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which part of doll hobbies do you like best?

Jan 3, 2017

    1. For doll hobbies,making clothes,taking photoes,changes outfits...
      There are so many parts of doll hobbies.
      Which part do you like best?
      For me,I like taking photoes and sharing with friends..
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    2. I really enjoy watching youtube videos and hearing people's plans. It is interesting seeing people get dolls that I wouldn't plan on getting myself. I also really enjoy just having a doll with me, it is nice to look over and see my doll sitting there with me ^^
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    3. There are too many fun things to even choose a single favorite, but I think character creation and shopping for clothes are near the top of my list.
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    4. Personally I like the research phase. Spending hours looking at company websites, youtube and reading reviews to figure out what I want. This applies to pretty much any of my hobbies, maybe I'm a bit weird.

      Photography is also fun, but can be surprisingly time consuming, so is not something I do as often as I'd like.
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    5. Watching youtube videos from other people in the hobby is a lot of fun to me. I just love seeing all of the interesting ideas and projects they come up with. It also helps me get inspirations for projects I may want to do in the future for my own dolls.
      I also find buying and putting together outfits to be fun
    6. It's the same for me. :XD:
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    7. For me it would be either the planning stage or that moment when whatever it is I'm sewing is mostly done and all that's left is adding in some finishing details, usually some bling or embroidery :wiggle
    8. First is the ordering and planning, all the putting together of sculpt, wig, eyes, style etc. It's so much fun to build up your girl and working towards have her look like in your imagination. Then when the doll's supposed to arrive and you're nearly bursting with excitement when it's there and you open it for the first time.

      But the very best part probably is to dress them up in new clothes and take pictures, then sharing it with your friends :XD:
    9. Well, I have yet to get a doll, but what is drawing me into this hobby is all about the creative outlets. Faceups, mods, customizing, sculpting your own dolls, sewing clothes, making eyes and wigs and so on. Dolls are a great way to somehow "bind" your creativity to a specific purpose, and express your self.
    10. Photography, designing and sewing full outfits, making them into a character, planning what doll I want to buy next (even though it changes everyday and I might not be able to get them for ages), and I love box openings (ether the dolls or opening items you bought for them). I also like seeing what others do with photography and customization, looking at others box openings, and reading threads like this!
    11. I love so many things about this hobby and about the dolls I own. I love giving my dolls faceups, and I love seeing other custom faceups too. I love taking pictures of my dolls and I also love to see dioramas. :D
    12. Having them all finished and beautiful sitting on my dresser. It gives me so much happiness to see them everyday. I think this is my most favorite part of the hobby.
    13. I would agree, one of my favourite things about the hobby is taking photos! But then I also love shopping for my dolls, I usually have one sat next to me as I look ^^ Though I think just having them there is great too, especially when I watch tv or youtube videos
    14. I don't have my own bjd yet. But I customize a few off-topic dolls. The thing I find the most appealing about the hobby, is it kinda puts multiple hobbies of mine together into one fun package. I have always been very artsy and creative. I like to draw paint, and sew, crochet, and write, and take pictures, so it all kinda works out in this hobby. I love to create things. I hope it will be something that my daughter and I can bond over and enjoy as well. I think I enjoy the making the clothes and taking photo's the most. But the entire hobby as a whole is so enjoyable.
    15. I think this will change as I progress in the hobby. Right now, I'm really enjoying modding, because most of my dolls are in this stage. However, previously with some off-topic dolls (when I got out of the modding stage), I enjoyed faceups more and then eventually sewing more and taking pictures.

      It will probably work this way with BJDs too.
    16. Photography! I love the photography and I love sharing my photos and seeing other people's and general excitement about the photography.
      I spend a lot of money on dolls and at the end of the day, I like them because I get to take pretty pictures of them. They're very willing models!
    17. I love trying/buying new outfits, posing, and photographing my girls. My new interest is wig making, so that as well.
    18. I'd say the same as other watching youtube videos from others and designing and making them clothes for them! :D
    19. Hm. Thats a toughie. I'd have to say it's a toss up between character creation and the whole clothes thing.
    20. For me,I like taking photoes and sharing with friends..[/QUOTE]
      Definitely creating things for them! Either beaded jewelry and items or crocheted or embroidered beaded purses. I also have needlepoited them rugs and such. I wish I were more like you with the pictures! I am a secretive person somewhat with my dolls as though never harassed most people around me didn't understand my love of dolls. I finally got to meet other serious doll collectors I could mesh with but with online kind of just put up pictures when I am showing off jewelry and stuff on online sites and special pictures for individual friends that are also collectors. Here I have had a major set back as the resins I had been working on acquiring I had to put on a back burners as other things came up to suck up my alloted doll money and I refuse to make a commitment to someone or company without being able to follow through. I had contacted Clover Singing to explain my financial disaster and let her know I would contact her again for the dolls I wanted whenever I was able to crawl out of my financial bind. Soon I hope to either have the little girl or my boy and I will take pictures of them and post!