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Which senior delf do you prefer?

Jan 20, 2008

  1. AZURE

  2. ETHAN




  6. DION

  7. CIAN

  8. BLISS


Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
    1. I love the Bliss. Which one do you love and why?

      LUTS FAN!!:fangirl:
    2. I don't own any senior delf, but I simply just love Bliss <'3
    3. I just love the bliss especially TEMPORALLELEMENT's!! He's just gorgeous!!^^
    4. :D My first SDF/1st ever ABJD was Dion...he will always be my favorite....XD but Ethan is a close second. ^^
    5. I REALLY love the bliss!!!!!!!!! He will always be my favorite!!
    6. Azure, no question for me, haha. Though I have become fond of Ethan and Cian's quite nice in person.

      Out of the girls, I especially like the standards. Even though I made Annette a dude. :];;
    7. The first SeniorDelf I loved was Abadon. But Ethan is quite nice too. I don't know if I'd ever actually own one though. :)
    8. Ignore this one. xD Wrong window.
    9. When I first saw Bliss (before I was really into BJDs) I thought he was a she! I think he is beautiful and will make a lovely girl when I get him > < I also think he makes a beautiful boy but Ethan is my true Senior Delf love, he's my dashing pirate :)
    10. I really like the Cain, Bliss and Azure. The Cain is actually on the planning table for a character of mine, but that's only because the Azure is out of stock! T^T I love bliss but I don't think I'd ever want him to come and stay with me. I already have Loric and he's girly enough, Bliss and him just wouldn't get a long. Loric needs to be the prettiest in the house. XD

      So I voted Azure. XD
    11. Bliss
    12. I really like Ethan. He has a boyish charm. :) I don't think I'll ever buy him though.
    13. Abadon is my favourite, but I'm definitely biased because Andy is one, and he's my first doll as well.

      Girl wise my favourite is Annette.
    14. Dion... I want him... But he is out of stock... T_T
    15. Aww...Actually, I have 4 favourite Senior Delfs (Abadon, Azure, Ethan, and Bliss). :aheartbea
      But, I picked Abadon in this poll.
    16. I am personally very attracted to Blanchet and I plan to purchase one eventually.
    17. Abadon, followed by Ethan and Bliss. :)
    18. I'm voting Cian 'coz otherwise Kalyan (my Cian... -_-;; ) will pout mightily. In spite of his narrow jaw and asymmetrical eyes there's just something gorgeous about him. I also love Azure but he's not exactly accessible. Annette is beatiful, too, just so sad-looking...
    19. I votefor Abaddon :)
      Dunno..for me his face is the most proportioned and attractive of all the other SDFs :)
    20. I chose Azure because he has that sad romantic look about him. I have Ethan and am currently deciding on a faceup for him plus, I need to save for a body. I also like Dion and Devil's Trill's Annette :D