Which Volks clothes would fit my CP Delf Lishe?

Dec 16, 2020

    1. Looking for help to understand the size relation of my CP Delf Lishe (she is 15+ years old, so she likely has whatever is the oldest body type they made for that doll) and the SD clothing sizes available on the Volks USA site. I'd like to get a couple outfits for my two Delf Lishes who have been long-neglected in the clothing dept., but there are so many SD sizes to choose from (SD/SDCute/SDMidi/SD13/SD16/SDGr...) that I am not sure which to try/pick (or maybe none of them would fit??). I'd like to stick to dresses and skirts only, so I'm not too concerned about pants, but I still need help.

      I tried looking for previous threads on here and even Googled to try to figure it out, but either I couldn't find information specific to my needs or I couldn't decipher it to figure out how it might work for me.

      Any assistance would be appreciated!
    2. I think delf girls usually wear SD13 size
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    3. @sahoma That is what I was leaning toward, so I think I'll go with that! Thank you!
    4. I think SD13 will be a little too large for Lishe. Lishe bodies are fairly petite and shorter then SD13. I would check the marketplace for clothes for Lishe or see if anyone in the clothing section makes clothing for this body.
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    5. @mysticaldolldreams According to the descriptions, most things meant for SD will also fit SD13. My Lishes are I think shorter than many SDs, but they have sort of big breasts and wide, full hips so it might be ok if the clothes are a little bigger, even if they are also a little longer. Not sure. I think I might risk getting a couple things and see if they fit!
    6. check volks bodies measurement, measure your own dolls, buy according to their size, no need to risk anything.
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    7. The answer is honestly none of them if you’re looking for perfect fit. I have a lot of Volks clothing in different sizes and I have tried them on my Delf girls over the years, and the SD/SD13/SDGrG combo size Volks is so prone to these days perfectly fits... Delf boys. (Which is great, but doesn’t really help you here. XD) The torso on the SD and SD13 girls is just so much thicker than the thinner Delf girl body. You can absolutely fudge it if you get something like a sweater that won’t look odd when it’s a little bigger (a lot of the skirts have different places to hook them on because the SDGrG girls have thinner waists, so that can help), but if you’re looking for something fitted it’s going to be big on your girls. SD16 girls have much smaller waists, but also wide shoulders, so that doesn’t reliably work either.

      I have better luck finding things that fit on sites like Nine9Style and Tree Design, where “SD” size means like, vaguely 60cm girl.
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    8. I have a Lishe as old as yours and how clothing looks and fits will depend on the style.

      Here's brands that fit my Lishe:
      - Volks SD13 girls
      - TreeDesign
      - Dollmore
      - Nine9Style
      - TTYA
      - Dollheart
      - Iplehouse nYID outfits (but some may be a little big)

      Here's pictures of my Lishe wearing Volks sets (SD13 size):
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    9. From my one body of that size, I can tell you the body itself is much skinnier than any of the SD sized Volks dolls, the shoulders are way narrower (think of an MSD width doll, who is SD height).

      While the bust will fill out some of the excess size in the chest, the waist and shoulders will probably still be too big for the Luts body. My Luts bodied girl can share clothes with the DollsTown Elf body most easily, but that's only because she's had her boobs modded down to flat a flat chest.

      Mostly, if I want to dress her like her Volks sisters, I have to make her clothes myself and she has her own set of patterns because of being so much narrower in the shoulders and waist than the others.

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    10. Thank you SO much everyone for taking the time to respond and for the thorough responses! All of this has been so helpful and informative. I have been looking at Nine9Style for a while, so I might get some things from there, and I think I will get a couple things from Volks that I think will work for my Lishe based on what you guys have had to say about how the fit tends to be.