Which new dolls are you waiting for

Sep 3, 2018

    1. Hello !! Recently I received my Ramcube Inno head i will upload some pictures later.

      But i am waiting for some husbandos...Souldoll and Charmdoll , still in production;;;;

      I am curious for what bjd are you interested or are you waiting? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    2. I'm waiting for Villitunes mouse and Villitunes mizuki :D
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    3. I'm a little confused, why is this posted as bjd news? this is usually a thread used for doll companies' news, like doll releases, lotteries or new brands.
    4. Oh sorry very new in this blog >< i can delete the post.
    5. Well, don't worry about it, I'm not a moderator, just thought I would mention it as some are pretty strict on how/where to post things to keep the forum in order. They will probably just move your post somewhere else.
    6. I’m looking forward to DollZone’s limited edition girls whenever they release them! Kind of sucks that I’m waiting for so many other dolls, like Loongsoul Chaos, Akagidoll Roosevelt, Ringdoll Raven...I suck at waiting *_*
    7. Soul Doll YeonSoo arrives tomorrow!
    8. I'm waiting for new boy of k-doll! The sculptor put a pic and it looks like its gonna be a vampire~
    9. I don't currently have any BJDs on the way, just one off topic doll who may or may not ever arrive, but that's a different story.

      I have two sort of planned, though. I think I want to get Dreaming Doll Mature Judy next to reshell Meghan, and then I'd like to shell another OC, Sixx, but I need such a specific thing, I haven't found a doll to work. I've found several heads I really like that would work, but no bodies that fit the character. I may end up having to seriously mod a body. :sigh I wish there were dolls where you could choose any bust on any bottom, like for this character, I want a super skinny body with narrow shoulders and hips, but with medium bust. Gender doesn't really matter, but the boy bodies are too muscular or flat chested, and the girl bodies always have curvy hips and thick thighs.
    10. I'm waiting on a Soul Doll Isabel <3 although I don't expect her to be ready until around the 14th of November at the earliest ;v;
    11. I just discovered Cuarto's dragons, and now I'm waiting for Ketar to open up for sale again~
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    12. I'm waiting on two whole dolls and and a body to come in - DC Isabel, Akagi doll Yusri and a Loongsoul 62cm boy body.
    13. Waiting for my LUTS Xylon
    14. I have a Noble Dolls Raspberry in Pinky Flesh coming to me...not sure when but eventually! :lol: I keep refreshing the Jpop Dolls status page for updates. I also have a Noble Dolls Rivanone currently being made by the artist herself, and I'm very excited about that one. ^^ Never thought I'd get to own Rivanone, so yay!
    15. I am waiting for my summer limited version of Haazel, which is a doll from Little Monica. I have 9 Haazel already, but this is my first choco skin Haazel. I also ordered an official make up. There isn't any photo shows the face up would be. I am so excited. Besides, I am waiting for the doll from the Luts. I ordered the world limited doll month ago. Looking forward.
    16. I'm waiting on three (hnnnng). First is an Angel Fantasy Xu that's going to be one of my hitman characters. Second is a SQ-Labs 53cm girl that's going to be the body for my DollMore Dreaming Luv. Finally, I finished my layaway payments with BJDivas for my hybrid I'm practically salivating over...a Fashion Maxi Bernard head by Dollshe and a Doll Family - H 41cm girl body. That one I can't wait to start modding to make it work out. That body is just so cute in pictures.
    17. I’m waiting for a Doll Zone Mi You who won’t be here till late this year, or early next year. He’s a fullset, my first. DZ waits are soooo looonnngggg.
    18. I'm waiting for a DF-H 68 boy body but thats already taken almost 5 months and its not here yet. TT my Dia needs his Bodyyyy. Im also waiting for Dollshe Amanda which could take year/s anddd just ordered the Soom Narmer the moment they brought him back I waited so long for them to make him again omg.
    19. I’m waiting for a Lillycat Chibbi Moon that shipped today, a Magic Mirror Moira that I just finished paying off but was in stock so I expect her to ship soon, and a Doll Leaves Noir head that I purchased today from the marketplace here. So many dolls!
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    20. My Dream Valley Vine could be shipping out as early as this month! I'm stoked, I've never had a Dream Valley doll before and they look just gorgeous. I've also got a DV Thorn on the way with the arm body, but she won't be done for quite a while still.
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