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Which Volks FCS heads are Sato only?

Aug 25, 2005

    1. I can't seem to find a list via search, and I only know of three that are Sato-only. Anyone have the definitive list? (I'm sure all the ones I want are on it, but figured I'd check anyway ~_~)
    2. Bam! XD That's the link I use. Go go Aimee's website...! Go to the heads section and it'll have by the head if it's Sato-only or not.
    3. Let's kick it up a notch! (OK, we need to stop watching FoodTV now... XD) Here are the heads that are Sato exclusive:

      F13, 14, 18, 20, 21
      M5, 6, 7, 8, 10
    4. F-17 too, I think.
    5. ah, thanks. I was getting a 404 error there earlier so I must've been typing it in wrong or something.

      And at least two of the heads I like are sato ^^;; now if only I could get them in sunlight! ~_~
    6. Nope, F17 is regular. *checks the book*
    7. *pokes*


      </shameless advertising>
    8. F17 is Sato exclusive. It used to be standard in the old FCS but not anymore.
    9. Really? O.o; The newest book (Le Modele pour Lange) says F17 is regular, not Sato exclusive. O.o;;;
    10. Last I heard F-17 is Sato only. But maybe they changed it back...I hope I hope!
    11. Thanks for the rec but I'm just not personally willing to go that high price-wise. (I feel like if I'm paying much over $900 I need to be buying an LE :/) If a sunlight boy is in my future, it's going to involve a trip to Kyoto in person... Or just settling on a freshskin boy. *sigh*
    12. Yeah, you're right. :oops: It'd help if I read all of the blurb. XD

      FYI to everyone else: F17 became available at Sumika after October 23, I guess. :oops:

      edited the availability date-- 10/23/04, according LMpL.
    13. It's kinda hard to read 'cause of the pictures in the background. I had to squint to look for the Sato-exclusive letters on some of the heads. :oops:
    14. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! I love you Connie! *glomps* Thank you Hieru too!

      *runs around like headless chicken*
    15. O_O! Get outta here!! You mean...I -don't- have to go all the way to Kyoto to get Soh???? *faints dead away from joy* More money in the pockets for home!! ;_; Joy joy joy~ Merci merci merci!

      And do you mean it will be available after October of THIS year or it was made available after October LAST year?? %D

      *will go check this out on Sunday!*
    16. *dances with Soulabyss*
    17. *is reminded of that oh-so-long-ago TV show "Perfect Strangers" and Balky's patented Dance of Joy* XD

      We so happy we do the Dance of Joy! *dances with Mutehoney*
    18. I should really start something along the lines of the F29/17 Mad Fan Army of Crazy Go Nuts, shouldn't I? This is the best news ever!
    19. F17 ISN'T Sato only?! *headdesk* Sooooooo did not need to hear that. XD Maybe Saku can have the body he was intended to have now instead of Kohya. >_<;;;

      Thanks guys~! *dance of glee*
    20. This IS some of the best news I think...for some few people! Maybe you should start that little Mad Fan Army, Mutehoney ;) *invites Kaighn to dance too*