Which style boxes do you prefer?

May 30, 2020

  1. Doll box with pillow (bubble wrap mummy when shipping)

    22 vote(s)
  2. Doll box with pillow bag (zippered, slide in, velcro, tied)

    26 vote(s)
  3. Doll box with form-fitted foam inside

    47 vote(s)
  4. No doll box, carrier bag only (bubble wrap mummy when shipping)

    7 vote(s)
    1. When I first joined the hobby, I remember the majority of boxes being the standard pillow and box (with the doll mummified in bubble wrap for shipping) and the occasional carrier bag in shipping box (seemed to also be mummified).
      Not too long after, I saw the form-fitted foam (with the doll shaped cutouts and the pillow bags (zippered, slide in, velcro, tied) start showing up as well.

      Especially for those who tend to keep boxes, and assuming all arrive in a shipping box outside of these, which are your favorites?

      Personally, my number two are the form fitted. I really love how neatly they keep the doll safe during shipping and are easy to use if you have to move (so you don't have to bubble wrap again), but the downside to me is they're often heavier than the other options, there's little to no room to store other items if specific cutout spaces weren't made for them.
      My number one are the pillow bag style. Both of my big Sooms arrived with these, though with fantasy parts neither fits in them neatly, as did my Souldoll body. I ended up ordering some extra zip bags from Souldoll as they were the most versatile I had for my 60-65cm dolls, replacing the pillow-only option one of my dolls had. One is actually used in a yoga bag with a pair of the Soom padded hand wraps and a face mask as my carry-bag for taking one doll with me. When they aren't holding a doll, they can sit flat at the bottom of the box and other items can be stored inside or on top of them (option parts, outfits that only fit that one particular doll, CoA's, etc) without creating a mess.
    2. I'm truly torn on this one because I see the utility of the pillow bag, but I enjoy regular pillows for their versatility when it comes to traveling. I don't have to worry about making sure I have the right pillow bag for the right doll. I have purchased hard cases for most of my dolls, or at the very least thick travel bags, and it is easier for me to just snag a few pillows from the top box. That being said, I've only had one or two pillow bags and I wasn't exactly happy with their construction.
    3. The boxes with form fitted foam are amazing! I love just being able to slide the doll in for storage or shipping. I've only gotten to see them recently, otherwise I would have answered carry case just because ease of being able to travel.
    4. Carrier bags are super useful. I still use the ones that came with my DoCs.
    5. I’ve only really have had the experience of pillows versus zippered bags, so I really love the zippered bags because they give you the option of carrying your doll like that later down the road. I took my Bahas on vacation using one of the zippered bags that came with my Angell-Studio YoSDs. They were safe and secure in there and it really made me feel like they were going to be okay! :3nodding:
    6. I voted for the foam fitted one, it just feels more secure to me when I open a doll box up and see them that way. Not that I don't enjoy a soft dolly blanket, or even a free carrier, but when the new doll is sent to me, I just like something about the foam cut out cradling my doll for safety.
    7. I went with pillow bags. I've had one come as a mummy, and i just got fruistrated unboxing. I've had one come in cut out foam, which is lovely presentation, secure and nice for storing in the box. But i've then had two come with pillow bags and i do love how they can be used for storage and traveling around with the doll so, pillow bags it is.
    8. So many varied and awesome responses! I have to agree that I feel like all four of the options have their pros and cons, from versatility to ease of packing.
      I will say the downside to the pillow bags in my opinion has been you can't always throw all the dolls in the same bag. Some are really set for one style of doll only and some are a bit more varied.
    9. Definitely foam. Even if they don’t have adequate bubble wrap, the foam pretty much guarantees the doll is safe. It’s also much easier to pack them back up for moving or selling and I just think it looks neater too.
    10. I prefer the standard pillows with fiber fill in them. They are easy to use with any doll. And boxes can be stacked away or used to store other items.
      I have received a few dolls in carry bags with standard pillows and these have been excellent! I use them all the time with any dolls I want to take to a meet. That said, I don't need every doll to come with a carry bag as I can use one bag for any doll in that size. So that's why I chose doll boxes with standard pillows.
      I can mix and match as many pillows as I need into any bag that suits my purpose.

      The zippered pillow bags are not quite as versatile because not every doll fits in them.
      I also have had zippered bags that were filled with foam, instead of polly fill, and the foam has degraded and yellowed over time and now I am hesitant to use them at all...
      That is also why I did not choose foam cutout boxes. All the foam cutout boxes I have received have black foam which so far has had a longer shelf life than the ill fated white foam in the zipper case, but I'm still not certain how long that foam lasts. So I think the polly fill pillows are the most stable and easy to use with many dolls.
    11. Form fitting foam is better, than pillow and bubblewrap. Luckily I not had any issue with any type of packaging, but foam looks more protective.
    12. This is amazing to read!!! My packaging is really basic because it's what i could figure out. I'm trying to figure out how to do better custom packaging that is slimmer and smaller for shipping but also has great cushioning. I love getting a doll with a pillow wrap and just could not find anything for buying them in bulk!!
    13. Just small add, my PashaPasha mini came in what almost looks like a flute instrument case or something and it feels so luxe and nice! I would love to be able to do something like that someday! So satisfying to receive.
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    14. As I do not store my dolls in boxes, I mostly do not care. It is enough for me that the doll arrives safely without breakage.
    15. My first dolls came in boxes with pillows, and I had to buy a bag to carry them in.

      I like the pillows with my tinies especially. They have less fragile faceups (no long eyelashes) so it's easier to just pop them in a pillow pocket XD kinda hard to explain... My Pipos Ringo came with a little pillow that was folded and sewn up the sides like a pocket. Means I can pop her in almost any bag no problem.

      Thinking I should make a custom carrier for all my tinies :D hmm
    16. No doll box, please. I just don't have the room to keep each and every box, and a carrier bag is infinitely more practical for me.
    17. Form fitting is more protective but I prefer the pillows for storage. Carry bags can take up space and you dont really need more than one.
    18. Well, I've never received a doll WITH a carrier bag. I must be buying from the wrong companies!;)
      I've received a few with just the foam cut out to hold the doll, pillows that are either partly sewn together to make an envelope or separate pillows (looking at you Volks!), or zipper pouches with ties. I even have received dolls that are literally in layers of bubble wrap upon bubble wrap.

      Overall, I prefer the pillows or zipper pouches. I bought my own SD carrier for my big dolls (it can fit two) but they never go far from home. My MSDs or YoSDs might be prone to air travel so those pillows/zipper pouches come in handy to fit into carry on luggage or tote bags.

      Honestly, I've kept all the packaging - minus the tons of bubble wrap - in case I need to move or decide to sell the dolls. Maybe the original thin plastic bags are gone but I'll keep all the shipping materials just so I can pack them safely.

      Now what I need is to get doll stands...
    19. My favorite are the zippered pillow bags with ribbons inside to secure the doll.
      I never realized how convenient they were until I got my first DearSD and while my SDs don't fit them (I have an actual doll carrying case for them) those pillow bags get a lot of use for my smaller dolls.
    20. I prefer the doll box with pillow because it leaves more room for storing other items and it’s easier to leave the doll fully dressed while it’s in the box. I also think that the pillows can have a nice aesthetic if they are made with interesting fabric. That being said, I wouldn’t replace the foam cut outs that I do have with pillows.