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Which is your favorite BJD body and why?

Apr 3, 2007

    1. I'm interested to hear which BJD bodies are your favorites and why... is it the esthetic appeal, or the way the joints work? Do you like the way the hands were sculpted or are you more interested in it's ability to pose? Is it the quality of the resin? I'd love to hear your comments... there are just so many dolls out there and I guess I'll never have all the ones I crave. What aspect is most important to you in a BJD body? Let me know what you like about your dolls' bodies without focusing on the head mold! :)

    2. Hrm... I'd have to say Luts. I have a MNF Soo and I like the body because she looks great in bikinis, etc. Becaue the mid-section is more to the bottom, near her hips rather than above her stomach. I like the look better.
    3. I like the volks SD13 girl bodies the best. I think it is because they look so realistic opposed to dream of doll & cerberus project dolls whos boobs look like they are silicone or dolls like unoa who's waist seems to small to be humanly possible. I guess I just like dolls that dont make me feel really fat and flat chested.
    4. Lati red. I'm a freak for posability, and Lati poses wonderfully, and stands perfectly. If they had a red girl, I would jump to get that too, but alas,they do not...
      ...yet. ^_~
      The look is nice too, but really, if it poses well, that's my main concern.
    5. SD13 long leg boy body.

      Beautiful and elegant sculpt, the perfect balance of stylization and naturalism, I could stare at the arms and hips forever, whoever created the body should be made into a demi god (yes I'm kidding..kinda). Amazingly gorgeous resin, the texture is so wonderful I can't help but run my hands along my boy's feet whenever he's sitting with me, even though it means I'll have to clean him later which is annoying. Wonderfully solid posing, I can plop him down sitting or standing and I know he's not going anywhere. Also has the lovely one-touch hand system so I can easily undress and redress him when an outfit has small sleeves.

      Lovelovelove. Experiencing other doll sizes has put into perspective how incredible this body is :aheartbea
    6. UH HUH! (That is, I totally agree and can't word it better.) Volks SD13 girl bodies. So pretty without looking overly scluplted.

      I hear ya! I never realized how much I love my Volks SD13 girl bodies 'til I spent more time with friends and their dolls!
    7. For minis I like Kid Dollmore. They're slender and have nice lines. They aren't too mature or developed but they also don't have baby fat. The newer bodies have good elbow joints too.

      On the tiny side, I like Roxy Lucy's body even though posing can vary and it takes special circumstances for her to stand. Her collar bones are gorgeous and she has a nice un-Barbie figure.

      For SD and larger, I'd probably want DoT for boys and Muse Doll for girls. I like how tall and lanky DoT boys are and I think the Muse Doll girls have a nice waist and legs. I don't have either, though.
    8. I think out of all the BJD bodies I've seen, my favorite would be Volks' Super Dollfie 10 Girl body (no waist joint). There is just something so charming, cute and pretty about it. It is the perfect doll body to me. :aheartbea

      Now that I think about it, I tend to like Volks bodies over other companies in general. They aren't too muscular, skinny, or unnatural. They look realistic, but not to a grotesque degree. They look as though they could be a real person's body, but at the same time portray an artistic ideal. They are beautiful to me. :chibi

    9. I'm with Manami all the way! The 13 girls are amazingly realistic and beautiful without looking like they're implanted or perpetually wearing a push up bra. (Don't get me wrong, the CP girls are beautiful, just not my thing.) Caeli spent so much time naked during her first few months home, I just loved looking at her! :aheartbea

      Although, think Volks hit their stride with the OLDSKIN SD13 girl bodies, and have been going down hill from there. I have yet to find a pose that body can't do, and she never looks stiff or unnatural like I find the pureskin dolls to be. She can even W leg suwarriko without modification! Not to mention the default high heel feet are just dead sexy. She gets to wear all the shoes that would absolutely deform my poor toes!

      My second favorite is the Yo SD body. It's so cute, and can do just about anything! I also love the look of the SD10 non jointed body, but its posing leaves much to be desired, IMHO.
    10. after I blushed Umeko she spent a lot of time naked.... she still likes being naked. :doh
    11. I'm not all that in for posing. More for the appearance~ a sucker for CP legs... :X They're more like a subtle pretty.
    12. I see lot of people here like Luts CP bodies, well I dont know, they're good, but I dont like the girl's push-up breasts >.<
      The firs I think of is Latidoll msn sized girl body, and the secound is Dollzone girls, dont ask why, I just like them, they are not skinny and look a little more lifelike, but that's my opinion, and of course I just seen pictures of them, I'll soon have my firs tought and it's a dollzone girl, mostly because of the body.

      I know, I just been talking about girl bodies, well since I planed on getting a girl doll I didnt searched trough the males, but Unidoll's new Real looks like heaven, and Iplehouse is one of my favs too.
    13. I think it's interesting that most of you appreciate the visual qualities over posing capability. I've been thinking of sculpting my own BJD and wondered what attracts people most. Obviously, if the doll is a total failure to pose it wouldn't be acceptable, but I think it's interesting that many of you prefer a measure of beauty over function.

      Personally, I have yet to see my first BJD in person and I'm trying to patiently wait for my two dolls on order to arrive. <sigh> It does seem like forever.

    14. Girls: I love sd girl Dollmore body because of its great posing capabilities. It's also very beautiful. My Dollmore girl poses much better than any of my Volks girls (I have oldskin, suwariko and sd 13 oldskin)
      Boys: DS Hound body. Same goes here as above.
    15. It partly depends on the character--I'm always thrilled when a particular body fits a character really really well. That's one of the reasons I love the 58cm Serendipity boy body--it was perfect for one of my characters and fit his head (which was from a different company) just great. It also poses well, and I love having the extra joint in the thighs.

      I'm also very fond of the 60cm Unidoll boy bodies. They're a nice middle ground in between the very lean bodies and the very buff bodies. They aren't super muscular, but they're broader and give a very masculine feel.
    16. Gotta agree with usagi665! I don't have the long leg, but the SD13 boy body just feels so right in every way :aheartbea It's very thick, hefty, sculpted beautifully, smooth, posable... I just love it!

      The way the doll's body feels in my arms and hands is very very important to me. The SD13 boy body melts like butter in my arms, but stands and poses perfectly as well! And its expertly sculpted details and proportions make me swoon everytime I look at my boy :love Oh, and great legs :blush

      In second place is Volks MSD, for the same reasons as the SD13 boy body.

      In third is the oldskin SD10 boy's body. Its legs leave something to be desired, but the torso and arms are soooooo nice! The oldskin bodies have such awesome arches in their backs, it makes up for the lack of torso joint with the ability to do gorgeous exagerated poses.
    17. Out of the bodies I've got, I'm most impressed with some of my tinies. The Limhwa ToYou body is a tiny work of art. While the feet are a bit large, they are great because she balances well on them and can stand on her own. She poses very well, too, and ultimately, the body is freakin' gorgeous. Her breasts aren't disproportionate to the rest of her body, she's got a great tummy and hips, and her butt is really round and cute. As far as younger-looking bodies, I love the Yo-SD body. It is terribly cute from fingertips to toes, and poses very well.

      As far as larger dolls go, I do also like the look of the one-piece SD10 girl torso, too, for many of the things Cammy said. It just feels really natural, and the one-piece look really gives it a great visual contour.
    18. I'm so glad I'm not alone in my love for the One-piece SD10 Girl body! :aheartbea
    19. As odd as it may be..... I generally go for tummies.

      I love the LUTS boy bodies tummies... cause they aren't all muscley... theyre boyish and cute. ^_^ I love them to death....

      The tummy is the only reason I've waited so long to get a DoD Ducan....
    20. unoa's bodys are buaetiful flat chested or with boobs! they have great stomachs i like the narin girl body very much too and the unoss body! mature and full and the delf boys! nice pakage :drool