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Which Tinies can wear Dollfie Plus Wigs??

May 24, 2008

    1. Recently I've found that it seems that all the tinies I've adopted pretty much have the same head size, except Smidgie the Naripon of course. I was just wondering if anybody knew if Dollfie Plus wigs fitted the following dolls?

      TinyBear Moona
      Fairyland Pukisha
      Orientdoll So
      Lati White SP
      DD Anne

      Any help is very much appreciated.

    2. Dollfie Plus wigs fit the Puki. I don't know about the rest.
    3. They're too big for Moona. They fit a Barbie-sized head. They would fit Tinybear's Fat Fairy dolls, though.
    4. They will fit Roxydoll Lucy very well. DD-Anne's tiny Near & So tinys can wear them, too, but they're massively "hairy" & overpowering in some cases. Go with something short. Better, get a custom mohair one.
    5. They fit my Puki dolls and OD So dolls quite well. I don't own any of those other dolls that you listed.
    6. Felixdoll brownies.
      Lati white (also normal)
      And all types of pukipukis, not only pukisha.
    7. Regarding tiny Moona, does anyone have pics of her wearing other wigs besides Tinybear's? I just want to get an idea as to what other characters she can be besides wearing a mohair wig...

      Thank you all for your input though, I was so hoping it would fit my Pukisha. I'm trying to keep a list of what items fit which dolls I have, so at least I know some of them can share :).