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Which Elfdoll body do you own or plan to get?

May 2, 2008

  1. Original 2 part small bust

  2. 3 part large bust

  3. New body

  4. Undecided for new or next purchase

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    1. With the new body being introduced into the regular line, I am wondering which Elfdoll girl bodies are preferred by collectors.

      I'm working on a line of costumes and fashion for these gals and need to decide which size direction to concentrate on.

      Thanks for your replies!

    2. The new body probaly poses better.
    3. As most people hate the bust on the new body, I'd hold off and see if Elfdoll bring out a new version of the bust/body. Most people won't buy the new body because of the bust. There was a different version casted originally with a lot nicer bust and most are hoping Elfdoll will switch back to that one. I'm guessing it will take them 6 months of poor sales for that to happen. Of the old bodies, the LB is more difficult to fit, but will still squeeze (tightly) into a lot of outfits. You may get the older dolls a little cheaper secondhand.
    4. The new body's bust doesn't bother me at all... in fact, once I get both my Rainy girls home I might put up a 'want to trade' in the marketplace to swap my large-busted girl's body for a new version? :3nodding:
    5. Don't jump too quickly to conclusions.... it may turn out that the Asian customers absolutely love the new body and scramble to buy it, which wouldn't give Elfdoll a reason to discontinue it. The DoA market is just one part of the entire Elfdoll marketing population.

      That being said I don't think I'll be switching to the new body for my Soah. At least not now... I actually don't mind the pushed-up breasts and it might look good under clothing. I do remember reading that Rainman likes big hips and breasts XD
    6. I have two Elfdolls, a large and a small busted, and while I really like the new elbow joint, I won't be buying any dolls with the new busts. There are too many more attractive alternatives from other companies.
    7. Despite disliking the new bust.. if I was going to buy an Elfdoll girl I would get the new body. I think the articulation and shape overall has been greatly improved, and I would either mod the default breasts or make a new chest-piece altogether. However I can't see myself buying an Elfdoll girls (or any other dolls) in the foreseeable future.
    8. I'm not sure about which body I like best...at first I was like, "Ughhh..." when I saw the new body nude, but I think it has a nice shape when clothed. I guess I'll just look at more pictures and hopefully see one at a doll meet and then make a decision!
    9. I don't like the new bust at all, but it wouldn't stop me from buying another Elfdoll girl. I think the poseability is more of a consideration for me. I have my Supia girl if I want a nudist, lol.
      I actually love the two part small bust that my Sooah has.
    10. i like the new body definitely and i've decided to buy an Elfdoll in the near future. the doll i have in mind has a skinnier body and i like Rainman's headsculpts generally, so it all came together quite nicely. earlier, i was looking at Dollmore and Luts' SDF girls but the faces didn't appeal to me that much, though the skinny bodies did.

      i didn't dislike the Old bodies either. I thought they were fine also. Most retailers still stock the old bodies so there's no danger of them disappearing altogether.
    11. Thanks everyone. I appreciate your input. I think I'm going to look around for a large busted Lydia and hold off on the new body for a while.

    12. please delete post
    13. I currently have one of the older 3-part Large Bust bodies. Though I love the general shape of the body (she has hips! :aheartbea), the articulation and poseability leaves something to be desired. Also, unless she's heavily sueded in the upper torso joint, she tends to arch her back a lot... in kind of a pinup-ey way. ;)

      I agree that the new body looks like some of those issues have been corrected or at least improved, and the bust doesn't bother me at all. I may end up upgrading my girl to the new body in the future, but I'm waiting to hear some owner reviews first.
    14. My Soah has the two-part S-bust. I like the body overall - and such pretty breasts! :aheartbea It doesn't pose very well, though, and I was looking forward a new, improved Elfdoll girl body... But the new Bust Monstrosity will for all time keep me from buying another Elfdoll.

      The bust is enough to make your eyes bleed when the doll is nude, and even when she's clothed she looks unnatural in the very worst way - pushed up to her teeth or implanted. :horror:

      I don't want the hassle of trying to change a new Elfdoll girl to a nice body, it's a cost and a hassle. And I certainly don't want to support such an unnatural body ideal as the Bust Monstrosity advocates.
      As Far2Frail says: there are a plethora of nice dolls out there who have both pretty faces and nice bodies. There is simply no need to buy an Elfdoll.
    15. I have never seen a BJD that has a natural body. BJDs are by nature, idealised. To say this about Elfdoll without extending the same criticism to all BJD companies...
    16. I don't like the nude bust but it's very nice with clothes.
      Considering I'm not used to take my dolls without clothes I think it's acceptable. Not the best but acceptable, also for the posability.
      Anyway Hazy is so nice I think I'll buy her even with this new body.
    17. Indeed, our dolls are idealised - yet we love them for their naturalism! :lol: It's all about degrees, I suppose... I really am deeply disturbed by the current trend of tiny waits and huge, unnatural breasts in doll bodies. It targets what all the worst human body ideals. Most doll bodies haven't got that particular problem.

      And it is ugly. :ablah:
    18. please delete post
    19. Interesting POV. Not sure I agree though - for a couple of reasons:

      First - the simple fact is that Elfdoll's new "Squash-Bust" isn't idealised, at least by any definition of the word that I am familiar with. It seems to be an attempt at sculpting a bust in a push-up bra, only without the bra. It may look passable in clothing (i.e. covered up!) but all naked & bare ... it is, alas, a freak. Pure and simple.

      Second - BJD bodies on the whole are, of course, to some degree idealised - they're meant to be, as are the facial sculpts!
      That in itself is not the problem - "not natural", as in "idealised", need not be the same as "unnatural" in a bad sense. Look at, just for instance, Volks SD, SD13, SDC bodies, or Elfdoll's original bodies, or Araki-sensei's Unoss and Unoa sculpts, and so on: while definitely idealised, these still do not glorify an unhealthy body ideal. These bodies still have obvious curves and flesh on their bones, as it were - and they're certainly a very far cry indeed from the highly unnatural (in the worst possible sense) "anorexic with Dolly Parton implants" bodies that have been cropping up from some companies of late. These are the problem!

      But in order to respond to sweethreads' original query, I'd say that your plan to get hold of one of the older bodies and hold off getting the new one until Elfdoll offers Rainman's original (non-squash) bust for the new body to the market (at least as an option) is probably a very good idea. Judging from reactions here on DoA, I'd say the likelihood of the new body really taking off - at least with Western ABJD fans - seems very slim indeed until then.
    20. I really like the new body. She moves very nicely and I have no issue at all with her boobs.