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Which tiny do you think looks most like a DOLLY? Discuss!

Jul 18, 2008

    1. Which tiny do you think looks most like a DOLL for a SD sized girl? Let's chat.

      If your SD had a bjd as a doll, what bjd would that be?

      I think Lati Yellows and Lati White are good candidates. They have big heads like some baby dolls do.

      The elfdoll sisters would make a good "barbie"-looking doll for a doll.

      Discuss amongst yourselves! :fangirl:
    2. Hmm...maybe a Roxydoll Lucy. She's about the right height to be a 1/3 size doll for a big doll, in between a tiny doll and a 1/6 size doll. A Roxydoll Pandora might be a good size too; she's slightly smaller than an Uyoo.
    3. Im getting a tiny elfdoll sylph to be my msd doll, she will be 1/3 her size. I think she would look good with a sd. There are so many different tinys out there to suit all tastes and styles. It depends what look you want.
    4. Someone on here has an AS Leira and a Banji girl...the Banji definately looks doll sized...but I'm not entirely sure what size Leira is....:sweat Sorry...that probably isn't useful.
    5. I think Banji or the similarly sized Elfdolls make the best dolls for 1/3 BJDs. I like the slender dolls more for a doll effect because the younger chubby ones tend to look more like in-scale babies rather than dolls.

      For example, to me PF Fei doesn't seem like a doll:

      But Elfdoll Min does:

      I have a Roxydoll Lucy and I think she's too big, though she does look dollish next to my Dollshe Bernard. But then, he's not really the type to pose with dolls. ^^;
    6. I like to pose my elfdoll Winky with my big girls. I think she makes a good SD type doll for my SD girls. If I can find the time, I will take a picture ^_^
    7. OoO! I don't think Min looks like a doll! She looks angry and very cool.
      I think sweet babies look more like actual dolls, like a Violet Naripon (clearly not a Pansy Sher), or a Hana.
    8. I have looked here for a couple of days ..before hitting they keyboard ///

      I cant do my tinys as dolls LOL
      JUST CANT do it =Nope LOL ..

      I suppose in my house ...tinys are top of the pecking order ...they have characters and storys to tell
      Im always doing something
      and the few large dolls I have ...I wouldnt let them have one of my tinys as a doll LOL ....I sit my tinys all over them ...but to me its display and thats all

      they can have a Konji ...or Blythe of Pullip ...
      but not one of my tinys ...and I couldnt buy one for the large dolls LOL

      but thats just me ...my tinys have dolls ...and houses and everything ...but not my large dolls
      although I have 6 now and 1 on order ..I like them ..admire and I think they look beautiful .I dont treat them the same at all

      the Tiny I consider most like a doll ...Supia ..thats why I sold him ..he reminded me of a doll
      Dollinian if you can find one (not the Little Miss the face is totally different and more of a child )

      so affraid no tiny for dollys in my house :)
    9. Well, my Yosd will hold Lillica and the Pukis, but they look just as alive in her lap as they do in my hand. In other words, tiny abjd look like miniature people when held by their larger cousins. I have lots of little Japanese celluloid dolls that do work well as Dollies for my crew.
    10. I think that Secretdoll Yogi has an old fashioned doll feel to me and I think she would be an excellent dolly for either an MSD or SD size doll. Her exagerated chubby features make her look younger than most dolls and that old fashioned flair just makes her look more dolly like against a larger doll, to me :) You can see her in this thread
    11. LOL you guys -- I am chuckling over tinybear's rightful indignation that a tiny could be just a doll. LOL!!!!

      Actually that is probably what would happen with mine, too. I'd have all these intentions of the doll being a DOLL and before I knew it I'd be involving her in stories and such. As we all know, I have one of the tiniest tinies around, and ... yeah. LOL. Juniper Snowpea is much more than a doll to me. :)

      I just wish some of those other dolls were more VERSATILE, like a BJD is. I think it would be so cute, and fun, to have a little BJD for my bjds. They can obsess over finding shoes just like we do.

      Awesome suggestions, everyone... there really is no denying, though, that a tiny certainly has as much personality (and quite often, MORE, much more) than a big doll.
    12. Ingie, my Secretdolls are not dolls, but tiny witches, so better watch what you say about them. They don't want to be big girls' dolls! lol

    13. Oh, Linakauno:D Would you tell me which mold is which of your lovely girls?
    14. The one on the left is Secretdoll baby fairy Root and her sister is babyfairy Yogi. These girls are teeny tiny; the smallest dolls I have.
    15. Yay for Secret Dolls ...My Esme is a Witch too ..sit her on Seth`s lap
      ...and she would have his eyes out LOL

      ...Tiny Pullip is pretty cool ...didnt take me long to have the hair ripped off ...eyes swapped and a new face-up LOL
    16. Oh my gosh, I should have read Tinybear's comment before writing anything down, it was a warning, but I didn't! LOL. Well, in all honestly, Lina, although it sounds like backpaddling (Propbably is, lol) Those two in your pictures DO look much more like real children. In fact, your fairy Root look just like me when I was a little girl, no kidding!

      Please, please tell them I didn't mean it badly! I'm afraid of being bewitched (by angry little girls) You never know what kind of spell they'll cast, they're so darn creative..... it's frightening!
    17. My banji couldnt be a doll if she tried! When i put her with my other dolls she looks just as alive.... and as if shes plotting mischief :lol:
    18. I know what ya mean, petitefilou. My tinies are doing something at night when they think we are all asleep! I think they're the ones who tied the cat's tails together! Man, did those cats wake me up! Middle of the night and howling screams! They kept wanting to get into my room (where my dolls live) but I wouldn't let them (they're not allowed) They know they're not allowed, but insisted (I didn't let them in)

      So I'm starting to suspect something is going on...
    19. :lol: Poor cats! That sounds just like something tinies i know would do. Also, my banji is the only doll i have whos eyes follow me around. She'll look all sweet and innocent and then ill walk away and look back and shes death staring me *_*
    20. LOL, My eldest daughter claims my dolls are doing that to her, but I insist they're not (but know they are, because she is NOT a doll lover, and we all plot against her to freak her out) I had a big doll in her room once when she was little because I thought she was pretty and I needed a place to put her. I go in there, and there is a BAG on her head! Ever since then, she and the dolls just don't get along, and my poor daughter doesn't have an understanding mother, LOL (I plot with the others all the time)

      Now, don't feel sorry for her!!! No don't!!! She is a TEENAGER and gets back at me DAILY!!!! It's not fair for you to feel sorry for her, she is not all innocent and good!!! She is quite capable of giving back ten fold anything I've done to her, trust me!