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Which Soom Zodiac MD did you buy on release?

Feb 4, 2009

  1. Amber

  2. Heliot

  3. Vesuvia

  4. Euclase

  5. Topaz

  6. IO

  7. Bix

  8. Onyx

  9. Sard

  10. Beryl

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
    1. Im making a poll to see what Soom Monthly Doll people bought on release out of interest to see which doll was the most popular initially. Please only vote for the doll you bought from Soom in the month it was released whether or not you kept it, and do not vote if you bought them second hand after the month was over.
      There are only 10 poll options so I am limiting the poll to the last 10 dolls released.
      It might be interesting to do a poll about the dolls you have that were Soom Monthly dolls, to see which have become the most popular afterwards and who has survived the hype :)
    2. You're not counting all of the people who split for parts right? That would artificially inflate some dolls numbers by quite a bit. So people who retained a large portion of a doll or only the person who did the purchasing in a split should vote, right? :sweat

      I am still paying mine off but a complete Euclase is coming my way! :aheartbea

      I also purchased a Sard directly from Soom but ended up only keeping his hoof legs and horns to mod onto my SD13 School C boy, I gave the body to my GF and we sold the other parts.

      So I bought two monthly dolls. :)
    3. I guess if you ran the split or were getting the majority of the doll! Whatever you reckon counts a vote :) Maybe a direct purchase from Soom would count?
      Its interesting what dolls people kept complete and what dolls some people split into parts to use on their other dolls.
    4. what about deneb and vega - weren't those the first two monthly dolls? (planet spirit deneb and vega last song)
    5. She left those off because there's only 10 poll options (and 12 months)...
      This is really neat! I feel like I kind of know how its going to turn out, but it'll be interesting to see :D
    6. I have three. One at home at the moment, one on shipping and one on layaway.

      Beryl:aheartbea, Topaz and Amber.

      Fullset, Beryl with body blushing, but Topaz and Amber without.
    7. I voted for Heliot and Amber, since I have both Fullsets on Layaway. I'm super excited about them. The other monthly on my wishlist is Beryl. Not to be off topic...but I heard a rumor that Soom maybe re-releasing their monthly's to their Japanese customers. If this is true...that may also make the numbers go up. With a japanese shopping service maybe those who missed out may have a second chance?

      Update 2/11: I just received my Soom Beryl today. She is gorgeous, I love her attitude. Of course I didn't vote for her though, since I adopted her from the marketplace.
    8. I am the cheese that stands alone... Only Bix buyer to respond :(

      Also have IO and soon I will have twin Heliots :) I know I'm not a lone buyer in that category at least!!
    9. I haven't seen another girl that I love so much as Onyx...I am SO glad I got her. I ordered Heliot...I hope I like him when he gets here. But in every case, I like the RL pictures better than the Soom ones, so things are looking good!
    10. I can't vote twice for the same doll, but I bought both Light and Shadow Onyx. I'm really glad Soom didn't change their layaway policy until now, because there's no way I could have paid for them both in 90 days! :sweat
      I do have the other human half of the Sard that idrisfynn bought, but then I traded the Sard head out for a second-hand Deneb head. :sweat
    11. Me and my sister bought Beryl together,then she bought Onyx and Io herself and now we plan on buying Amber....these monthly beauties have killed our wallets but stolen our hearts:aheartbea So yea,when we order Amber we will have four of them...
    12. i got a soom invasion in my house if that counts O.o
    13. I ordered Euclase after a while of wondering if I really liked him. Seeing his gorgeous hands sold him to me though!

      None of the other MDs have actually struck me as much as him - They're nice to look at but I'd never want one.
    14. The only ones I really liked were the Shadow romantic Onyx and Vesuiva. Since both of them came in resin colors that would be hard to find other bodies for...

      I am unsure about Heliot. I am waiting for owner pics before I decide how much I am willing to spend to get him.
    15. So far...only Heliot. XD It was just his body, hooves, and the open eyed head...but if I could have afforded a fullset I would have done it in a heart beat. :c

      Same with Amber, she is such a beautiful girl.<3 But I can't afford her right now, not even on a layaway. What with rent and paying off my Heliot. *_*
    16. Interesting poll ^^

      I have just bought an Amber! I didn't plan to buy a Soom monthly doll at all, but I couldn't resist to Amber's beauty :D
    17. Beryl - Sold off
      Euclase - Planning on just keeping the head
      Vesuvia - Sold off (friend is doing layaway through me)
      Armber - Keeping the body the rest is a split I'm running.

      So in the end I'll have Amber's body and Euclase's head so together almost a full MD doll. I also picked up Io's lion mask. The MD dolls are pretty, but just haven't been what I've wanted exactly.

    18. I've just got Amber on order myself; I loved a LOT of them, but since I could only afford one I made myself promise that I would ONLY get the one from my own Zodiac sign (and it does help that she's gorgeous!)

      Kaeru, if I could have gotten two, I think Bix would have been my other choice.
    19. Thanks for everyone taking this poll :) Im glad to see the results already, they are shaping up how I imagined with Vesuvia and Bix being the lowest and Heliot and Amber being the highest. This is really interesting and would like to see a poll of what Soom dolls people have actually got now after the initial release.
      Do people think maybe Heliot and Amber are most popular because they are more recent and the last of the star sign dolls so people didnt want to miss out? Or is it because Soom have really excelled themselves recently?
      I think its the later!
    20. I have Topaz, Beryl and waiting on Vesuvia....the good, the bad and the naughty respectively...:lol: Beryl is my showpiece...she is in a china closet..

      I think it just depends on when they came out..Vesuvia came out around the holidays, and also when the economy in the US was taking a nosedive and the sexy look Soom gave her turned alot of people off..not sure why...I liked her look but I wasn't going to pay $150 for an outfit that I could make..
      .. but I think people will be wanting her, when we Vesuvia-nites get ours and start showing what can be done with her since not many of her were sold.

      I still haven't seen any BIX pics...none...where are they all..would love to see that claw arm!

      and also Souldoll came out with Chiron, while Soom had Heliot..many peeps went for the Centaur..