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Which wig will fit lati blue Yern??

Dec 17, 2007

    1. I'm getting a lati blue Yern really soon and I want to order some wigs for her...
      I'm not sure which wig will fit her well...can anyone help me with wig size and shops with good quality wigs ??

      thanks :)
    2. 6-7" wigs for Yern. There are a lot of goo dshops with quality wigs. Lati, for one, has really great wigs. Luts, Dollmore, Leekeworld, Dollga, Cotindoll, are all very nice shops.
    3. thanks for your help...so I should go with size M in leekeworld ?!
    4. I think Leeke size M is 7-8 and D is 6-6.5

      Not sure.

    5. that's why I'm not sure :( ..
    6. No idea which Leeke wig size is right for Yern.

      With a head size of supposedly 7.32 inches (18.6 cm) I am surprised people say she wears 6-7 wigs at all! Narae's head is 6.6 inches (16.7 cm) and some 6-7 wigs are tight on my Narae! I am expecting my first D-size Leeke wig from a preorder so I don't know how they run sizewise.

    7. i have Narae and 2 Yerns, and their head sizes are pretty similar as far as what wigs they wear. 6-7 is perfect.
    8. thanks for your help...I just bought two lati wigs...just to be sure about the size
      I want to buy a leekeworld wig but not sure if 7-8 is way to big for her :(
      do you have a leeke wig ?
    9. Maybe somebody could measure Yern's head like this and post the results. Maybe her head is smaller than the generic Lati Blue female measurements:


    10. Yern's head is smaller than Cara and Shaina's. However, they all wear size 6-7" wigs. I ordered the D size for her from Leeke.
    11. thanks so much...so I will order D size for her :celebrate