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Which Volks Mini Super Dollfie have the "new" body?

Oct 8, 2004

    1. Hi all!

      I'd like to get another MSD, but want one with the new body if possible. I love my Nasia, but she's rather hard to pose! Does anyone know which standard issue MSD's have the new body? I'm guessing that the ones in pure skin would have it?

      I apologize if this has already been addressed, I tried the search function but couldn't find the info I was looking for. I've been "out of the loop" for awhile so may have missed it. :oops:

      Thanks for any help you can give! :grin:
    2. As far as I know, Yuni is the only one with the new kneeling body. The rest of the pureskin MSD have the new non-kneeling-but-equally-as-poseable bodies.

      I have both... I'd love to find another kneeling body for my Anneliese but since I don't feel like buying a whole Yuni doll I'll probably stick with getting one from the new kits.

      I wonder which bodies the new MSD have... kneeling or non-kneeling?
    3. Thanks for your reply! btw, your little Charlotte is adorable, I saw pics of her when I did my search. :grin:

      And on Volks site it looks like they just updated it, and it says the types of bodies that the new MSD's have. Looks like Hisui has the "new" type body, yay! But I don't think the limited ones do.
    4. It might just be a stringing problem.. The only new feat. is the new knees ^^;;
    5. Actually that's not true. The new MSD body has special parts that "lock" the joints into place allowing them to pose much better then the old skin resin MSD.

      As for the original question about the new bodies...depends on which new body you are talking about. There are two pure skin MSD bodies released so far. The one that the new pureskin MSD Mika has (and all the new MSD seem to have) and the "sitting" body Yuni has. The first pureskin body is easy to get as all you have to do is get a MSD Mika kit which is unlimited in availability. The "sitting" body, however, is only available if you get Yuni (who is limited) or an FCS MSD that specifically has that body type. Both bodies pose well, but the sitting body does allow the doll to do that adorable little sitting pose. :)
    6. So the new bodies do have the locking parts? And can we assume the new bodies that Volks is talking about also have the locking parts?
    7. Any pureskin MSD body will have the locking parts.
    8. Thanks! :chibi That body makes her so much fun to play with, but if there was one complaint it'd be that she buckles too easily.. I guess she always wants to sit. :oops:

      The regular pureskin body poses just as well-- the dolls sit up straight and stand and everything. I love them equally. :grin: