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Which one of your dolls would you love to come to life?

Jan 6, 2019

    1. If there was one doll in your collection that you could bring to life, which one would it be and why?

      If it came to life would you want it to be the same size it is now or a full human size?
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    2. Thats such a hard choice!, id say my mermaid Anari but she isn't with me yet... so id say Tammy my kawaii goth cause she has a weird sense of humor and would be fun to hang with, and idk i think id say doll size cause i really couldn't imagine her not being small and cute haha XD
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    3. Oh, this is a really scary question! :lol: Preferably none of them.
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    4. I am still working on completing a set of them :3nodding:

      for now I only have a dream of completing them tho :sigh
      I feel having to base them on pukipuki sculpt was the right choice in the wrong time
    5. For me it would be my Noah. He's a very easy going and sweet character unlike my other dolls xD
      If he came to life I would prefer to have him human sized, so he could live a normal life :'D
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    6. I'd pick my elf girl for living doll because she's the one I dress up the most and can most relate to. Full sized person, however, I'd pick my gamer teen sd boy who loves fish too much because I could use a good gaming buddy. xD
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    7. (I’m leaving the minimee sculpts out because they don’t have characters & are just art dolls based on real people anyway). Hmmm.... definitely not Zero! Probably Teo. He’s a Demi-god who can interfere with time, but most importantly he’s very kind & sweet. Zero is an irritating little brat in the body of a 26 year old man.

      Emilio would be cool. Saskia is too much like me & we’d fight all the time. Loki? Possibly fun, possibly disasterous... Thranduil would probably look down on me.
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    8. That's a hard choice but it would have to be my Wren (Little Monica Bear). He was my first doll so I have the best bond with him, i feel like if he was a human we would get along really well, he would be so sweet and great to be around.
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    9. I think probably my LTF DES Joren, because she's my favorite and I love her. I'd like her to stay Littlefee sized though. Not sure how I'd handle a full-size Joren...
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    10. My first impulse was to say I would have my main boy, Edgar, in human size cause he is so funny and handsome and gorgeous and everything, then I remembered I am married so... xD

      Now, seriously, I think it would be fun if one of my two anthros came to life in their little size, either Peralta (giraffe) or Murphy (bat). Having a little creature with me, like Card Captor Sakura had Cerberus or Ladybug has Tikki, would be really fun.
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    11. Now this is a question I've never thought about. Lol! And... I'd probably not want any of them to come to life. I have enough attitude in my house (from my 11 year old!) I don't really need any sassy living dolls running around! Though the thought of them being able to tell me just what footwear actually fits them is helpful! XD
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    12. If she were human sized, Hyacinth. No question. She’s sweet and I feel like we’d be good friends/roommates.

      If she stays Doll sized, Essie. She’s tiny and would probably have fun being a Stuart Little sized imp.
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    13. Oooh my msd girl Dinah all the way! She was my first doll and in human size, she would make a great friend because she's hilarious and has more of her life together than I do. :lol:

      But then I wouldn't mind if my boy Soren came to life in human size either, with his handsome face and cool guy personality :D:D

      ....on the third hand, I work at a school and it would be really great if my all yo-sds attended the school I work at like real kids and caused their usual amount of shenanigans. :XD: (I'd adore it if my littlefee, Claire, came to life in doll size, she would be a sweet compaion!!)

      Man, it's hard to pick just one... *_*
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    14. I'd want Fulu, my pukipuki, and to have her stay the size she is! She's already cute the way she is, I think she'd be adorable moving around and a great companion. She'd just have to watch out for my cats :XD:
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    15. Oh hell. It'd have to be Ruthie. My pukipuki pongpong, in puki size. She'd either terrorize the cats or be their best friend. I'd be afraid of her falling off of furniture, but 3 year olds bounce back well, yeah? Bob, can you imagine her all curled up asleep somewhere ridiculous with her crooked pigtails and smushy glasses because she passed out mid-play.... Ugh so damned cute. As always.
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    16. i would say my smallest girl, Rena! She is a 1/8 sized girl, full of energy. It will definitely be full of joy and surprises if she is around, telling me stories and every little things.
      If she were to come to life, i will want her to stay the same size so i can travel with her everywhere!
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    17. When Jester comes, I'm gonna say him. Been my imaginary friend (in original design) since I was 2, I'd be all over this. But I'd like him to stay in tiny cute doll size. :D
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    18. Kyle, my Iplehouse Andrew, hands down. Similar situation to @Pigxels , he's based on an imaginary friend I had for much of my youth :)
      If he stayed doll-sized, he'd be a ton of fun to hang out and travel with, and he'd LOVE being my dolly model; I wouldn't have to stress about posing him!
      If he were human-sized, he'd still be a ton of fun to hang out and travel with and love being my model :XD:
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    19. I would choose Ayla and keep her at MSD size. Her personality suits mine well and I don't think we would annoy each other too much. I also think she would be amazing to talk to about a range of different things. She doesn't like small talk, so talking with her would be meaningful and educational.
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    20. Definitely Bug. He's been my favorite character for a few years now. I've recently shelled him into a bjd, I'd want him to stay the same size though lol
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