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Which larger size doll/head would you like to see in a smaller size doll/head?

Apr 6, 2008

    1. In all my time of interest in these lovely BJDs I have run into something curious. I have found different head (and body) molds that I have particularly liked but was disappointed that they were only available in the one doll size.

      Some dolls molds are transferred to differing sizes, like LUTS Delfs and FairyLand Mini Fees like El, Lishe, Shiwoo and Chiwoo and all, but there have also been some Delfs that I would love to see transferred to Mini Fee size: Yder, Shine and the Limited Event head of Nanuri 2006. I would particularly love to see those three Luts Delf size heads as a Mini Fee size (and even more!). And for the girls: I would love to see a Soom Beauty White Gem Gena, and Gem Kyrie as a mini Gems too.

      Has anyone else ever wanted that, or wondered that too...and if so can you post here? What large size doll -60cm and larger- would you love to see in a smaller -43cm or smaller- size doll? Or visa versa, are there any smaller head/body molds you'd like to see in a larger size?
    2. YES! This topic is perfect for me right now.

      I don't want any SD dolls because they are too big (and expensive) I'm moving to a much smaller appartment at some point and big dolls does take up space. But I have seen so many beautiful SD heads. Sigh. I only want adult bodies too so many MDS I can't get because they only come with childlike bodies - and often the faces are too childish for my liking too.

      I have just fallen in love with this doll from Unidoll but sadly she's a SD. :atremblin


      :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea

      I'm sorry that this is almost the same as I said in the other thread but it fits better here.

    3. I think an MSD Yder would be really cute, though his face and body would still need to be mature.
    4. I'd like to see some of the Dollshe heads in true SD size -- with true SD size bodies.

      Oh yeah, and there's a group of us Iplehouse Soori addicts that are praying that the promised IP minis have a mature Soori mini--
    5. I have longed - LONGED - for a tiny size mature male doll. With both torso joints. I would just....I don't know exactly...go nuts if I could have a Dollshe saint the size of an Elfdoll Lyn!!!! :aheartbea Well, that is a LITTLE bit too small, maybe...so a DS boy the size of the wonderful but not jointed enough Orientdoll Tae.
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    6. Souldoll Miryu D: I want her as an SD SO BADLY.
    7. count me in on this one...my Narae needs a man!
    8. Yes... there is a severe lack of male minis that really look like masculine adult males. I'd name all the sculpts I'd like to see, but there are so many! Sculpts like the Dollshe boys as Zagzagzael mentioned... or Unidoll Jace, Iplehouse Barron, or Soom Spinel to name a few. I want a mini with a masculine jawline. ;)
    9. I would kill for a MNF Soony or Nanuri 06 :D:D:D
    10. id like a soom sabik as like...a 65cm size doll... still manly and mature, but 80 cm is WAYY too large.
    11. Volks Isao. He was the very first BJD I ever saw. A mature mini size would be amazing.
    12. I'd actually love to see OD Tae as SD sized, with a two-part torso. :D
    13. seconded. either tae or il sd sized woould be awesome...i find they look really odd, and that they SHOULD be sd sized, but they arent. but theyre so awesommeee.
    14. so~ wish the Angelo from DIM would come in a MDS size. His face is so young looking it's kinda wierd because the SD DIM body looks so buff and mature it really doesn't suite the head at all. He was the first doll that got me interested.

    15. I'm wishing that DZ Yuu was 62cm instead of 70cm, I have no idea if a smaller body would work for him :( I have had no problem with the MSD sizes, always found them perfect
    16. I want the minifee shiwoo to be an SD head! the minifee and the Delf shiwoo heads are still SO different. I want to make Matt into an SD but the Delf Shiwoo just doesnt fit him at all! DX
    17. mini El that is not chubby XD

      Also MD Ryu, bernard, and a whole lot of others so that I don't have to put up with the size and weight just because I like their faces T____T

      Taking photostories with my SDs will be a pain in the arse once they get their bodies T_T
    18. As I'm really more into SDs, I would really love if there would be a SD version of MNF Shushu. And sd sized unoa would be great.
    19. I wish Soom Lazule would be a Mecha Angel size. :(
    20. I think Bonnie the Model doll should be on a MSD body so head smaller and the Kaye Wiggs girls she has them as SD size I would love one MSD size as these both seem like children not adults.