Which is the personality?

Dec 20, 2020

    1. So I have started getting ready to do the face up on Velvet's head, and it got me wondering.

      What do you guys consider to be the doll/personality?

      For instance with Felt, he is the head and body. But if I ever decide to change his body, as long as it's Felt's head, then it's still Felt.
      But for Velvet.....Velvet is the body. If I were to put a different head on him, it would still be Velvet, just with a different head. I don't know if I think this way because I had the body first and had already decided on the name before finding the head, or simply because he is a hybrid.

      So...Felt's Body & Felt's Head where as Velvet & Velvet's Head.

      Just something that I was curious about...
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    2. For me it's the face/head. If I ever decide to swap bodies or something I do try to find something that I think matches the personality I'm going for, but when I get a doll what draws me to it is the face.
      Even more so since I do most of my own faceups, I can change the expression to my liking. The body is just there for me, but I do think certain bodies/parts have personality on their own. Such as Dollshe hands, very expressive imo.
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    3. It's the whole doll for me, even if they get reshelled at some point. Both the head and the body need to suit the character, even if that means the character "grows" into a different doll over time and gets reshelled. If either is off, I don't feel the personality in there at all and quickly lose the bond.
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    4. It's mostly the head/face for me, that might change if I ever found a perfect body but so far that hasn't happened. The head can change too if I end up seeing one that I think suits the character better! I think personally I'm on a neverending quest for the ideal doll hah.
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    5. I'd say the head/face- because if the face sculpt isn't accurate to the character, but the body is- it's a little more disheartening imo.
    6. Hmmm...very interesting question. I have examples of both in my crew. With most, their personalities are mostly shelled within their heads and subsequent face-ups...and swapping out bodies wouldn’t really alter their characters at all. But with others (especially those with fantasy elements, like Dollzone Anson’s petals or Soom Alk’s wings) the body is a huge part of who they are and is absolutely key to their personality.
    7. It's an interesting question. For me it's the face. I usually get full dolls, so they don't change bodies a lot.
      But I have two minifee heads sharing the same body, so the personnality is based on the head :)
      And for me it's more important that the face suit my character (except if you need a really specific body for your character, like it your character has 3 arms for example, then it's quite important to have the body that will work with it).
    8. I hadn't actually thought of the face up itself as being the personality before. More of a means to bring it out in the sculpt. But it makes sense, 2 different make up and face details can make a sculpt look completely different.

      So.....for those who, reshell is the term? For those who reshell a head sculpt, do you do the same face up that was applied to the previous sculpt?

      I suppose the new head wouldn't be drastically different from the previous head....
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    9. Hm, for me it is a combination...sometimes of many things!

      I have dolls where I need many parts of their look to come together to represent the whole, especially with my dolls based on existing characters. For example, with my Yuri on Ice!!! dolls, I want a full package, hehe:
      - head sculpt
      - body sculpt (and further than that proportions in relation to other characters)
      - faceup
      - eyes
      - hair style and color
      - clothing style
      - even shoes!

      On the one hand it is the first time I have pushed myself to be so exacting with the look of my characters and I felt a bit silly, but on the other hand it has really pushed my whole hobby concept because as I kept tweaking my YoI dolls, they looked better and better and I found I was really satisfied with them. So sometimes, it's really the whole package that makes the character for me.
    10. Honestly its mostly the head/face for me, but that might just be because I'm still swapping around bodies to try and find a good fit! Though the clothes also make up part of it, and thats basically part of the body :)
    11. For me its the face/head that can be interchanged with various bodies.

      Although I get what you mean about Velvet's body, with unique bodies I would feel like that I have a SD DC boy body that will always be Jaxxx but every other doll the head/face is more the "personality". :)
    12. For me, it depends on the doll. I have a character called Willow, and I have a vague idea of how I think she should look, but I've never found a head that suits her. I have, however, found the perfect body. I was browsing etsy one day and ran across the shop SobaDolls, and saw that there was a nude doll for sale. The body strikes exactly the right balance between realism and high possibility that I love, and I was shocked that even though I tend to dislike anatomically correct dolls, the fact that this body was anatomically correct just made me like it more. The head, however, I like much less.
      Anyways, to me Willow IS the body. I have a feeling I'll give her new heads often, but as long as she's on that body, she's still Willow.
      All my other characters (all are off topic :() are defined by their faces, interestingly enough.
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