Which kind of "fantasy type" dolls do you want the most?

Jun 26, 2014

    1. I don't know if this topic is already been posted before. But...I wonder which kind of "fantasy type" dolls do you want to own the most.

      I myself owned a Vampire Miho and he looks very cool for me after I sent him for a new face up. :) My favorite fantasy type is vampire and fox (Kitsune)... Which type is yours??
    2. I really want a 70cm male Tyrannosaurus Rex!
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    3. That's must be cool! I'm also a fan of dinosaurs. If they can make a T-Rex in BJD, I guess many people will order him. :love
    4. My choice is a little cliche, but definitely winged elves, and kitsune, too.
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    5. I love dinosaurs as well, however it seems most companies tend to stick with dragon-type fantasy styles. I'm really hoping for some awesome dinosaurs in the future! A 65m female triceratops would be equally awesome.
    6. Selenae : I agree! Wing elves are definitely cool. I always dream of a BJD which is as gorgeous as elves in the Lord of the Rings trilogy...:love

      Arekushia : If I could choose, I would get a Velociraptor BJD! Or a mini Brachiosaurus baby...
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    7. I love all kinds of fantasy sculpts! It's so fun to see the new things that the companies think up. I'm not sure if there is something MORE I want to see at this point (mostly because I already have so many dolls).

      I like/have:
      Drow Elf
      Hooved & Horned
      Egyptian god
      Little Red Demon
      Blue Cat-like/Avatar-like girl
      Antelope/horned headed guy
      Frankenstein monster
      Robot-body guy
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    9. I'd also like to see more reptiles. ^^
      Also dolls with multiple arms, legs and eyes are quite rare, I'd like to see more of those as well. ^^
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    10. A transparent bjd with elf ears!
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    11. I like my neko and my demons and daemons. They are fun to make costumes and stories about.
    12. I am getting a Neko boy, I saw a fairyland dragon male, a deer antlered boy from ringdoll, and a werewolf from loong soul. I pretty much am a sucker for anything with fantasy elements. I find animal like things to be cute!
    13. The two I'd like to see most right now would be an MSD-scaled male naga, and a tall MSD/short SD-scaled doll with cat/beast legs. I mainly have elven characters to shell, but I've also got three characters that fit into those types of bodies, and I haven't seen any yet that truly fit what I want. Beyond that, I do just love seeing everything that comes out from the various companies and how creative they can be!
    14. Dinosaurs would be very cool!

      I'd like to see another take on a spider-person--Doll Chateau's is too spindly for me. I would also like to see more leg articulation.
    15. I agree, more limbs sounds like a great idea. Souldoll Shiva comes to mind but not much else.
      I too would also love to see more merfolk, an octopus or squid would be awesome!

      I really want to see some "uglier" dolls.
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    16. Dragon with Dragon head and werewolf with wolf head!
    17. I would love a Froud style faerie. Also would love to have a 70cm+ beefy minotaur guy. As an ancient Greek nerd I need one bad lol! :)
    18. I know they already have them out there, but someday I would like to own a centaur or mermaid/man. Dinosaurs and minotaurs sound really cool too. I also like vampires, elves and faeries......Oh, who am I kidding? I think any fantasy-type doll is awesome! :)
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    19. Wow! :love So many kinds of fantasy type dolls!!! I wish that one day some companies will hear our wish and make various kind of fantasy type dolls like more mermen (actually I saw more mermaids than mermen BJD...Why??), dinosaurs and reptiles (Haven't seen any company do before) and probably more "Yokai characters"; such as Bakaneko (cat x human), Joro-/Tsuchigumo (spider x human), Tengu (crow x human), etc... :dance I wanna see!!!!
    20. I am head over heels in love with any sculpt with hooves--fauns, centaurs, you name it, i love it. I thought i'd be really into elves too, but i recently got a secondhand RS Mei and the first thing that popped into my head was make her faun legs. XD