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Which MD Tinies from Soom are you planning to buy? (poll)

Mar 27, 2009

  1. 1 Hati-baby Vesuvia

  2. 2 Skoll-baby Bix

  3. 3 Eliv-baby Deneb

  4. 4 Iv-baby Vega

  5. 5 Beyla-baby Onyx

  6. 6 Bygg-baby Heliot

  7. 7 Yrie-baby Topaz

  8. 8 Alk-baby Euclase

  9. 9 Afi-baby Io

  10. 10 Ai-baby Amber

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
    1. Which of the new Soom tinies are you planning to buy? Answer the poll! You can answer with more than one choice.

      Have fun!
    2. the baby euclease for sure....(if i like him that is) but i may like amber and heliot too. O.O;
    3. Definitely waiting for baby Topaz. I may get tempted by others.

      Seeing Cuprit I'd want a baby Curpit
    4. I'm going for baby Vesuvia, baby Euclase and Amber! I can't wait to see what they look like! I don't think they'll dissapoint.

      AreeElf- I'm with you on baby Cuprit! Fingers crossed we'll see her next year!
    5. I am actually excited about Bix! A tiny with a chunky crab claw? O, I'm so soomed...
    6. I'd LOVE to have all of them, but could never afford it... ^^ I'm most tempted by tiny little Vesuvia and Euclase, though, since they were a couple of the more interesting big sculpts that I couldn't get.
    7. So I'm not the only one wanting a baby Euclase to dress up as cute birds then? ;)
    8. Definitelyyyy baby Heliot, and possibly IO as a Christmas gift? :XD: We'll see...
      I'm sure they will all be tempting. :/
      But I'm still so excited just to see them!
    9. I don't plan to buy any of them... but I know I'll end up doing something stupid :sweat anyway, I'd love to get a chibi!bix, chibi!vesuvia, chibi!euclase and chibi!amber. not that my bank account thinks the same

      little amber because my Big Amber needs her own little version plaguing her visions... and the others because they must be overly cute @__@ I can totally picture a little bix pricking at Amber's hoofs, a little vesuvia grumpily looking over her head with her tail popping out, and a little euclase perched on her shoulder

      eeeeek :XD: *dies from cuteness overload*
    10. Baby Escules for sure! Even if it's a boy or a girl...white skin of grey! It's the bird feet that killed me...
    11. I can't wait until they come up with a tiny Amber. I'm actually kind of annoyed that it looks like that won't be until later in the year... a tiny Topaz could be cute, but I doubt I'll actually buy one.
    12. I'm a little confused. These dolls aren't out yet, are they? Are you just asking IF Soom makes tinies of these dolls, which would we like to buy?
    13. Poofy little Heliot baby. -Squeal- : D
    14. A little Amber, Heliot, and Euclase! :D X3333
    15. Personally I don't think we'll see all 12 MDs in teenie gem form, I think it'll be like this month where they pick one body and head sculpt and make boy/girl versions- Beryl and Sard just happened to be really easy since they were already so similar! If the baby MDs are all versions of one or another of the bigger MDs I don't think I'll get any more, but if they do something different for the future releases... who knows? O_O All we know about the dolls so far is their names and elements...
    16. little vega and topaz,
    17. if they came out with a Amber or Bix, I would definitely get one of them!
      I would probably be leaning more towards Amber, though.
    18. i voted for onyx heliot and amber. i am sure i will be tempted by topaz and vega and possibly IO as well.

      but i definitely want Grey onyx and heliot and if i get heliot.. well ill want to get him amber...

      soom makes them go well im pairs just to temp me...
    19. I voted for little Heliot and IO. The mere thought of baby IO has me dizzy. >w< He's still my favorite Soom doll ever. I'm one of the few I'm sure. xD; I'm sure they'll all be temptingly adorable though!
    20. I am definitely wanting baby Euclase. And maybe Heliot, mostly on principle because I am a Saggitarius, and missed big Heliot.