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Which Heads Fit the Minifee Body?

Apr 30, 2008

    1. I'm wondering which company heads fit with the minifee body? (white or normal skin) XP
    2. Just to clarify - do you mean the new bodies? (because the older bodies have a different resin color, at least for ns).

    3. Yes, the new bodies. Does anyone even have the new bodies yet?
    4. Nobody has the new Active bodies yet but some people have the other style from Fairyland. You can probably assume the resin color and neck size is the same (I don't think they changed the neck). The color is darker and pinker than the old Minifee ns which was more beige.

      The current Minfiee ns is similar to the Luts 2008 ns (see CP Breakaway in this photo):
      and on the right here, a Fairyland ns Minifee head:

      So - I do not know what matches or fits, but some of the pinker resins include Dream of Doll (I think a lighter pink?), Bluefairy (I think a darker pink?), Angell Studio pinker tone, Doll in Mind (DIM) but I think they only sell full dolls. Latidoll is also a little pink but I think lighter than Minifee ns? Those are just my ompressions - I do not own any of them.

    5. Speaking of different heads on MNF bodies, does anyone know how a Lati Blue head would look on a MNF body? Pics would be wonderful if anyone has them :)
    6. Can I res this? *A*;; I'd love to see more examples of heads that fit the Minifee Active bodies! >3< (Since there are bound to be more people who own the Active bodies now..)
      It doesn't look like they're too different from the standard Minifee bodies, (in proportion and neck size.. and I assume they use the same resin colors, right?) so examples of heads that fit those would help too..

      Edit: oh yeah, I've seen a couple Unoa heads on Minifee bodies. http://bluoxyde.deviantart.com/art/Let-s-play-147516537 http://irrimiri.deviantart.com/art/Sunny-Flo-new-look-5-137863858 So, yeah, just adding info in case anyone else is also interested in this topic. :B
    7. Bumping! I'd love to know/see what other heads fit as well. Especially for the boy active body because I just love it! But the sculpt style doesnt work for me :(
    8. Fairyland's current NS has a buttery tone to it, whereas the Beautiful White skin is paper white.

      DollZone normal-yellow matches and proportions well, as does Resinsoul/Bobobie white skin to Fairyland white. I've also seen BW FL heads on White Angel of Dream bodies, but I think AoD's slightly larger heads would look to large on the shorter MNFs. ImplDoll is also good white skin match.

      I think Asleep Eidolon also works pretty nicely, but not perfect in resin color and I've only seen it with a few old type AE heads (Yara and Romantic Yara, specifically). I'm not sure if it would work with their current line-up of heads and bodies, or if their resin has changed at all with the new lot of dolls.

      Also, any head compatible with a Active-Line body will also work on a Beautiful-Line body.
    9. Does anyone know if Soulkid Amy would look ok on a Minifee body? I thought I saw one head on a Minifee body, but I'm not sure.
    10. Regarding FairyLand's beauty white resin, it isn't really 'paper' white. It has a creamy tone to it.
    11. What a wonderful thread! I would love to see more heads on MNF A bodies as well. The MSD sculpts I am interested in come on child bodies, and I prefer more mature MSDs. I am so glad to see Kid Delf Ani works beautifully. I would be ever so interested to see if Bambycrony Brava Bambi, especially Sunday, works on the LTF body.
    12. Seems this is an old thread but I am also interested in this...

      except for kid delf head or unoa...any more combination ?
    13. bump for interest
    14. I've seen souldoll. But honestly as long as you remove the neck piece you can put any msd head on there. It's really a question of resin match and proportion. And to me those are more of a personal taste. I have a volks msd on an active line body. I think she's adorable even if her was is a bit large for the body. But I don't mind it. Shes also not a perfect match. But again I don't mind it. I think I've seen dZ heads on the bodies A's well.
    15. Please, more!
      I don't care about resin match nearly so much as proportions*. I need to know which heads smaller than Minifee heads still look good on MNF bodies, please.

      (*I'm decent at blushing, one of the heads I need will get dyed anyhow, and I can do neck mods to make neck size a non issue- I just need smaller heads for my two guys!)
    16. Bumping this. I'm curious too. Is there any more input available? I'm especially wondering about Leeke heads on MNF A-line bodies...
    17. does anyone have any photos of soul doll msd heads on minifee bodies? im considering a hybrid but im not sure if itll work! i have a moe line body and some heads just look too big on it so im not sure if itll work with souldoll or not? thanks in advance!
    18. I would like to know as well!!!
    19. Does anyone know how the male Souldoll heads look with the minifee A line body? I love the body sculpt on the MSD boy but I want a slightly more mature face. Thanks