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Which girls are most realistic?

May 12, 2007

    1. I was thinking of getting a larger girl- one with realistic facial features. I love my 43 cm narae, but I don't know if I want a big one. I have had my eye on dot shall, but what other girls would you recommend, besides narae and Limhwa for the most realistic? I know Shall has those big eyes, but I might make the exception because I love Sha's look.
    2. For more realistic facial proportions, I'd recommend any of the Elfdoll dolls. In some of the sculpts their eyes can be a bit large, but certainly not as much as most other dolls. More importantly, their faces are not so shortened and childlike as many of the sculpts out there are. They look much more "adult".
    3. Um, I would nominate a DollsTown sculpt like my DT Ariel. To me, she looks more realistic than my Soony, Kateri. Most of the DollsTown sculpts by Torre look more realistic than most I have seen. I hope that helps!
      Even with bright blue hair, to me, she looks so real.
      These pics are for examples- I can remove them later if they are taking too long to load- I just wanted you to see what I meant. :-)
    4. Personally I love the new Elfdoll girl June (I believe her name is) and IH Silvia is always stunning in my books.
    5. Elf Doll girls, or Limhwa. :)
    6. Dollmore Models have very realistic proportions.
    7. June is very pretty, I like Sooah, but for some reason, I keep thinking she looks angry... Those dollmore models were the others I was thinking about, but the lips weren't what I imagined...

      Ariel is so cute- thanks for the pics!

    8. I think the most realistic girls other than Narae are the Limhwa, Supia, and Dollstown girls and certain Volks girls if painted right.

      My only problem with the Elfdoll girls is that their faces are so absolutely perfectly symmetrical that they become more like femme-bots than real people. I do like them (RuRu:aheartbea), but that's what prevents me from calling them realistic.

      I really like the DoTs, but Shall is very, very stylized. I have a Camine girl sitting next to my Dollstown Mui and my Dollshe Bermann and she looks like she's from another planet. She's even less realistic looking than the CP's in the house. I don't mind the difference, but it's there. :sweat
    9. I'd say dollstown, my second choice would be Elfdoll.
    10. In my opinion, Naraes are the most realistic dolls - but you mentioned them already. XD I also really love Kaye's sculpts, they are adorable and I think pretty realistic. :D
    11. Narae would be my number one thought, but what about the Unidoll girls? Except for the elfin girl they are very realistic looking.

    12. o.O I can't believe I didn't even think of Narea or Limhwa girls, especially with love I have going on for them right now. They're definitely some gorgeous ladies.
    13. Now, i may be biased, but i'd definetly say a Limhwa, I swear she comes alive at night. or the new souldoll girl Hye...she's pretty realistic as well as the other mentioned...

    14. Seconding the DT girls. Especially with the pretty new girl body coming out, they look much more realistic then most of the dolls on the market.
    15. I think the new F-34 by volks is pretty realistic
    16. i would say Limhwa and Supia's Roda. Okay, im a big fan of both. And i love dolls that looks realistic.
    17. Gorgeous picture of your Half Elf! And I have to say that Half Elf is the most realistic sculpt I've seen so far.

    18. Some of the SoulDolls can look quite realistic.
    19. I second the Limhwa girls. To me she is the most realistic looking, as well as the most beautiful, of all the female dolls.
    20. LOL
      My first thought when I read the title of the post was Narae... Aside from her, I love the elfdoll girls, and am saving for SOAH for the same reason of loving realistic looks. I have a kineticdoll who is amazingly realistic and absolutely gorgeous, but a major note is that she has painted eye faceup vs. insertable eyes.

      Becca the Alice