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Which larger boys do the best poses?

Jan 8, 2007

    1. Hi Everyone!:aheartbea

      I just wanted to know how you guys feel on posability of the larger boys.
      Which is the best, which is the worst?
      I'm talking about natural poses, not Yoga stuff. n___n; :lol:

    2. Hehehhe...Dollmore Kyle's body posed very well than any other larger dolls.
      Although the company has been accused of copying ^_^
    3. Volks SD16 Yukinojo is the best posing doll I've owned - out of Narin, Cerberus Project, unidoll, DollShe, Volks SD13, Latidoll and elfdoll. The articulation is just exquisite and the doll was definitely designed with natural posing in mind. He also has an incredible ability to hold a pose for an unlimited amount of time.
    4. Though he's not the best stander I've gotta say that my Domuya Flexi body behaves amazingly naturally. He is beautifully sculpted and can get into so many interesting poses. I love him!

      It can be a small fight to get him to stand, but he is not sueded, wired, or too tightly strung.
    5. I am interested in this too. Anyone know how the elfdoll boy and dollstown boy poses, comparitively?
    6. Best and easiest to pose award in the boy catagory at my house now goes to... Dollstown Mui!!!:fangirl: I just finished painting him last night, I'll try to remember to link his pictures to this thread if anyone wants to see what he can do.

      Runner up: SD16
    7. Out of CP, DOD and Volks I must say that I prefer CP for posing. I can confidently leave my boys standing on my desk for weeks on end even though I bump my desk a lot, they never fall down. I know a lot of people have trouble getting them to stand but I have 3 and have had no trouble at all with any of them, you just need to be firm.
    8. Volks by far have the best posing. I have a Volks SD13 boy and a CP boy.. My CP boy has trouble staying standing for long periods of time, while my Volks boy is rock solid. The only way my Volks boy will fall is if he's bumped and looses his balance, while my CP boy can (and had) taken nosedives unannounced.
    9. I definitely would like to see what Mui can do. How does his resin compare to dollshe and volks if I might ask? Sorry about the highjack.
    10. Yukinojo holds poses very well, but I find his neck to be a little stiff. Not much range of motion for his head.
    11. I knew I should have waited for that Domuya flexi-body! Mine is the regular body and although it poses all right, sometimes I have problems with his arms staying where I want them (need to wire or something).

      But I'll have to keep this post in mind if I'm ever allowed to buy another big kid again.
    12. I wanna say I really, really love my Elfdoll boys. But standing is...yikes sometimes! As for natural poses if you want them to say...touch their own face, it's not going to happen unless you get creative. I've got my boys to do some pretty natural poses, but it's kinda hit or miss if they'll actually stay put!

      They have that 90-degree limitation on their elbows and knees, and a continous torso so they don't slouch. Not the most natural of posers, but not the worst either. :)
    13. My Souldoll boys stand very well, in very natural poses. You can put all the weight on one leg, and they'll stay until you move them.
    14. I personally found my DoT to be easier than my CP guy....Dollshe was ok but that floppy belly is killer so I'd have to get an armature for him. Lati is so-so. Standswell but overall poseability is meh.

      I need to play around with the CPs more though. I can get my DoT to do amost anything but have problems with CP boys and getting them to stand. I might have to suede
    15. It seems to vary depending on the doll and his stringing for us. Our DOT Sha is constantly falling backwards and spreading his legs, and his arms always want to rest in front of his tummy, making his elbows stick out funny. But our DOT Lahoo seems to pose a lot better, his arms stay in different possitions better. The thing I don't like about DOT is their locking knees.

      We can't get our CP Shiwoo to stand at all. His knees just keep bending all the time, but he is great in sitting or laying possitions.

      Our DIM R-Asiam is very loose and his arms are floppy. We really need to suade him. He tends to look a bit tense, but his face is so lifelike!

    16. What about the Domuya-flex bodies? :/ I remember hearing about those in another thread, they're supposedly really good at posing... And... 'Flexible,' hence the name. xD
    17. Yukinojo poses really well
    18. i'll ask my room whom else he thinks
    19. I have to vote for the new Dollstown boy too. Damn! He settles into the most realistic slouches, even stands truly contraposto. Here's idrisfynn's first[thread=110533] pictures of her Mui.[/thread]

      We have CP Delf, Volks SD13, Volks SD16, Dollshe, Hypermaniac, Customhouse, Iplehouse, DoT, and Dolkot boys in the house, so we've done plenty of comparisons. ;) We're a little crazy for the big boys. :sweat
    20. DO you know Yukinojou can carry a Volks FCS MSD on his back standing straight? And he can also carry a Minifee Shiwoo on his shoulders too!~ Also standing straight!~ And he can carry a Latidoll Green on one arm XD

      I might be biased, but I'll say the SD16 Yukinojou desu!~ *heart*