Which of your dolls were you the most excited for?

Nov 4, 2019

    1. Hey everyone!

      I was thinking recently about how excited I get when I order and wait for dolls, but this hobby is often a little strange because we have to wait so long for the final product. So I’m wondering: for which of your dolls were you the most excited throughout the wait period?

      Was it your first doll? Your grail? A sculpt you just had to buy at first sight? I’m so interested!

      Mine was probably my DZ Carter, Ilya. I was (and still am) so in love with the sculpt and Ilya’s character, so I was just ecstatic the entire time I was waiting. I looked at pictures of Carters and worked on his character all the time! And he’s still my favorite doll that I own~

      I’m excited to hear your stories! :kitty1
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    2. Ooo I love this topic!

      I would say it would be my grail for me. He's a Dollshe Bermann that I got from Tensiya many years ago back when those Tensiya click wars caused quite a lot of drama! I tried getting him from a few different released and finally managed to snag a Hwarang~

      Right now, I'm waiting on an LLT Roderich whom I'm pretty excited for because this is the first time I'm shelling a pre-existing character of mine. My previous dolls have all had their characters created after I hit the 'buy' button. The current excitement is coming from how I'm going to put him together :D
    3. I'm excited for all of them, but I think the most was my first, Inle (my avatar). She was everything I dreamed she would be, and she is still my favorite. I only got into BJDs this year, so each different doll I get is like learning something new.
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    4. I get equally excited for different reasons I think... Because it's an OC I really wanted to shell, or because it's my first female SD etc. Right now I'm super excited to be getting a body for one of my heads, and I think it's about as exciting as getting the full doll!
    5. My Doll Chateau Julianne! Shes the very first doll I've bought straight from a company and I'm so excited! Buying second hand is still my preferred method since I dont jave to wait near as long.
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    7. I thought I was excited about my first two, and then I ordered my FID Lawrence to shell a beloved OC. :D

      I continue to think about the ongoing projects for that doll pretty much every day, even if I don't get to work on him that day. That's a new level of excitement and I like it.
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    8. My Dollshe order Bernard and Diana. 18 months and only because I got the Diana canceled ...
      Simply poison for the most beautiful hobby and business relationships.
    9. My absolute and forever grail doll: Nabarro Wally :chocoheart
      Perhaps actually it was the doll that I angsted over the most. Ah haha, because it was just years of telling myself it would never happen, and to let him go, and to love every other Wally I saw from afar. But oh! It was such sweet torture to see a Wally. And then, when I saw him on the marketplace for sale, I almost died. I was literally shaking trying to write the message asking to buy him.
      So yes, ironically a relatively short shipping period (since he was a secondhand doll) but I was practically jumping in anticipation the entire time.
      It was also a very rough time in my life, so just opening the box and taking him out was some weird magical half-dream of my whole hobby life...and I really needed it right then.
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    10. Wow.. this is a hard one, but I think I have to go with my first doll. The "oh my gosh, I am getting a bjd, I hope I do not hate myself for spending so much on her" aspect. Nothing beats the anticipation of your first doll coming in. Grails are a close second though. I was super excited to bring home the first of my grails .. I already had things for her in case I found her someday, so that was years in planning.
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    11. I think it might have to be my DF-H 1/3 Qing Lang! Earlier in the hobby I was sort of too anxious to be properly excited, but last December I ordered from DF-H for the first time and I was hype from pretty much the moment I saw him announced. I'm not sure why, exactly, but I went kind of nuts with buying him expensive outfits and wigs. I also did faceups on both his faces immediately when he arrived, when usually I have to sort of sit and take in a sculpt for a while before committing to a faceup.
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    12. I think it was the first time I bought a doll directly from the company. I bought a minifee Liria right when it got released and I remember my heart pounding!
      Before that, I had only bought secondhand and through friends.
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    13. A couple months ago I traded for a head with an idea to shell one of my characters. I was excited to get the head, but not like the most excited or anything. I thought it might be a long while before I could get him a body to actually shell the character I wanted because I wanted a very specific body (that has 4 versions) and the body had to be yellowed to match the head. Plus I just didn't have the funds for another body at that time. But less than a week later, a body I'd been trying to sell sold for my full asking price AND I found the exact body I wanted for a good price. Needless to say, I was super excited to shell my character so quickly.
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    14. For me its a tie between Luts Azure and Soom Heliot. Both had been on my wishlist forever and it took a long time searching to find them, especially Heliot cause I wanted the human NS version, which is pretty rare.

      Also Soom Sov, kinda. Until then Id only collected SDs so I was very nervous about my first tiny. And it was the first fantasy color for me, too.
    15. I’m not sure if it counts but the one with the most anticipation and excitement for me is doll chateau’s xanthe, I fell in love with the detail of her torso sculpting while I was looking for bjd sculpting anatomy references for sculpting my own doll, and I still haven’t bought her! (I’m waiting to see what christmas/ New Years event doll chateau will have)
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    16. I was most excited when I found an Impldoll Glenn head on the MP. I loved the sculpt and knew he would be perfect for my character Bug.
      Waiting was the hard part, but it was so worth it. When I unboxed him, it was pure adrenaline and love at first sight!

      It's been almost a year and he is still my favorite!
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    17. It's so hard to pick just one, considering how long I've been in the hobby and how many dolls I've owned.

      My first was definitely one of the Top 5 for sure. I ordered him in stock, but I'd been wanting a BJD for around 5-6 years before ordering him, so it felt much longer! When I finally opened him, I was so enchanted by him that I cried and ended up being almost late to work. haha

      My current girl I'm waiting on (OfButterfliesNThings Paulette) is another Top 5. I'm so excited for her, I've wanted her for awhile and she's unlike any other doll I've owned. She'll also be shelling one of my favorite RP characters, so that makes her even better. When I ordered her the wait time was listed as 4-6 weeks, I'm currently going on week 13, and it's killing me! I want her home soooo bad! I've already made several outfits for her. <3
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    18. Wow, that's a tough question, because sometimes all of the excitement and anticipation don't really pan out - and the doll I'm palpitating over turns out to be something...not quite as fabulous as I was building it up to be. Unfortunately that happened with my first big boy, Soom's original ID, Branon. I spent six eager months waiting for his arrival, and then I sold him. :sweat But if you want to know which dolls were worth all of the impatient anxiety, I'd have to go with my beguiling fox/witch, Fairyland's Sionna Fómhar, whom I still love like crazy after all these years, and LLT's Black Pearl, because I wanted him SO badly during the pre-order, but had to pass due to other expenses - and then miraculously found one on eBay. Basically I was pining after him for two years, so it was definitely thrilling and satisfying to finally bring him home.
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    19. The doll in my profile pic, my brown kdf bory because he was the first doll I decided to get, even though his twin normal skin bory with different faceup arrived first as that was an impulsive buy from second-hand place lol.

      I think I had really high expectations for this doll that I was a little bit let down that I didn't bond with him right away... every now and then I think about selling him and getting a light tan bory instead but.... maybe some day in the future XDDDD
    20. Well, the one I remember kind of freaking-out over was my Volks Genji (that feeling of omgIcan'tbelieveIactuallydidthat!), but of course the actual wait for him wasn't that long. For a full-length wait, it was probably my IH Felix because from the moment I saw him it was practically killing me how perfect his face was for Jai.
      They were meant to shell two of my oldest and most personally-important OCs, so they both meant a lot to me!
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