hands. Perfect for nude photos IMHO.
    13. I took a look at the Iplehouse bodies- I've always wanted a Harin. I have a Tatiana and I actually love her joints. But these look completely different- have they redone them? The bodies on the website have the long doube-joints that I think look really awkward- like a big long peanut between the upper and lower parts of the limbs. Maybe the older bodies had the other kind of hing-joint things? If so maybe an older Iplehouse body is what I want.
      I do have a Limhwa Half-Elf, and she is beautiful, but her posing ability leaves a lot to be desired. She is so sway-backed it's hard to keep her in a pose, although I guess I could wire her and that would probably help.
      I'll have to take a look at the Spiritdolls. I looked at I-dolls but the site is kind of confusing.
    14. I am in love with the elegance of the MiniFee body. The elegant curve of the back, the delicate hands, the collarbones, ribcage - all of it! I do prefer the model legs though. The cutie are a bit too curvy for me.
    15. I'd have to say Dollmore Model dolls have the most awesome body ever! well except for their crazy knee joints (or lack there of) but they certainly look devine.
    16. I love Limhwa bodies, and Dollstown bodies(especially the boys!). I also really like the Zaoll bodies, but I might be biased as I own two..XD They're my only dolls that I sometimes leave sitting around naked, just because they're so pretty. I personally also like the Glorydoll boy body, for all the little, delicate sculpting details it has, but I know a lot of people actually don't like that body, so it may be personal! Oh, and Ariadoll! Love those soft curves <3
    17. I'd definitely vote for Iplehouse, and I think the fairyland a and b line bodies are beautiful to look at.
    18. I think Ylisande by Twigling has an incredibly gorgeous body, and I hear she's an amazing poser. I also like the Souldoll Zenith girl body a lot. And the older Supia body, which is still available.

      The new Impldoll 56cm body looks really nice, though I haven't seen owner photos. The hips and belly are beautiful, though she does have those unfortunate ribs. What's with that? It bugs me about Resinsoul, and I love their bodies otherwise.
    19. The new Iplehouse bodies are INCREDIBLE, especially the EID Female bodies! Kudos to them for giving their ladies hips and thighs, haha. XD

      I'm also utterly in love with the torso of my 2008 Souldoll boy body. The jointing leaves quite a bit to be desired, but the musculature of the abs, chest and back are to DIE for. Beautifully realistic without being overbearing--close to what I would consider perfection in doll form! ;)
    20. As far as female scuplts go, I really like the EID girl bodies. I love how Iplehouse isn't afraid to show that a real woman, with generous hips and chest, also doesn't have a tiny waist. It's very realistic, but also incredibly pleasing to the eye. Very much like old-fashioned pin-up girls.

      And to completely nix what I just said... I also love the Glamor Eve bodies from Dollmore. Again, large breasts but also large hips. In the past, too often I've seen doll companies put large breasts on their girls without giving them hips to balance them out - to me, making them look less real. But those bodies also have a tiny waist...

      Ah, well... I like what I like.