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Which Wig?

Jun 26, 2008

  1. short and straight

  2. long and curly

  3. long and straight

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
    1. Which Wig suits Min the best, just a vote for fun:)
    2. I've voted the long and straight one, which is unusual for me as I tend to go for the 'wild child' hair look aka tinybear wigs lol!! But I love Min in her simple straight wig. Her curly one gives her a more mature look and the short one makes her look boyish - great for a tomboy look!!

      Whatever, she's megacute and I want her :fangirl:
    3. I also voted long and straight, but the first one is nice too!
      btw, she has CUTE hats! :D
    4. I voted for long and straight but I also like short and straight! They are all cute and it was fun to vote!
    5. Ok, i agree Min is back in her factory wig and looking great. Thanks for your input.
    6. I like the short one best :O
    7. Long and straight. Tho I like them all, she is a darling girl.
    8. I think they're all wonderful, but I too like the long and straight best :) Yet all mine have TB wigs, LOL. I have been styling the TB wigs though, and it's really fun because the results can be dramatic :)
    9. I like the short wig best:)
    10. Well, I suppose that she can have an image change from time to time :)
    11. oh i missed this thread, but i would vote for short and straight, it looks so cute on her!
      then again all three look cute on her so then you can change it depending on her mood ;)