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which fullsize delfs do you wish they'd make mini fees out of?

Nov 20, 2007

    1. i wasjust looking at some pictures of a Luts Dambi (one of my fave Luts dolls) and i was wishiong: man, i wish i could have a version of that. . .only minifee sized!
      who knows mabye we could start some kinda of petition to have a mini fee Soony. . .
      here's my list:
      Dambi and Soony (as metioned)
    2. Yder! Without a doubt. :lol:
    3. Breakaway. *____* and Woosoo, of course, because I'm too lazy to mod a MNF SS Chiwoo myself.
    4. Miyu!!! And preferably as an Elf! ^_~

      And I'd love to have a Mnf Elf Chiwoo. Wouldn't that be the cute!

    5. Moon, Breakaway, Woosoo, and Shine. But definitely a Moon and maybe a vampire one at that.
    6. miyu! oh an mnf miyu would be sweet.

      and if there was a reverse...oh PLEASE make a delf shushu T_T
    7. The only problem with downsizing some of the heads is that the proportions change. Look at a Chiwoo and a MNF Chiwoo. The chin is almost nonexistent on the MNF. I don't know how a Woosoo, say, would translate into that size, or a Moon. (Although I would like both if they were half-way there even!)

      Conversely, a full size Shushu's eyes would be ENORMOUS in proportion to the rest of the face.
    8. eh IF and soony seem to have massive eyes anyway ^^; they seem to alter some of the features from mnf the delf anyways, like i think proportionally they are set out more 'adult' looking, like delf shiwoo seems to have slightly smaller eyes? i dont know, but theyre definately differant anyway XD
    9. I second Soony :)
    10. Yder elf...please? xD
      njdsakbghr tanning yder elf would make me happy.
    11. I'm not a MNF fan much..actually..not a MSD fan much LOL
      but I think MNF Yder will be cute XDD <3333333
      SEXIEST.THING.EVER!! :aheartbea
    12. Definitely a Yder! I've been hoping for a MNF Yder since the line came out.

      After that, Shine or Lu Wen would be good, depending on how they're done ^_^
    13. I think that Shine would make a really cute Mini Fee, personally. ^^; Generally speaking, I'm not a very big fan of mini's, but depending on how he was done, I would be tempted!
    14. If they ever came out with double joints on even the arms of a MNF, I'd be in hog heaven.
    15. That'd be PERFECT.
    16. Miyu by a mile! :love

      As a matter of fact, even though I own a CP Delf Miyu, if they ever come out with a MNF version, I'd get her too! (No elves please :sorry )
    17. Add another vote for a mnf Moon.
    18. All of them! It would be awesome to see how they look like, specieally Soony and If.
    19. I would like a mnf If!!!
    20. MNF Elf El!